How To Connect With Brands As An Influencer On Ainfluencer?

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As an influencer looking for a way to connect with brands, there are a few platforms you can use. Ainfluencer is the best free and secure influencer marketplace full of influencers and brands who are ready to connect and collaborate. But how can you find brands and connect with them on Ainfluenecr?

Read ahead to figure out:

Connect with brands on Ainfluencer

You first need to sign up on Ainfluencer and connect your Instagram account to start on Ainfluencer as an influencer.

Connect Instagram account

Ainfluencer lets you connect multiple Instagram accounts to your Ainfluencer account.

When you go to the “Home” section, you can access your recent offers and see what brands want to collaborate with you.

Phone home offer

You can see all your invitations in the “Explore” section on the right column.

Accept invitation

Make sure to answer your offers as quickly as possible. But do not accept every offer that comes your way. Consider if the brand shares the same values and target followers as you.

If you do not receive enough offers, do not worry.

Go to the “Explore” tab to see available campaigns and collaboration offers.

Every day, thousands of brands and businesses post their campaigns on this page.

Explore page

Check all campaigns’ details carefully, and if you think you are qualified to promote that product or service, make offers.

Make offers

 By tapping on the campaign, you can set the price, date, and other parameters.

Ainfluencer post details

Then it’s time to write a compelling note for the brand in the chat box and explain why you think you are a perfect influencer to promote their brand.

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In the end, send your offer and wait for the brand’s approval.

Manage all your conversations in the “Inbox” section. It allows you to see whether your offers are pending, accepted, or rejected, as well as showing all the published, failed, and deleted campaigns.

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