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Ainfluencer is a campaign marketplace that enables brands to find, connect and collaborate with influencers. Brands can post campaigns and search for over 700,000 qualified influencers to achieve their Instagram influencer marketing goals.

It all starts with creating a campaign. Brands can create free campaigns on Ainfluencer’s marketplace to attract top Instagram influencers, collaborate on branded content deals, and generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Here’s everything brands need to know to start on Ainfluencer and post a campaign on the marketplace.

How to make a campaign on Ainfluencer?

First of all, open the Ainfluencer marketplace and select what you are: a brand or an influencer?

Signing up on Ainfluencer
  • You can either log in with your Gmail or fill out the form.
Sign up as a brand

A verification code will be sent to your email address for account verification.

Once you’ve verified your account, you need to complete the information about your brand. And after completing all steps, you can select whether you want to “Create your first campaign,” or “Start exploring influencers.”

Finish signing up on Ainfluencer

If you select “Create your first campaign,” you’ll be moved to the following page to enter the information about your campaign:

1. First, you need to select the aim of your campaign:

Step one-Create campaign

2. Now it’s time to create your campaign. Enter a title and description for your campaign:

Step two- Create campaign

3. Then, you need to select whether you want a Feed post, Story, or Reel, and add an image or video to your campaign. You can also write a caption for the post:

Step three- Create campaign

When you want to upload your image, An editor tool will show up. Adjust your campaign image, and when you’re finished click “Done.”

Image for your campaign

4. The next step is about the publishing terms and requirements. You can set a preferred posting date, time, and duration for your campaign. You can also choose whether you want to add a link in the influencer’s bio after publishing your campaign:

Step four- Create campaign

Your campaign is complete! Click “Save & Next” to discover or invite influencers. Use Ainfluencer’s search engine to find top influencers.

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Step five- Create Campaign

5. Now you can enter hashtags to start discovering influencers.

Invite- Create Campaign

Now your Ainfluencer account has been created and your first campaign is complete!

But if you do not want to create your campaign right after creating your Ainfluencer account, don’t worry. You can also select “Start exploring influencers” and you’ll be moved to the “find influencers” tab. You can then see your targeted influencers, according to the filters you selected when you were creating your account.

Find influencers with filters

Ainfluencer account

You can easily manage influencer marketing right in the app. Here’s a quick tutorial on the Ainfluencer platform to get you started:


Your Ainfluencer dashboard provides a complete view of your brand’s activities, such as campaigns, offers, and invitations.

Campaigns show the total number of campaigns you’ve created, and the campaigns you’ve joined.

Offers show the number of influencers who’ve made an offer on your campaigns.

Invitations show the number of influencers you’ve invited to collaborate on your campaigns.

Find influencers

Discover and invite influencers through Ainfluencer’s custom search. Filter influencers by keyword, hashtags, categories, location, and the number of followers, then invite relevant influencers to collaborate by clicking the invite button.



The Offers tab is where brands can view, negotiate and Accept/Reject influencer offers on their campaigns.



The campaigns section is where brands can access information about their campaigns on the marketplace. It shows the number of campaign impressions, offers (the number of influencers who want to discuss the campaign with you), invitations, and deals for each campaign.

Campaigns- Setting


Ainfluencer’s Scheduler is designed for brands to schedule posts to their Instagram accounts. Upload content from the content manager or your device, post content immediately or schedule for a later date, and automatically delete the post after a period of time.

Ainfluencer Scheduler

Ainfluencer is a comprehensive and convenient influencer marketing solution for brands of all sizes. Post campaigns, search influencers, collaborate, schedule content, and more– all in the app.

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