Reasons Why You Get Rejected Or Suspended From Being A Part Of Ainfluencer’s Marketplace As An Influencer Or Creator

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To be part of Ainfluencer as an Instagram influencer marketplace is essential for successfully winning and accomplishing sponsored brand collaborations or, in other words, “influencer marketing campaigns.” 

On Ainfluencer, we give you access to over 25000 brands’ campaigns and sponsored posts. We make it simple, safe, and smart for you and brands around the world to connect and collaborate. 

To support our growing community, we have to vet all the growing influencers who tend to join or are active on the platform at all times. 

So, if you are an influencer and have tried to join and were not qualified at this point,  look through this article to determine and rectify the problems. Remember you can improve your profile, and then try again as we would always love to have you back on board as an influencer in our community.

Why You Were Rejected: Possible Reasons

To set our aims high, we must qualify every influencer who has asked to join us. Here is why we might reject or suspend some accounts:

1. Low Engagement Rate

One thing that shows the influencers’ followers are not fake is their engagement rate. This data is also a good criterion for brands to decide whether or not the influencer is a good match for their campaign.

So, one reason you might have been rejected on Ainfluencer is your account’s low engagement rate. As a nano influencer or a micro influencer, your engagement rate is expected to be at least 1.55%, while the ideal number is about 11%.

influencer average engagement rate

2. Low Quality Score (Q-Score)

The influencers’ Q-Score or quality score measures the appeal of each influencer among people. In other words, it is a combination of your audience size, engagement rate, and the quality of your profile and account. So, the content you create for your IG account needs to be niche-related and targeted to gain you social influence. Otherwise, you can’t be a part of our marketplace.

3. Small Audience

The minimum number of followers to be verified on Ainfluencer is 5K. Yet, remember that the balance between the number of your followers and your engagement rate is also important.

4. Lower Frequency of Publishing Activities as Well as Not Recent Activities

It is generally recommended to post one time per day, and if you lack high activity in publishing posts in a way that you get far below this number, you may not be verified as an active account. If you have not published any engaging content for a while, that is also a red flag for being a qualified influencer on Ainfluencer.

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5. A Private Account

As it is significant for an influencer to be seen, shared, and engaged by a large group of people, we regret to say that we cannot accept private IG accounts. 

The first step is to have a public page. For a better experience in this career, make sure to switch your account to professional, which automatically prevents you from having a private account. 

6. High Spam Rate

Do not send spam messages to brands. Do not send repetitive messages to all brands from different industries. Ainfluencer has a built-in algorithm which can determine how repetitive your message is to X number of brands you recently communicated with. It is also important to make sure that you do not give brands wrong or false data, such as your insights, past collaborations, or a false definition of your niche, country, or other criteria.

7. High Scam Rate

Do not ask brands to communicate outside of Ainfluencer. Do not ask brands to send you money via any third-party means such as Paypal, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, etc. Not only can Ainfluencer algorithms detect these and red flag your account, but also brands can report you with one click. It is also important to never advertise any other products inside the Ainfluencer marketplace or chat.

8. Failed to Publish Closed Deals

If you do not follow the requirements set for a paid deal, such as creating video content or publishing the paid deals and campaigns according to the terms you both agreed upon, your account will get suspended temporarily or permanently eventually. And if you have a record of not publishing closed deals more than three times, Ainfluencer will suspend your account permanently as a violation of community guidelines.

9. Low Rating and Negative Reviews

After finishing collaborations, brands can write reviews for you on Ainfluencer. And in order to get good reviews and high ratings, you need to keep the brand pleased by following their requirements and publishing the post according to the agreed terms.

10. Violation of Terms

If by any means you violate our terms of service or community standards, Ainfluencer will suspend your account, and you won’t be able to join our community again.

Asking to chat with the brand or pay outside the platform, using improper or derogatory language, insulting, and racism are all examples of violating our terms of service.

Final say 

We hope you found this article helpful and look forward to seeing you as a member of our community. Let us know if you need any further information, and come back soon!

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