Why Your Influencer Account May Not Get Approved: 19 Main Reasons

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Why My influencer account got rejected on Ainfluencer?

Do’s & Don’ts While Using Ainfluencer Marketplace

Welcome to Ainfluencer, the free marketplace for connecting influencers to over 70,000 live branded campaigns launched by businesses with a daily average of 10-20 new opportunities. As many high-profile influencers said, Ainfluencer is your only gateway to success in the monetization of your audience or if you are a business the fastest and most effective channel to let the world know about your product.

In this guide, we will explore things you should avoid (don’ts) when utilizing the Ainfluencer platform, helping you secure brand sponsorships and achieve your goals for a long time.

In the meantime, your cooperation in maintaining honesty and transparency on this end-to-end marketplace contributes to the overall success and credibility of the Ainfluencer platform.

The reasons why you were declined as an influencer to be part of this thriving community can be categorized into two parts:

1) When you joined as a new user and got declined.

2) While a user and something went wrong to get you suspended. here is a quick video for a brief on this:

All the Dos and Don’ts of Ainfluencer Marketplace- Path to Success

Let’s discuss each one in detail. 

A: After Onboarding: Reasons Your Account Did Not Pass Approval of Admin

Ainfluencer has very strict rules to ensure the utmost quality for accounts requesting to join the community. The quality assurance team carefully assesses each influencer upon joining the platform to approve or disapprove them.

First, let’s see how brands see your profile on the other side of the marketplace:

Preview of Your Profile and Media Kit

Now, let’s dive into understanding the reasons you may get rejected for:

Why you were rejected on Ainfluencer as an influencer
Why You Were Rejected on Ainfluencer as an Influencer

1. Small # of Followers

Ainfluencer requires a minimum of 5,000 followers, with a high frequency of publishing posts. However, if you are a creative influencer with a lot of super great and attractive niche content, you may get lucky and get passed into the marketplace.

Pro Tip: In order to gain organic growth, you can try quick and easy ways to increase Instagram followers such as using the top hashtags in your niche, or following the current trends in content creation.

2. Private Accounts

This is a 100% NO NO for Ainfluencer. Having a private social media account significantly limits an influencer’s visibility, reach, and engagement with a larger audience. Also, brands as well as Ainfluencer can’t see your past creativity and future works when you get actual collaborations from brands on the platform. So this one is 100% rejection.

3. Not Posting Regularly

Creating content and posting consistently is important to make you a solid influencer that brands can lean on for their product promotions. It is generally recommended to publish at least once per day.

If you are not active or creative in creating content, Ainfluecner finds your presence on the marketplace unnecessary and may deny your access.

Take Home Message: Regularly sharing captivating content is vital for establishing yourself as a qualified and active influencer in general, and Ainfluencer is no exception.

4. Not Creating Content Often

Creating content and posting them consistently is important to make you a content creator in the world of influencer marketing. The majority of brands would only work with influencers who are very creative, good content creators, and have a knack for publishing good and engaged posts.

5. Low Engagement Rate

One of the overrated things brands look at carefully is your engagement. it shows the authenticity of your followers and how much they pay attention to your content. High engagement also proves that you are a good content creator.

6. Not Submitting Instagram/TikTok Insights- Audience’s Countries, Genders, Interests

For your success and easy decision-making for brands, you must submit your TikTok or Instagram insights. When it comes to Insights, there are a few must-to-be uploaded data that you should pay attention to. 

Please watch the following video to learn how to do it and what data you must screencap and upload.

Make sure you submit the country of your audience and their genders for the last 90 days to be approved.

7. Not having Past Collaborations

Having previous partnerships with other brands and displaying them on your profile page would greatly benefit you and impress both Ainfluencer and brands. 

It goes without saying that having your past collaborations on your profile makes you stand out among the crowd and shows you in a much stronger position. Usually, brands look at your track record and what you have created for others to make their decisions.

B: Approved Influencers – Reasons to Get Suspended

To get familiar with the ‘Don’ts’ (community guidelines) of using Ainfluencer marketplace and avoid getting banned, you can watch the following video:

All the Dos and Don’ts of Ainfluencer Marketplace- Path to Success

Read our full Community and User Conduct Guidelines (Dos and Don’ts) in detail. In our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy influencer marketplace, influencers must follow all these guidelines. 

Note that the violation of these rules such as sharing email addresses, phone numbers, or direct social media accounts can pose significant risks to both parties involved. To uphold the integrity of our community and ensure a transparent environment, we strongly discourage influencers from getting engaged in these activities.

1. Outside The Platform Communication

Perhaps the first and most important reason that could get you suspended is sharing your contact info. 

Remember that you are not allowed to request communication with brands outside of the Ainfluencer marketplace. This includes communication via email, phone, messaging apps, media kit, or any other means of communication. You are also prohibited from requesting their phone numbers.

Note: Ainfluencer uses a very advanced AI system that reports all sorts of requests and communications that include contact sharing and requests for chat outside of Ainfluencer.

Points to Consider:

  • Do not ever share any username for any of your social media accounts before the deal is closed.
  • Do not share any of the personal information such as phone, email, and usernames in your Bio on Ainfluencer.
  • Do not share contacts via images, videos, media kits, or links in the bio at all.

2. Outside The Platform Payment

Under no circumstances you are permitted to request payment from brands outside of the Ainfluencer marketplace. Even if you already have closed a deal with a brand and now need extra payments for some extra work, make sure to utilize the platform for receiving the extras or contact support at Ainfluencer. Here is a video showing how to extend deadlines.

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How to Extend the Deadline on Ainfluencer

You can also change the fees either by asking Ainfluencer admin ( support@Ainfluencer.com ) or by asking the brand to get extra payments for your deal processed. Here is how brands can do that:

How Brands Can Update the Terms of the Deal with you Influencers

The payment restriction includes Paypal, Payoneer, Crypto, wire transfer, Cash app, Zello, and bank transfer. You are supposed to always get your deals closed and paid on Ainfluencer.

Point to Consider: Ainfluencer’s AI tracks daily all communications to find any requests for payments outside of the platform.

3. High Spam Rate

Engaging in spamming practices is strongly discouraged on Ainfluencer. The following actions are considered indicators of spamming:

  • Sending identical and irrelevant messages to brands
  • Getting flagged as spam by brands.
  • Continuously contacting brands that are not relevant to your niche
  • Ignoring brands’ requirements and expectations (e.g., if you are a female influencer messaging a brand that is specifically seeking male influencers, or reaching out to brands that only collaborate with USA-based influencers while you are not located in the USA).
  • Repeatedly reaching out to the same brand with impersonalized messages
  • Getting rejected by brands very often.

We encourage you to proactively connect with relevant brands that align with your niche. Only message them after you read their requirements and expectations for the collaboration.

Ainfluencer employs a very intelligent AI that can detect the spamming nature of messages and assign a spam rate to your profile.

4. Receive Products and Stop Delivering on Your Commitment

This is a HUGE no-no for Ainfluencer. We act on this super fast and suspend influencer accounts. When you anticipate receiving a physical product, such as a dress or digital camera, it is crucial to maintain active communication with the brand to keep them informed. 

Once you receive the product, establish clear expectations with the brand regarding the content creation timeline. Make sure to deliver on your promises and follow their requirements to keep them satisfied. 

Failure to meet their expectations regarding the deal will definitely result in immediate suspension of your account and a negative review.

5. Failure to Meet Requirements of Brand

If you fail to adhere (follow) to the requirements outlined for a paid deal by the brand, such as creating video content or publishing the agreed-upon campaigns within the specified terms, your account will face temporary or permanent suspension. Make sure you 100% understand what the brand expects from you and what they want you to do for them for their paid campaign.

If you accumulate a history of not fulfilling the deals, Ainfluencer may permanently suspend your account as a violation of community guidelines.

6. Lower than Standard Reviews and Ratings

Upon the completion of collaborations with brands, they can leave a public review on your profile on Ainfluencer. So, you should do your best to get positive ratings and reviews. Do note that it is imperative to prioritize brand satisfaction. 

This involves meticulously adhering to their requirements and expectations when creating content and sharing social posts, in strict accordance with the agreed-upon terms. Attaining higher ratings and reviews enhances your authority and ranking, resulting in increased invitations from brands, heightened exposure, and the potential for more lucrative deals and revenue.

7. Share Your Address to Receive Physical Products Before Closing the Deal 

It’s prohibited to share your address with brands to receive a product before the deal is paid for and closed.

Don’t try to ask or allow them to send you a product, register you on their app, or download their apps before your offer is paid for.

What Can I Do If I Am Bartering?

Solution: Ask them to make the minimum payment of $10 to your offer. Once paid, you are safe. Feel free to share contacts, websites, addresses, etc afterward. 

Rest assured, after payment, you’re covered by our resolution center for added protection.

Note: As an influencer, you can always share your feedback on the brand you had a deal with through our support team, contributing to a positive and transparent community experience.

8. Creating Content for Products/Brands Before Closing the Deal

It’s prohibited to get the ball rolling with content creation for brands before getting them to make payment for your efforts. Don’t accept their requests to create initial content (first draft) for them or buy their products before the deal is official. In case of bartering, remind them that they can make a minimum payment of $10 to make the deal official.

What Can I Do If I Am Bartering with Them?

Solution: Ask them to make the minimum payment of $10 to your offer. Once paid, you are safe. Feel free to share contacts, websites, addresses, etc afterward. 

Extra Note: As an influencer, you can always share your feedback on the brand you had a deal with through our support team, contributing to a positive and transparent community experience.

9. Sharing External Media Kit, Websites, and Contacts

We are dedicated to establishing a secure, safe, and reliable influencer marketplace for all stakeholders. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to share a media kit containing personal information such as email, phone, or WhatsApp details.

Any attempt to send personal websites or contact information to brands before finalizing a deal will be promptly detected by Ainfluencer’s AI system, resulting in immediate suspension.

Sharing email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts presents significant risks to both influencers and brands. To maintain the integrity of our community and foster a transparent environment, we strongly discourage influencers from engaging in direct communications that circumvent our platform’s secure channels.

Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is vital to ensuring a secure and collaborative space for everyone involved.

10. Sharing Personal Information in Bio

Similar to the preceding section, it is unequivocally forbidden to disclose any personal information in your Ainfluencer Bio. This includes but is not limited to, details such as email addresses, phone numbers, or any other contact information. 

Even seemingly innocuous messages like “DM me for collaboration” are considered indicative of attempts to divert brands outside of the Ainfluencer marketplace.

11. Spreading False Information Reg. Payouts, Previous Campaigns, Reviews, Etc.

In the interest of maintaining transparency and upholding the integrity of our platform, Ainfluencer strictly prohibits influencers from spreading false or inaccurate information regarding previous collaborations, reviews, payouts, and interactions with our support team.

If the Ainfluencer compliance team identifies instances where influencers are disseminating misleading information, we will take decisive action. Ensuring the accuracy of information shared within the Ainfluencer community is paramount to fostering trust among influencers and brands.

12. Using Derogatory language or Soliciting / Scamming

We are dedicated to cultivating a robust and respectful community that nurtures growth on both sides of the aisle. Our commitment is underscored by a stringent zero-tolerance policy against disrespect and discrimination. 

Violations encompass the use of improper or derogatory language, participation in insulting behavior, or engaging in any discriminatory activities. Upholding these standards is paramount to fostering a professional and inclusive environment for all members.

Finally, you can read this article for further details on the Dos and Don’ts of success on Ainfluencer.


We hope this article has helped you understand some of the possible reasons why you were rejected as an influencer on Ainfluencer, and how you can improve your chances of getting accepted in the future. 

If you haven’t joined Ainfluencer yet, make sure you bear in mind all the rules mentioned above for a smooth experience on the platform before signing up. If you agree to follow all the aforementioned terms, you are ready to sign up on Ainfluencer right now to start your journey!

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1- How Can I Join Ainfluencer as an Influencer?

You can join Ainfluencer as an influencer by signing up on our website and creating a profile with your social media accounts. Just make sure you read the points illusterated in this article meticulously so that you don’t face any problems.

2- Why Was I Rejected as an Influencer on Ainfluencer?

You may have been rejected as an influencer on Ainfluencer for various reasons, such as having a low engagement rate, a fake or inactive audience, a mismatched niche, or a violation of our terms and conditions.

3- How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting Accepted as an Influencer on Ainfluencer?

You can improve your chances of getting accepted as an influencer on Ainfluencer by following some tips, such as increasing your engagement rate, growing your audience organically, choosing a relevant niche, and complying with our rules and guidelines.

4- How Can I Contact Ainfluencer If I Have any Questions or Issues?

You can contact Ainfluencer by emailing us at support@ainfluencer.com or by using our live chat feature on our website ainfluencer.com. Our support team is available 24/7 to help you with your needs.

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