Influencers Best Practices: Do’s and Don’ts While Using Ainfluencer Marketplace

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Welcome to Ainfluencer, a free influencer marketplace connecting thousands of businesses with micro-, macro-, and mega-influencers seeking brand collaborations. With access to over 30,000 campaigns launched by businesses and a daily average of 10-20 new opportunities, Ainfluencer is your gateway to success as an influencer. In this guide, we will explore the do’s and don’ts of utilizing the Ainfluencer platform, helping you secure brand sponsorships and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a new influencer seeking acceptance or an existing member looking to enhance your profile, this article will provide valuable insights.

Reasons You were not Allowed into Ainfluencer Marketplace

To ensure the utmost quality, we carefully assess each influencer who seeks to join our community. Here’s an explanation of why we might decline or temporarily suspend certain accounts:

1. Small Follower Count

One reason an influencer’s account may not meet our criteria is due to having a relatively small number of followers. On Ainfluencer, we require a minimum of 5,000 followers for verification. However, it’s important to note that the balance between your follower count and engagement rate is also a significant factor to consider.

2. Private Accounts

Having a private social media account significantly limits an influencer’s visibility, reach, and engagement with a larger audience. Therefore, Ainfluencer has a strict policy regarding the acceptance of private accounts. To increase your chances of approval, we require influencers to switch their social media accounts to the public.

Note: For even more successful results, consider converting your account to a professional account, which not only prevents it from being private but also unlocks additional features and benefits.

2. Low Engagement Rate

One of the factors that demonstrate the authenticity of an influencer’s followers is their engagement rate. Brands often use this data as a criterion to determine whether an influencer is a good fit for their campaign.

Therefore, if your account has a low engagement rate, it may be one of the reasons for rejection on Ainfluencer. As a nano- or micro-influencer, we expect your engagement rate to be at least 1.55%, with the ideal range being around 11%.

3. Low-Quality Score (Q-Score)

The Q-Score or quality score of an influencer measures their appeal and attractiveness to their audience. It takes into account various factors, including audience size, engagement rate, and the overall quality of the influencer’s profile and account.

To be a part of our marketplace, it is essential that the content you create for your Instagram account is niche-related and targeted, allowing you to gain social influence within your specific domain. Without a satisfactory Q-Score, you may not meet the requirements for participation in our platform.

4. Low Frequency of Publishing

Posting consistently is important for maintaining an active presence on social media platforms. It is generally recommended to publish at least once per day. If your account lacks a high level of activity and falls significantly below this recommended frequency, it may hinder your verification as an active influencer on Ainfluencer.

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Additionally, if you have not published engaging content for an extended period of time, it raises concerns about your qualifications as an influencer on our platform. Regularly sharing captivating content is vital for establishing yourself as a qualified and active influencer on Ainfluencer.

6. High Spam Rate

Engaging in spamming practices is strongly discouraged on Ainfluencer. The following actions are considered indicators of spamming:

  • Sending identical and irrelevant messages to brands
  • Continuously contacting brands that are not relevant to your niche
  • Ignoring brands’ requirements and expectations (e.g., contacting female influencers when the brand specifically seeks male influencers, or reaching out to brands that only collaborate with USA-based influencers while being located in India)
  • Repeatedly reaching out to the same brand with impersonalized messages

We encourage you to proactively connect with relevant brands that align with your niche and have studied their requirements and expectations for collaboration.

Ainfluencer employs a built-in algorithm that can detect the spamming nature of messages and assign a spam rate to your account. It is crucial to ensure that your messages to brands are accurate, relevant, and tailored to their specific needs. By maintaining authenticity and delivering meaningful outreach, you can foster productive relationships with brands on Ainfluencer.

7. Do not Ask for Payments or Communications Outside of Ainfluencer

It is strictly prohibited to request brands to communicate outside of Ainfluencer or ask them to send payments through third-party platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, or cryptocurrency. Engaging in such activities can be easily detected by Ainfluencer AI algorithms, resulting in red flags on your account. Moreover, brands have the ability to report such behavior with just one click.

Additionally, it is important to refrain from advertising any other products within the Ainfluencer marketplace or chat. Violating these guidelines undermines the integrity of the platform and can lead to severe consequences for your account.

8. Receive Brand’s Products and Discontinue Communication with Brands

When you anticipate receiving a physical product, such as a dress or digital camera, it is crucial to maintain active communication with the brand to keep them informed. Once you receive the product, establish clear expectations with the brand regarding the content creation timeline. Make sure to provide them with content that meets their requirements and keeps them satisfied. Failure to meet their expectations regarding physical products may result in immediate permanent suspension and a negative review.

9. Failure to Meet Requirements for Delivering Deals

If you fail to adhere to the requirements outlined for a paid deal, such as creating video content or publishing the agreed-upon campaigns within the specified terms, your account may face temporary or permanent suspension. Additionally, if you have a history of not fulfilling closed deals on more than three occasions, Ainfluencer will permanently suspend your account as a violation of community guidelines.

9. Receiving Low Ratings and Negative Reviews

Once collaborations with brands are completed, brands have the option to provide public reviews for you on Ainfluencer. To receive favorable reviews and high ratings, it is crucial to prioritize brand satisfaction by diligently adhering to their requirements and expectations in creating content and publishing social posts in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.

10. Violation of Terms– Ex. Derogatory language

In the event that you violate our Community and User Conduct Guidelines in any way, Ainfluencer will suspend your account, and you will be permanently barred from rejoining our community.

Examples of violations include attempting to communicate with the brand or engaging in transactions outside of Ainfluencer platform, using improper or derogatory language, engaging in insulting behavior, and engaging in racist activities.

Final say 

We hope you found this article helpful and look forward to seeing you as a member of our community. Let us know if you need any further information, and come back soon!

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