Easy and Quick Method to Increase Instagram Followers

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Competing in the digital world is getting harder each day. There are lots of tools that can make it easier for everyone to boost their online presence. Undoubtedly, one of the most important challenges everyone faces is to increase Instagram followers. We don’t have much time to wait for people to come and find us in this crowded world. Therefore, we need a quick trick to use alongside other Instagram growth plans: buying followers.

Let’s see how challenging this trick is.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Definitely, the quickest method to increase followers on Instagram is to buy followers. But how helpful can it be? You should know that buying Instagram followers is a controversial topic that has both advantages and disadvantages. Check its pros and cons as follows:


Buying Instagram followers can have benefits for your account, including: 

Creating Trust 

The number of followers of a page adds to its reliability. Furthermore, having more followers can help you attract organic followers effortlessly and boost your engagement rate. Therefore, it is worth buying followers, especially if you want to start your business on Instagram.

Building Brand Awareness 

Having more followers means more people know about you, which leads to brand awareness. However, this doesn’t come without engaging and creative content. Even if you have millions of followers, the result is up to your content and how active you are.

Connecting to More Potential Customers 

Although not all your followers become your customers, you will improve this chance when you have more followers. Let’s assume that only one-third of your followers are your potential customers. With a little calculation, you can see how beneficial it will be to your business if you have more Instagram followers.


Tricks are like cheating; it means you will get a great result, but you also meet disadvantages. The challenges of buying Instagram followers are: 

Fake Users 

The main challenge you may encounter, which might make you avoid buying followers, is the possibility of gaining fake users, which are recognizable by Instagram. Most platforms that provide services for your Instagram growth don’t help you get Instagram organic followers. That’s the first and most important thing you should consider when choosing this method. 

However, you still have a chance to find companies that give you real followers. The number of followers they offer might be less than other platforms, but at least you are assured they are real people. It is really crucial for your business to find a trusted Instagram promotion service, like You to Subs, which guarantees the authenticity of the followers. You should avoid adding fake users to your account because it will be against the rules and regulations of Instagram. Meanwhile, adding real users will not only have a positive impact on your account, but you will also not face any problem with Instagram rules. 

Easy and Quick Method to Increase Instagram Followers

You can easily sign up on this platform and choose one of its plans for buying followers. You don’t need to decide on having millions of followers in one day, which is not practical; you can start with 20 followers each day, which is a transparent and logical way for followers of an account to grow. 

Easy and Quick Method to Increase Instagram Followers

Furthermore, this platform gives you additional options. Your new followers can like your posts or leave comments. So, how can they be fake followers? This option can help you increase your engagement too. However, it will affect the price. 

Not being an organic way to grow 

Most companies use several marketing strategies, such as running campaigns and competitions to get Instagram organic followers. However, these methods don’t guarantee more followers because they might fail. But at least, these methods still spread your brand’s name among many people, which might not be possible with buying followers. 

How to Avoid Fake Instagram Followers? 

Fake users are accounts created by bots or people who want to scam. Therefore, these users can negatively affect your business. You may think that having fake followers won’t hurt anyone. But it hurts your business because the number of your followers and your audience’s engagement can define how many real followers you have. 

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That’s why we emphasize using Instagram promotion platforms that won’t add fake users to your account. If you have bought followers before, it is possible you currently have fake users. We recommend you check your followers and remove the ones that seem to be fake. 

However, finding fake users on Instagram can be tricky, but not impossible. Although you can find them by clues, it will take you time to find and remove them. Therefore, it is recommended to use special tools for this purpose.

How to Buy Real Followers on Instagram?

Now that you have cleaned your Instagram of fake users, let’s start fresh and buy new real Instagram users. Go to You to Subs platform, which is a safe and secure platform for buying real Instagram users. Their goal is to connect content creators and active Instagram users, so you will increase Instagram followers who are real active users. Therefore, you will be sure that these followers are actually seeing your content and can improve your engagement.

Are you still not sure you will get real users? Let’s dig more into how this platform works. 

You to Subs has two sides: one for people who want to get Instagram organic followers and one for users who desire to earn money by liking and viewing posts on Instagram. Consequently, it will be a win-win project for active users on Instagram and accounts that need more followers. You can ensure that you have bought real followers. It will be great news for freelancers too!

platform for freelancers

Zamupa is a social media service suitable for both newcomers and experienced users alike. Using advanced artificial intelligence, the platform analyzes your profile to identify key strategies for attracting authentic followers. Unlike other services, Zamupa ensures that your followers are real people, not bots, who engage with your content by liking, commenting, and reposting, helping to boost your brand’s visibility on Instagram.

Zamupa Homepage
Zamupa Homepage

With two distinct plans, Lite and Pro, Zamupa allows users to choose what best suits their Instagram goals and current profile status. The Lite plan is ideal for new profiles, while the Pro plan provides in-depth analysis by both AI and marketing professionals, better catering to seasoned users. Users have full control over the number of followers they wish to gain, with options ranging from 100 to 1000 followers at a time.

Other Methods to Increase Instagram Followers 

You can’t always buy followers. Although it’s a great method to increase Instagram followers rapidly and grow your business, you should still use other organic techniques to improve your online market.

1.Optimize Your Instagram Account 

Your profile is the vitrine of your business. What you write on your bio, the picture you have chosen for your profile, and the way you have categorized your content into highlights can help your new audience understand more about your business or career.

2.Create Engaging Content

Whatever you do, it will be your content that people view. If you create interesting and engaging content, like amazing Instagram Reels, you have more chances to attract more followers to your account. In the world of social media, it’s the content that rules. Better content will increase your followers too.

3.Use Hashtags

Let’s be discovered by more people! Use hashtags related to your content and business. You can also find trending hashtags and incorporate them into your content. This will increase the chance of being viewed by more people.

4.Participate with Influencers 

Instagram influencers have millions of followers. They have passed the challenges you face right now. Now their account is the best place to introduce yourself. However, you should first find the right influencer for your market to collaborate with. Influencer marketing can be a helpful method to increase Instagram followers and brand awareness.


No Instagram account can start with thousands of followers. No matter how hard you try, you can’t increase your followers quickly unless you buy followers. However, the decision to buy Instagram followers depends on your goals and preferences. You should weigh the pros and cons carefully and only buy from reputable sources like You to Sub. Moreover, don’t buy lots of followers in one day. It is better to do this process logically to show Instagram you are not going against its rules.