What Does NFS Mean On Instagram? 8 Different Meanings

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Once in a while, new phrases and slang become popular among young users on social media, especially Gen Z. NFS is one of these phrases that we can see lately, and if you don’t know ‘What does NFS mean on Instagram,’ you are not alone.

NFS meaning can depend on the text and content and can vary. If you have seen this phrase on Instagram captions and stories and asked yourself, ‘What does NFS mean on social media?’, we have your answer. In this article, we will take a look at the eight available meanings for it.

What Does NFS Mean On Instagram?

Have you recently noticed NFC hashtags on Influencers’ posts and stories? Here are the possible meanings it can have. 

1.No Filter Skin

Those who follow beauty and skincare influencers probably see this phrase often. Many skin therapists want to show how natural skin looks with textures and use the #NFS hashtag. 

2. Not For Sale

Another NFS meaning text Instagram phrase is ‘Not for sale.’ Those who want to grab your attention to a unique item that is only for showing can use this and related hashtags on their posts. Brands can also show their latest item before the actual product launch. 

3. No Filter Story

In the previous parts, we discussed a possible NFS, meaning the Instagram phrase ‘No filter skin,’ which is great for selfies and portraits. A similar meaning is also used for sharing landscape photos. You can show you haven’t used any filter, and it’s a raw image. 

4. New Fashion Style

Have you ever seen this phrase under the posts of fashion influencers and asked yourself, ‘What does NFS mean on Instagram?’ Well, one possible meaning is New fashion Style for showing the latest trends. 

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5. Need For Speed

When you search for the NFS hashtag on Instagram, you probably see many car photos. When car lovers want to share racing car images, they use this hashtag. So, what does NFS mean on the Instagram stories of cars? It means the Need For Speed. 

6. Not Funny Stuff 

Many Instagrammers who want to react to other users’ videos, comments, and DM’s use NFS on their videos. To answer unnecessary dramas, you can use this hashtag, which stands for ‘Not Funny Stuff.’

7. Not For Sharing

Don’t want your post to be reshared by other users? You can use the NFS phrase in your caption. But what does NFS mean on Instagram? When public accounts share a personal post and tell their followers they don’t want this content to be shared, they use ‘Not for sharing’ hashtags. 

8. No Filter Sunday 

In the previous parts, we discussed what NFS means on Instagram and mentioned one possible meaning, ‘No Filter Selfie or Sky.’ Similar to these phrases, sometimes Instagrammers use it as ‘No Filter Sunday,’ too. 


NFS is a term that we can often see on Instagram and has multiple interpretations depending on the context and content of the post. In this article, we showed you different meanings it can have that people are using on Instagram. 


1. What Does NFS Mean In Texting?

Each short phrase can have different meanings you can understand based on context. When you see NFS in texting, in most cases, it stands for ‘New Friends.’

2. What Does NFS Mean on TikTok?

Once in a while, a new phrase becomes popular among social media users, and NFS is one of them. But what does NFS mean on Instagram and TikTok? Here are some answers:
No Filter Skin
Not For Sale
New Fashion Style
Need For Speed
Not Funny Stuff 
Not For Sharing


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