Ainfluencer User and Community Guidelines for Influencers: Do’s & Don’ts

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Ainfluencer User and Community Guidelines 

When utilizing a platform for business purposes, it is imperative to act wisely about its community guidelines. In this regard, it must be noted that the Ainfluencer marketplace is no exception.

To watch these Dos and Don’ts of this marketplace, watch the following video:

Ainfluencer User and Community Guidelines- Path to Success

Not in the mood for a video? Then scroll down to read all you need to know about Ainfluencer’s dos and don’ts. 

Ainfluencer User and Community Guidelines 

Here’s a list of the most important things you need to have in mind when using Ainfluencer. Let’s begin with the things you shouldn’t do first to avoid getting rejected by Ainfluencer

I) Don’ts

First, let’s see how brands see your profile on the other side of the marketplace:

Preview of Your Profile and Media Kit

As an influencer using the Ainfluencer marketplace (app), you must understand and abide by the following rules to avoid getting banned.

1. Don’t Ask for Off-Platform Payments

Under no circumstances are you permitted to request payment from brands outside of the Ainfluencer marketplace.

Even if you have already closed a paid sponsorship with a brand and now need extra payments for creating another video, buying some materials, or doing some extra work, MAKE SURE to utilize the platform payments for receiving the extra fund$ or contact support at Ainfluencer.

Here is a video showing how to extend deadlines:

How to Change the Deadline of Your Deal with a Brand

You can also change the fees either by asking the Ainfluencer support or by asking the brand to get extra payments for your deal processed. Here is how brands can do that:

How Brands Can Update the Terms of the Deal with You Influencers

The payment restriction includes payment methods such as Paypal, Payoneer, Crypto, wire transfer, Cash app, Zello, and bank transfer. You are supposed to always get your deals closed and paid on Ainfluencer.

Note: Ainfluencer’s advanced AI system reports all communications that include contact sharing and requests for payments outside of Ainfluencer.

2. Don’t Ask for Off-Platform Communication

You are not allowed to request to chat with brands outside of the Ainfluencer marketplace. Even if they ask you to join their external groups or DM them on Instagram, or any sort of other channels, you must explicitly deny it in chat.

This includes communications via DM, Email, phone, messaging apps, groups, or any other means of communication. You are also prohibited from requesting their contacts such as phone numbers.

Note: Ainfluencer’s AI discovers communications that include contact sharing and requests for chat outside of Ainfluencer.

Here are some points you need to take into account:

  • Do not ever share any username for any of your social media accounts before the deal is closed.
  • Do not share any of the personal information such as phone, email, and usernames in your Bio on Ainfluencer.
  • Do not share contacts via images or videos at all.

3. Don’t Share Your Address to Receive Physical Products – Before Closing Deal

It’s prohibited to share your address with brands to receive a product before the deal is paid for and closed.

Don’t ask them to send you their product, share an account, or register you on their app before closing the deal.

What Can I Do If I Am Bartering?

Solution: Ask them to make the minimum payment of $10 to your offer. Once paid, you are safe. Feel free to share contacts, websites, addresses, etc afterward. 

Rest assured, after payment, you’re covered by our resolution center for added protection.

As an influencer, you can always share your feedback on the brand you had a deal with through our support team, contributing to a positive and transparent community experience.

4. Don’t Create Content for Products/Brands – Before Closing Deal

It’s prohibited to get the ball rolling with content creation for brands before getting them to make payments for your efforts. Don’t accept their requests to create initial content (first draft) for them or buy their products before the deal is official. 

In case of bartering, remind them of the fact that they can make a minimum payment of $10 to make the deal official.

What Can I Do If I Am Bartering with Them?

Solution: Ask them to make the minimum payment of $10 to your offer. Once paid, you are safe. Feel free to share contacts, websites, addresses, etc afterward. 

Rest assured, after payment, you’re covered by our resolution center for added protection.

5. Sending Irrelevant Offers

You must refrain from sending brands random, repetitive, or irrelevant offers. To avoid this, please carefully read the details and requirements of campaigns before making an offer.

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For example, if a brand is only looking for influencers located in the USA, and you are not located in the USA, this may lead to a high ratio of rejections and spam rates. This data can eventually lead to the suspension of your account.

6. Failure to Follow Brand Requirements

Failure to thoroughly review and adhere to the requirements outlined by brands, resulting in disputes after the delivery deadline will prompt Ainfluencer to undertake stringent measures against your account.

Ainfluencer expects all influencers to completely follow all the terms and requirements set by brands for their paid collaboration.

7. Taking Physical Products and Going Silent

Should you stop talking with a brand after receiving a physical product, it will result in an immediate suspension of your account. Ainfluencer maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards influencers who attempt to operate deceitfully and fail to fulfill their commitments to brands.

8. Lower than Standard Reviews and Ratings

Even though we appreciate your dedication to maintaining a positive and engaging presence on Ainfluencer, our commitment to ensuring a high-quality experience for both influencers and brands is paramount. Therefore, we kindly advise you to be mindful of your performance metrics.

Should your average rating and reviews fall below 3 for the last 3 months, please be aware that your account will undergo a comprehensive review, and there is a possibility of a temporary pause. We value the collaborative spirit of our community and believe that collectively upholding high standards contributes to a successful and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

9. Advertising Other Platforms

This is a 100% NO NO. Kindly refrain from promoting or advertising external platforms within your content on our platform. 

This includes explicit mentions, links, or any form of endorsement for competing services. Such actions may result in a review of your account and potential consequences, including temporary suspension.

9. Acting Maliciously

Kindly be advised that any endeavors to engage in malicious activities, scams, or solicitation are unequivocally prohibited.

10. Using Offensive Language

The use of offensive, derogatory, and discriminatory language in communications with other influencers or brands on Ainfluencer is strictly prohibited.

In case your account is suspended, please confirm that you will not engage in any of the aforementioned activities to our support team at the below email, so we review and reactivate your account:

Please note that failure to adhere to these conduct guidelines may result in the permanent suspension of your account.

II) Dos

To qualify for interactions with brands on our platform, certain actions must be taken. These actions include:

1. Uploading Instagram Insights

Regularly uploading a screenshot of your Instagram insights is necessary. Influencers who keep their insights up-to-date are more likely to be considered for deals. Here is a video showing how to get that:

2. Sharing Past Collaborations

To demonstrate your creativity and establish trust with brands, it is important to share samples of your past collaborations. This will increase your likelihood of being selected for future collaborations.

Having a complete profile is crucial for increasing your exposure and receiving more invitations. Ensure you maintain an accurate and up-to-date profile, showcasing your past collaborations and insights. This will enhance your chances of being invited to participate in new campaigns.

Suggested Actions

To ensure successful collaborations with brands, certain actions must be taken into consideration after you follow Ainfluencer user and community guidelines. Here are some suggested tips that will assist you in securing more collaborations:

1. Exploring brands

As an influencer, it is important to regularly explore the variety of campaigns published by businesses on a daily basis. The Ainfluencer marketplace receives a multitude of new campaigns regularly, so it is essential to visit the Explore page on your app daily to remain updated.

2. Making offers

When making offers to campaigns, it is crucial to ensure that they match your country, category, or other specific criteria that brands may have. Some campaigns are invite-only, so only make offers to them if you are invited. Before making an offer, carefully review the campaign details.

3. Getting invited

To increase your chances of being invited to campaigns, it is recommended to remain active on the platform. Promptly respond to messages and offers, close as many deals as possible, and aim to receive 5-star reviews from brands. By doing so, you can establish a strong reputation and increase your exposure to new campaigns.

4. Sending offers

To increase your chances of collaboration with brands, ensure that your offers are relevant and personalized. Brands are more likely to work with influencers who have taken the time to read the campaign details and tailor their offers to the brand’s specific requirements. Therefore, take the time to carefully craft thoughtful offers that demonstrate your understanding of the brand and its goals.

5. Getting reviews

Brands can leave public reviews of their experience with you, which will be visible to other brands. To receive positive reviews, it is important to provide excellent service and deliver on the brand’s expectations.

Payment Tips

Upon receiving offers and collaborating with brands, it is important to be aware of the payment process. Here are some essential points to consider:

1. Commission

Ainfluencer applies a 20% commission on each campaign to ensure prompt payment and simplify the campaign process for you. This commission is deducted from the payment made by the brand.

2. Payment time

Upon closing a deal, Ainfluencer secures the funds in an escrow account until the campaign is successfully delivered to the brand by you.

3. Payout

Once the campaign is successfully delivered, you may request your payout 7 days later and give our team up to 3 days to process it via PayPal.


In conclusion, following the above-mentioned rules and guidelines is essential when working as an influencer on Ainfluencer. Rest assured that Ainfluencer user and community guidelines are put in place to ensure that the influencer and the brand are protected and that campaigns are successful. 

By adhering to these guidelines, you can build strong relationships with brands, ensure you receive fair compensation for your work, maintain a positive reputation in the industry, and build a lucrative career. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the platform, payouts, disputes, glitches, or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact Ainfluencer support for assistance.

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