10 Most Beautiful Colombian Models You Need To Check

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As you can see in many beauty pageants, Colombian models have always been popular, and we have seen them holding crowns for many years. But who are these girls, and how did they find their way to success?

In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the most popular Colombian female Instagram models who have collaborated with known names and joined popular fashion shows. The models have millions of followers on Instagram, and you can check out their latest shows. 

Top 10 Hottest Colombian Models

Want to know who the most popular models in Colombia are? Here is a list of the ten best stars in 2024. 

1. Lina Posada

Let’s start with one of the Colombian female models who loves to show her flawless body on her Instagram page. Lina Posada is a model and designer born in 1985 in Atlántico. Her husband, Juan David Posada, is also a popular male model. 

Most people know Lina from the lingerie brands ‘Bésame’ and ‘Espiral’  advertising campaigns in Colombia. As one of the sexiest Colombian models, she has walked for some popular brands such as Aradizia Swimwear, Babalú Swimwear, and Ujeans. 

2. Taliana Vargas

Many Colombian girls shine on beauty pageant shows, and Taliana is one of these stars. Taliana Vargas, born in 1987, is one of the most well-known Colombian models. She was crowned Miss Colombia in 2007 and Miss Universe in 2008.

Besides being one of the sexy Colombian models, Talina is a popular female Instagram model with over 3.5M followers. Talina shares her beautiful moments with her followers on her page. 

3. Andrea Serna

With over 3.7M followers, Andrea is a known beauty blogger and makeup influencer on Instagram. Andrea Serna is a Colombian model and social media personality, born in 1977 in Caldas. In 2003, she started her modeling career by joining fashion weeks in Milan, Colombiamoda, Colombiatex, Cali Exposhow, and different important festivals in Colombia.

4. Maria Fernanda Yepes

While most people know Maria as an actress, she started modeling sooner. Maria Fernanda Yepes is a Colombian actress and model born in 1980. One of the popular Colombian supermodels, she started her career at 15. She has played in multiple TV shows, such as El Junior: The Mirrey of the Capos, Dark Desire, Black Widow 2, etc. 

5. Elizabeth Loaiza Junca

Now, it’s time to check out one of the hottest Latina OnlyFans girls for those who love to view exclusive content from Colombian girls. Elizabeth Loaiza Junca is a sexy Colombian model born in 1989. She started her career at four and is also a beauty pageant winner. 

In 2006, she won the Miss Mundo Colombia and represented in the Miss World 2006 for her country. This famous Colombian model has appeared on the cover of different adult magazines, including Playboy, Soho, and Don Juan. 

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6. Paulina Vega

One of the most known Colombian women models who has over 6M followers on Instagram is Paulina. Paulina Vega Dieppa is a Colombian TV host and model born in 1993 in Atlántico. She was crowned Miss Colombia in 2013 and Miss Universe in 2014. On her Instagram page, she works and collaborates with known brands such as Alo Yoga, Ralph Lauren, etc. 

7. Paola Rey

Even though she is 44, we can still see her in fashion weeks and events in Colombia. Paola Andrea Rey Arciniegas is one of the most beautiful Colombian models, and she is still attractive in her middle age. She was born in 1979 and has joined multiple Colombian television soap operas, including La Baby Sister, Pasión de Gavilanes, etc. 

8. Anllela Sagra

Now, let’s move on to Latina fitness influencers; no one is as popular as Anllela. Anllela Sagra is one of the Colombian fitness models born in 1993. She has over 24M followers on Instagram, where she shares bikini pics. If you love to see exclusive content from her, you can also check out her OnlyFans page.  

9. Ariadna Gutiérrez

We all remember the 2015 Miss Universe incident when Steve Harvey mistakenly announced one of the Colombian models as the winner. Ariadna Gutiérrez Arévalo was that girl who also was crowned in 2014 as Miss Colombia. This attractive star has over 4M followers and is a successful model working with designer brands such as Stephane Rolland, Genny, etc.

10. Valerie Domínguez

It’s normal to see Colombian models as beauty pageants; Valerie Domínguez is another crown holder. Valerie Domínguez Tarud is an attractive Colombian actress and model born in 1981. In 2005, she was crowned Miss Colombia, and at the Miss Universe festival in 2006, she ranked in the top 10. Valerie has 3M followers on Instagram, where she shares her family moments. 


The top 10 hottest Colombian models mentioned in this blog are just a few examples of the many successful models Colombia has. These women have become global icons and inspire many aspiring models around the world.


1. Who Are The Most Famous Colombian Models?

If you are interested in modeling and want to know some of the most known Colombian models, here is your answer:
Lina Posada
Taliana Vargas
Andrea Serna
Maria Fernanda Yepes
Elizabeth Loaiza Junca
Paulina Vega
Paola Rey

2. Why Are Colombian Models Attractive?

Latina girls are popular for their silky bronze skin and black hair, and Colombian girls are no exception. With millions of followers and fans on different social media platforms, these models are always present at fashion shows and festivals.


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