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Makeup influencers are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of influencers, taking various social media platforms by storm. Also known as beauty bloggers or influencers, these makeup mavens hold huge social influence over a wide range of ages with their stunning photos, gorgeous styles, and gag-worthy looks. It’s hardly surprising that makeup influencers are known for improving customer engagement and generating sales.

The most recent stats show that customers are more likely to trust makeup influencers than company advertisements; 62 percent of women follow beauty influencers on social media and trust these beauty gurus to help them make decisions about products.

What is a makeup influencer?

A makeup influencer is a social media personality who has built a niche in the field of cosmetics, skincare, hair care, makeup, etc. They’ve established credibility with their audience, who trusts them to provide authentic reviews, tips and advice. Top beauty influencers are experts on their topics, and naturally attract a variety ages, genders, sizes and interests. As a result, they have a sizeable audience of real people that purchase products based on these influencers’ recommendations.

Who is the biggest makeup influencer?

Popular beauty brands connect with big makeup influencers to get great results on Instagram. Genuine, high-quality content creation can grab the audience’s attention to turn them into potential customers. The biggest Instagram influencers know how to implement it to gain more followers, keep their audience engaged, and increase sales for clients.

Here are the top makeup influencers:

  1. Huda Beauty • Instagram @huda • 47.9 million followers

Huda Beauty is one of the most popular makeup brands worldwide, started by beauty blogger Huda Kattan. Although Huda’s cosmetics line is incredibly popular and growing fast, she’s an influencer at heart and still collaborates with multiple beauty brands on her Instagram and YouTube channel.


2. James Charles • Instagram @jamescharles • 23.5 million followers

James Charles is a male beauty blogger who’s brought a fresh perspective to the world of makeup, drawing lots of attention on the Instagram space. He is now one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram and YouTube. This beauty YouTuber and makeup artist has focused on being a brand ambassador since 2016. His content centres largely around eye makeup looks and tutorials for CoverGirl.


3. Aimee Song • Instagram  @aimeesong • 5.6 million followers

Aimee Song is a top fashion blogger and fashion designer. An early adopter of the fashion blog movement, Aimee started blogging in 2008 while studying Interior Architecture in San Francisco. Her blog Song of Style now has over 2 million views per month and her Instagram account boasts 5 million followers.


4. Desi Perkins • Instagram @desiperkins • 4.3 million followers

Desi Perkins is a top makeup influencer who established her reputation on YouTube. Her passion for makeup tutorials and authentic posts have made her popular on both YouTube and Instagram.


5. Tati Westbrook • Instagram @glamlifeguru • 2.5 million followers

Tati is a famous YouTuber and top makeup artist. Her makeup and beauty reviews, tips, and tutorials have made her a hit on YouTube and Instagram, earning her a loyal following. In 2019 Tati launched a cosmetic line called Tati Beauty with her first product eye shadow palette, cementing her status as a beauty entrepreneur.


6. Laura Lee • Instagram @larlarlee • 1.8 million followers

Laura Lee is a top makeup influencer, beauty blogger and YouTuber. She’s known for her beauty tips and tricks, which have earned her a loyal, engaged following. Laura has been a brand ambassador for famous cosmetic brands such as Too Faced, MAC Cosmetics, and Benefit Cosmetics. In 2017, she established her own beauty line: Laura Lee Los Angeles.


7. Jackie Aina Instagram • @jackieaina • 1.7 million followers

American beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina is well known for having an attention-grabbing Instagram feed and hilarious personality. She has reached more than 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has collaborated with major beauty brands Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora, and Sigma Beauty.


8. Ingrid Nilsen • Instagram @ingridnilsen • 1.2 million followers

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Ingrid Nilsen aka Missglamorazz is known for her content on YouTube. In fact, Ingrid was the first YouTube blogger to represent cosmetics brand CoverGirl!


4 ways to collaborate with makeup influencers

Customers are more likely to trust beauty influencers than company advertisements, so beauty brands are smart to collaborate with them. Here are 4 ways to collaborate with beauty influencers.

  • Authentic content creation

Content is the most obvious product of an influencer collaboration. Solid content is critical to increasing brand exposure and building trust with an audience. A great beauty blogger generates authentic social content that helps brands stand out within the hyper-competitive beauty niche.

User-generated content cuts through the noise on social media. This type of content is real and reflects authentic customer experiences. Beauty influencers provide this type of content through reviews, tips, and tutorials that engage audiences and make them feel like part of the conversation.

  • Partner with local or global movements

Many beauty influencers stand for local and global movements, using their platform as a vehicle for change. Brands can associate themselves with worthwhile causes by connecting with these influencers and creating strategic partnerships that align with customer values.

  • Use Instagram shopping

Beauty influencers can now use Instagram’s shopping feature to make it simple for followers to purchase the products they’re showing. Instagram shopping makes it easier than ever for influencers to increase product sales for brands they partner with.

Statistics show that sales from Instagram have increased by 42% and traffic to websites from Instagram is up 98%. When selecting an influencer, make sure to choose someone who’s familiar with the latest Instagram features and updates to make the most of this traffic.

  • Run a contest or giveaway

Running a contest or giveaway is one of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies to engage audiences and generate leads. Brands can collaborate with beauty influencers to run highly effective contests and giveaways.

The influencer creates content, introduces the brand’s products, and persuades followers from both accounts to participate. Depending on the goal of the contest or giveaway, entry requirements can include following the brand’s official account, liking a photo, tagging friends, and even commenting on posts. This strategy is a great way to grow relevant followers and engage an audience.

To sum up: when planning an influencer collaboration, brands should be clear on their goals, know their audience, and choose their beauty influencer wisely. With the right influencer, beauty brands can see great results. Ready to get started? Influencer collaboration is easy when you join the ainfluencer marketplace! Join today and see why Ainfluencer is one of the fastest and smartest ways to collaborate with top Instagram influencers and grow your brand.

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