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There are many LGBTQ influencers on Instagram, and their accounts can provide a great window into the LGBTQ community. By sharing their empowering stories and images, they are helping to break down barriers and create a more inclusive society. These stars are not only changing how we see LGBTQ people but also inspiring others to get involved and support the LGBTQ community. 

Collaborating with LGBTQ Instagram influencers can be a powerful way for brands to reach a diverse and engaged audience. By joining influencer marketing platforms and finding these influencers, you can easily connect with the LGBTQ community in an authentic and meaningful way.

Here are the 50 best LGBTQ influencers taking over Instagram!

How to Find LGBTQ Influencers on Instagram?

You may have tried different methods to find the best LGBTQ influencers for your campaigns, such as:

  • Searching on Google for gay influencers or other LGBTQ community influencers. The downside of this method is that it gives you a limited list of influencers. 
  • Searching on Instagram via hashtags or usernames, which will be a time consuming and daunting process because you have to check each account one by one. Furthermore, since most of them receive many direct messages on Instagram, they may not see your invitation to respond.  
hashtag search-gay influencers

Leave alone the time-consuming and boring processes. Here, we give you the quickest and the most useful method to find influencers on Instagram

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For example, some of the most famous LGBTQ influencers out there are fashion bloggers or fitness influencers. Therefore, you can find them by selecting ‘fashion’ for category, and add the hashtags they usually use, such as #gayinfluencer or #queercommunity. 

You will then see a list of influencers that matches these criteria, and can check each profile alongside a report about their engagement rate and previous collaborations. Take your time and send invitations to as many influencers as you like.

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Top 10 Gay influencers You Need to Follow

The ‘G’ in the LGBTQ word stands for Gay, so let’s explore the world of gay influencers here. 

1. Daniel Franzese (@whatsupdanny)

Known as WhatsupDanny, an actor, comedian, and activist, Daniel is one of the funniest and most popular gay Instagram influencers with more than 155K followers. 

He is the CEO of funny gay besties and Italian big boy beefcakes. 

Famous for the best portrayal of ‘Mean Girl,’ he inspires a lot of people. He also has an epic sense of humor with a sense of responsibility to put a light on the community.

Connect with Daniel

2. Alexander Joe (@alexbegs)

As a gay influencer, Alexander knows how to attract his followers. He mostly showcases particular flair for fashion, making them unique and intriguing. Alexander has 124K Instagram followers and 800K followers on TikTok.

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3. Devin Norelle (@steroidbeyonce)

Devin is an advocate, actor, diversity, model, and writer with 48K Instagram followers, talking about topics like gender-affirming surgery, neopronouns, and openly about AIDS/HIV.

4. Owin Pierson (@owinpierson)

Born in Japan, living in LA, Owin is one of the top Asian LGBTQ Influencers who has been vocal about sexuality, mental health, and equality. Showing the importance of supporting others is important but crucial to supporting them before, during, and after they come out.

5. Doug and Sanjay (@Thetravellinggays)

Doug and Sanjay met at Manchester Pride in 2009, and since then, these gay influencers have traveled the world together, documenting their journey on their Instagram with 336K followers and their Youtube channels. They recently shared their journey with surrogacy and are currently celebrating the arrival of their first child!

Contact Doug and Sanjay

6. Matt Bernstein (@mattxiv)

Being on the list of the most famous LGBT influencers, Matt is an activist with 1.5M followers.  His profile is all about strong messages, political challenges, and LGBTQ community issues. All he tends to do on his Instagram account is to raise awareness concerning several LGBTQ-related subjects.

7. James Barr (@imjamesbarr)

James Barr is one of the hosts of the UK’s top-rated LGBTQ podcast, ‘A Gay and a Non-Gay’. In 2021, this podcast won the award for the Best Entertainment Podcast with over 5M listeners.

As a successful standup comedian with nearly 12M followers on Instagram, he is considered a macro influencer in this category.

Note: Does it sound difficult to get more followers on social media? Check out the methods that can help you get 10K followers on Instagram

Invite James to collab

8. Daniel Webster (@danielwebster92)

With a fanbase of 26K engaged followers on Instagram, Daniel shares bits and pieces of his life as an LGBTQ influencer living in London. He has also recently started his own YouTube channel, hoping to share more of a visual look into his daily life. The gay influencer has collaborated with ‘Avaj’ which focuses mainly on male styling.

Send Daniel invitation

9. Bailey Mills (@gayglobetrotter)

You may think gay influencers are more into the fashion and makeup industry. But they can also be good cooks. 

Bailey is among the food influencers on Instagram who enjoys sharing new recipes with his 9K followers. He is also the founder of “The Gay Globetrotter” website, which focuses on LGBTQ issues.

Bailey hopes to inspire and show people that the risks for their identities and sexualities are worth it. He is one of the best gay nano influencers on our list who has joined hands with several other LGBTQ influencers to create unique content.

Contact Bailey

10. Terrell and Jarius (@terrell.and.jarius)

The black gay Instagram influencers, Terell and Jarius, are two same-sex parents who produce content on parenting and family lifestyle. Therefore, they are considered dad influencers who were also featured in an article by ‘Gay Parents Magazine.’

In addition to posting wholesome family content on Instagram for their 395K followers, they are among the best real-estate influencers on Instagram. Since they are well-known influencers on social media, they know how to collaborate with brands. Therefore, they have collaborated with different brands such as Target, Domino’s Pizza, Six Flags, and the American Dental Association. 

Our gay influencers run their website, which tells their story as a married couple from start to finish. You might also enjoy their YouTube videos, which create fun and relatable parenting content.

Top 10 Lesbian Influencers You Should Follow

The LGBTQ community is divided into different groups. We dedicate the second list to lesbian influencers. 

1. Roxeanne (@roxonajourney)

Let’s see the world from a lesbian POV. Roxeanne is one of the lesbian influencers who travel the globe and record the greatest moments of her trips using Instagram stories and posts. 

Her passion for traveling the world landed her on the list of Instagram travel influencers too. That’s how she has gathered 101K followers to her Instagram account. 

2. Jessica & Claudia (@jessieandclaud)

Among our favorite LGBTQ influencers are Jesse and Claud, who are mom to two kids. With 179K followers, Jessie and Claud document their day-to-day lives and relationships on their Instagram and YouTube channels highlighting Jessie’s experience living with disabilities. 

3. Lena & Aga (@lena_and_aga)

Based in Amsterdam, Lena and Aga call themselves the ‘femme couple’ of Instagram. Like most other LGBTQ influencers on the list, Lena and Aga also use their Instagram account with 16.5K followers to share moments of the lives of LGBTQ+ couples. 

The lesbian influencers hope to empower LGBTQ couples and the community, no matter where they are. 

These LGBTQ influencers also appear on TikTok, predominately making creative videos, and on YouTube, where they upload brief clips of their relationships from time to time.

Collaborate with Lena and Aga

4. Rose Dix (@roseellendix)

Although Rose and Rosie grew their profiles by creating content through comedy and lifestyle on social media, they are now considered mom bloggers on Instagram because they usually share stories about their cute kid. With over 525K IG followers, they are among the most popular LGBTQ influencers. 

These lesbian influencers share their journey to conceiving their first child, who arrived in 2021. Therefore, they can encourage other same-sex couples to start this wonderful journey of their lives.

5. Calle y Poché (@calleypoche)

With 5M followers on Instagram, Calle and Poche are among the most well-known and successful Latin American LGBTQ influencers.

These lesbian influencers have skyrocketed their careers since their vlogging origins in 2015. Now they are active users on different social media platforms, including TikTok where they have 4K followers. 

6. Hannah Hart (@harto)

This influencer, who identifies as a lesbian, has been creating content related to her sexual identity since 2009. Currently, Hannah Hart is a much-loved LGBTQ influencer with 1M Instagram followers.

Hannah creates content for her YouTube channel, and her podcast, Hanahlyze This. Moreover, she also creates instructional content about mental illnesses and encourages others to erase the stigma associated with these topics.

7. Gabi and Shanna (@27travels)

With 91.3K followers on Instagram, Gabi and Shanna are LGBTQ travel influencers helping people find LGBTQ-friendly destinations.

The lesbian influencers started sharing their experiences with the world by combining their videography and photography skills. Gabi and Shanna hope to guide anyone who might be hesitant to travel because of their LGBTQ identity through their content.

They believe representation and support are the two main aspects of helping someone accept themselves and the LGBTQ community.

Contact Gabi and Shanna

8. Jess Guilbeaux (@jesslayica)

With more than 125K followers on Instagram, Jess is a black lesbian influencer. She is a speaker, a successful model, and an activist.

Jess is well-known for her commentaries on LGBTQ-related matters, such as mental health and self-compassion. She is an enthusiastic voice in the community on some matters.

Her appearance in episode 5 of the Netflix series Queer Eye aided her in getting considerably more visibility. This makes her a valuable LGBTQ influencer for brands wanting to speak about social issues.

Collaborate with Jess

9. Lisa and Bianca (@lisbia_bianca)

Based in Austria, Lisa and Bianca, also known as lesbians, are undoubtedly one of the hottest lesbian influencers on Instagram, with 113K followers.

Now they showcase their beautiful love story to the world, inspiring LGBTQ people worldwide and proving love is love.

Invite Lisa and Bianca

10. Jessi and Millie (@jessi_and_millie)

Introducing themselves as queer mums, Jessi and Millie are one of the first lesbian influencers on Instagram who has 59K followers.

They got married in 2019, and after a few years, they are now foster parents and recently welcomed their first-born baby, Tide, into the world.

Talk to Jessi and Millie

Top 10 bisexual Influencers to Follow

Now let’s meet some of the top bisexual influencers on Instagram.

1. Dodie Clark (@doddleoddle)

Dodie is a British singer-songwriter who came out as bisexual in 2017. Her music discusses her experiences with her sexuality, detailing her romantic endeavors with both men and women. With 1.1M followers on Instagram, this bisexual influencer shows her adoring fans her experiences while on tour and photos with her other LGBTQ influencer friends.

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2. Blair Imani (@blairimani)

Mostly known for writing one of the best-selling books on LA Times, called ‘Read This to Get Smarter, Blair Imani is an author and educator on Instagram. She’s also an outspoken member of the black, Muslim, and bisexual communities. 

With over 592K followers, she is one of the most famous LGBTQ influencers on the list who has launched the micro-learning series ‘Smarter in Seconds’ on Instagram. Furthermore, she uses her YouTube channel to promote minority and feminist history to her viewers.

3. Shane Dawson (@shanedawson)

In 2015, YouTuber Shane Dawson gave in to rejected bisexuality and went public with his 7.5M subscribers on YouTube. With 8M followers on Instagram, he is a widely viewed bisexual influencer. Dawson has only opened up about his regretful split up with Lisa Schwartz after a high-profile breakup, so he has settled down with boyfriend Ryland Adams.

4. Billie Joe (@billiejoearmstrong)

The pioneer, alongside the lead vocalist of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, has also spoken out about his bisexuality. In 1995, he told the Advocate, “I think I’ve always been bisexual. I mean, it’s something I’ve always been interested in. I think people are born bisexual.” Fisher became happier advocating for the bisexual community after his revelation.

He is a famous singer and LGBTQ influencer with 2.7M followers on Instagram.

5. Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz)

Being a singer, musician, and a dancer shows that Jason is totally an artist. Since he is a great dancer, he can stay on the list of top dance influencers on Instagram

Jason is one of the best bisexual influencers who doesn’t care what others think about his character. He is fine with who he is and has as many as 1M followers who also love his personality. 

6. RJ Aguiar (@damnitrj)

This LGBTQ influencer dedicates a large part of his work to advocating for the Bi community and helping everyone live a more ‘enhanced’ life. 

With 59.8K followers on Instagram, RJ has successfully landed many brand deals, most of which have to do with clothing. 

RJ also has his own YouTube channel, where he creates various videos on different topics.

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7. Jonatha Ness (@jvn)

Jonathan has been openly gay his whole life and has been bullied for being a woman throughout his childhood. A well-known figure in the LGBTQ+ community and admired by many other LGBTQ influencers, he now hosts his podcast, “Getting Curious with Jonathan Ness.”

Currently, Jonathan has 5.7M followers on Instagram where he usually shares about his daily life, especially his love of fashion.

Work with Jonatha

8. Travon Free (@travon)

A basketball player in college and a successful actor at the moment, Travon is one of the best LGBTQ influencers on the list. He is a comedian and a writer who dedicated a complete informative article to share his experience as a bisexual man, and won an Emmy Award in 2015. Travon has 245K followers on his Instagram where he talks about daily news. 

9. Stephanie Beatriz (@stephaniebeatriz)

With 2.4M IG followers, Stephanie is one of the most famous LGBTQ influencers who is most widely known for her role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her Instagram account is heavily tinged with photos of her and her dogs.

10. Loreen (@loreenofficial)

Known as the winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen appeared on television and identified herself as a bisexual, stating, “Sexuality is such an important part of human nature that many people are fixated on it. People often overlook love.” She is a well-known artist on our list of top LGBTQ Instagram influencers, with 738K followers.

Top 10 Transgender Influencers You Need to Follow

Trans influencers are so popular on social media because they open a new perspective to the world of diversity. Here, we introduce some of them. 

1. Miss Peppermint (@peppermint247)

The actor and singer, Peppermint is a favorite of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Many of her acting performances are aspirational and popular. Her glamor shots are daring and innovative. 

She is all over social media, particularly on Twitch and Youtube, where she discusses trans rights and backs BLM. With around 697K followers on Instagram, she is one of the best transgender influencers on the list.

2. Charlie Craggs (@charlie_craggs)

Creator, activist, and actor Charlie is one of the best-known transgender influencers in the UK. Craggs gained recognition for launching her campaign, Nail Transphobia, which provided free manicures to attendees, inviting them to converse with a transgender person, reducing transphobia, and fostering interactions.

With over 62.8K followers on Instagram, Charlie uses her wit, eloquence, and humor to share stories from her life and battle with transphobia there. Craggs is also the editor of a collection of essays called ‘To My Trans Sisters.’  The book includes quotes from politicians, musicians, and models who impart their wisdom on transitioning into womanhood.

Connect with Charlie

3. Kenny Ethan Jones (@kennyethanjones)

Kenny Ethan Jonas is a trans influencer who focuses on various subjects, including body politics, mental health, and intimate relationships. With his focus on transgender equality, Jonas has been willing to educate himself and actively communicate on social media to address questions and concerns around the transgender community. He has 83K followers on his Instagram.

Connect with Kenny

4. Chella Man (@chellaman)

The artist and model, Charismatic Chella is a notable LGBTQ influencer who deftly translates popular American music into sign language on his YouTube account, which has thousands of viewers.

This successful model and actor also advocates on behalf of the Chinese-American culture and deaf community. He also models for Calvin Klein’s one-of-a-kind collection.

5. Hawk Snipes (@bhawksnipes)

This black trans influencer is a quotient of fashion and glamour, on and off the runway inspiring 36K followers on Instagram. You’ll mainly spot her hosting LGBTQ events, groups, and rallies.

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6. Munroe Bergdorf (@munroebergdorf)

Based in the UK, Munroe is among the first transgender influencers and models. She shares images of her fashion shots and views on global politics and social unrest issues. Munroe Bergdorf is not afraid to call a spade a spade! When she openly criticized L’Oreal in 2017.

Due to her comments on racism, she got chucked out of one of their campaigns. Later L’Oreal offered her a spot on their diversity board which she politely welcomed as she said sharing her views on a campaign for black, queer, and trans models was much more critical for her. Munroe now has 554K followers on Instagram. 

Connect with Munroe

7. Alysse Dalessandro (@readytostare)

Plus-size model and traveler, Alysse is a famous LGBTQ influencer who uses her website and Instagram to campaign for LGBTQ rights. She never shies away from taking on issues relating to LGBTQ advocacy. 

Furthermore, she celebrated International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Bisexuality with powerful arguments. She addressed the issues faced by transgender individuals in day-to-day life and their daily struggles. Alysse has 148K followers on Instagram.

Collaborate with Alysse

8. Charlie Allan (@charlieallan164)

Scottish LGBTQ influencer Charlie has around 47K IG followers and a following of more than half a million on TikTok alone due to his honest and funny transition documentation, including his experience of gender-affirming surgery, HRT, and providing a space to demystify people’s understanding of transitioning. 

Collaborate with charlie

9. Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock)

Passionate about fitness, fashion, and travel, Bretman is a transgender influencer, with almost 19M followers on Instagram. He has also joined Nike’s #betruecampaign to entertain audiences with unboxing videos and skits on his YouTube channel.

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10. Lex Horwitz (@lex_horwitz)

Lex is a trans influencer and activist in the LGBTQ+ community. He hopes to spread awareness about the difference between gender identity and gender expression through his Instagram profile, with 15K followers.

In addition to being an activist and educator, Lex is a model for LGBTQ-friendly brands and has collaborated with the clothing brands Berries and Camouflaged.

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Top 10 Queer Influencers on Instagram

The last group of LGBT influencers are Queers. Let’s know some of the top influencers in this category.

1. Pattie Gonia (@pattiegonia)

The creative artist, Pattie is among the most popular LGBTQ influencers. Equally important, Pattie is a queer drag queen environmentalist building a community for LGBTQ folks, allies, and the planet. 

What started as a fun drag costume on a hiking trail turned into a platform of over 596K followers who care about coming together in the name of intersectional environmentalism.

2. Skyler Jay (@trans.ginger)

With almost 53K followers on Instagram, Skylar Jay is one of the queer influencers, activists, and speakers. On his Instagram account, he talks about rights related to the LGBTQ+ community while also having an epic fashion and beauty sense. He also helped run Pink Sofa Series and created scholarships for gender-confirming surgeries.

Collaborate with Skyler

3. Maya/Sebastian Noir (@cosmicphenomenon)

Maya/Sebastian is a trans/nonbinary/bigender who advocates for the queer. On his Instagram account, where he has 35.4K followers, you’ll get to see a lot of honesty and vulnerability, like showing scars of the surgery, playful videos, and loving shots of vacation with his partner. 

Connect with Noir

4. Anna Zoe (@annazoequirke)

Anna is one of the lesser-known LGBTQ influencers who have spoken on mental health issues and eating disorders. She identifies herself as a queer femme and has many photos of the vibrant colored outfits and her impeccable style on her Instagram handle.

This nano influencer shares her experiences as an autistic person and talks about her recovery from eating disorders. She even offers hope through her social media handles for autistic individuals like her. Her tips for neurotypical people to help them handle neurodivergent people are handy among her followers. 

Talk to Anna

5. Erika Hart (@ihartericka)

The list would be incomplete without including Erika as one of the most famous LGBTQ influencers. She is a breast cancer survivor and posts her mastectomy scars very confidently. She is a black queer and non-binary femme who encourages individuals to come out and talk about their experiences and creates equality and support for all.

On her Instagram account, with 462K followers, she shares information about different genders, races, sex identities, and health. She motivates black women to break the norms and inspire people just as they are.

6. Char Ellesse (@ellessechar)

Unapologetically herself, Char uses her profile to raise awareness of both LGBTQ+ and racial inequality, alongside sharing her day-to-day life with her 60K followers. Check out her profile for real, honest content that shines the light on topics we all need to discuss more. 

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7. Lindsay Cale (@lindscale)

Lindsay is a gender non-conforming queer whose passion lies at the intersection of travel, food, and androgynous style. She firmly believes that food is a love language and fully understands a new culture you must taste. Lindsay is best described as an adventure-seeking introvert with no sense of direction.

According to this queer influencer, travel is possible for gender non-conforming people, and Lindsay wants everyone to know that your gender expression doesn’t have to limit your travels. She is a nano influencer with 5.5K followers on Instagram.

Collaborate with Lindsay

8. Jenna Howieson (@thejennaway)

Traveling the world is what Jenna is passionate about. She is a Scottish LGBTQ influencer and LGBT+ activist. By day she works at Skyscanner in inclusion and diversity. By night she’s a blogger, explorer, and photographer. She has been creating content for about three years around the travel and queer issues niche.

Although she has just started, she is getting more followers each day and currently has 4K followers on Instagram.

9. Marquis Neal (@marquimode)

With a great sense of humor and passion for fashion, Marquis is an LGBTQ influencer, model, and fashion creator. His content includes loads of ‘get ready with me’ videos and outfits of the day, all tracked with irresistible pop music and bright colors. And the greatest thing is his smiling face that makes the videos more fun. 

He has around 122K followers on Instagram, where he brings much-needed representation to social media for queer men of color and brings together ‘big babes who like to get dressed.’

10. ALOK (@alokvmenon)

The macro influencer, Alok is a non-binary author, speaker, comedian, and activist with 1.3M engaged followers on Instagram. They created #DeGenderFashion, a movement to de-gender fashion and beauty products, which has inspired broad discussions concerning gender, beauty, and culture.


The LGBTQ community is full of talented and influential people who use Instagram to share their stories and connect with others. These LGBTQ influencers are changing the social media landscape and helping to make the world more inclusive. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to learn more about the gay influencers, bisexuals, lesbian influencers, queers, and generally LGBTQ community, be sure to follow these amazing people on Instagram.

Additionally, if you look for LGBTQ influencers for collaboration, do not hesitate to join Ainfluencer, as it can help you quickly find the person who matches your business and preferences. 


1- What Does LGBTQ+ Mean? 

The acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. At times, a Q will be added for Queer.

2- Who Was the First Openly Gay Artist? 

In the 1960s, many music artists experimented with androgyny and sexual fluidity. Meanwhile, in 1973, a music performer with the stage name Jobriath became the first counter-culture celebrity to be elected to a major record label after presenting himself as outrageously excessive.

3- What Are Some Successful Collaborations Between LGBTQ Influencers and Brands?

There are many examples of successful collaborations between LGBTQ influencers and brands, especially during Pride Month, when many brands show their support and celebrate the diversity and inclusion of the LGBTQ community, including:

DKNY #DKNYSTATEOFMIND campaign. This company collaborated with six LGBTQ influencers to showcase their stories and perspectives. 
Adidas partnered with LGBTQ influencers and athletes, to create a Pride collection that celebrates the diversity and creativity of the LGBTQ community.
Kay Jewelers teamed up with LGBTQ influencers and content creators to create a series of videos that celebrate love and inclusivity.

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