35 French Fashion Influencers To Inspire You In 2023

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Everyone knows that France is the epicenter of the fashion world. Here are some of the most influential people in French fashion who can help you develop new ideas for your wardrobe or negotiate a lucrative influencer marketing contract. 

We’ve compiled a list of both micro influencers and macro influencers for you to contact first thing in the morning.

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  1.  Taking a look at the most popular French fashion influencer-related hashtags like #fashion, #fashionblogger, #fashioninsta, #france, #francesinha #francestyle and more.
  1.  Browsing “Location” tags to look for French influencers in a specific location.
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35 French Fashion Influencers To Inspire You 

We have put up an impressive list of the top 35 French fashion influencers you should certainly follow to inspire you:

1. Benji Samat (@benji_samat) 

Benji is one of the best French influencers to follow on instagram right now. He co-founded a fitness app called “Fitaya,” which is available across all platforms. You will mostly see him with his gorgeous wife on his Instagram feed. He has over 2.5M followers on Instagram as of this moment. He currently resides in Dubai.

Collaborate with Benji

2. Marion Moretti (@marioncameleon) 

Marion Moretti is one of the top French beauty influencers, makeup artists, and YouTubers in the French influencer market. Marion spends much of her time making fantastic and original videos for her 751K+ Instagram followers.

Get in touch with Marion

3. Deborah (@deborah_hbr)

Deborah is a fitness enthusiast in addition to being a renovator. She frequently shares images of herself in workout attire and the houses she and her husband are remodeling. On Instagram, she is followed by more than 67K people.

Contact Deborah

4. Meryl Denis (@meryldenis)

Meryl Denis is not your typical female French model. In addition, she is a mother. Meryl has a lot of French street-style blog entries on her Instagram. Whether it’s a sparkling dress or a pair of jeans, she looks fantastic in everything she wears. There are more than 176K  people who follow her.

Get in touch with Meryl

5. Fanny (@fanamss)

There is no better French influencer than Fanny, and if you adore sneakers, you’ve found your match. If you want to get some ideas for your French street style blog, Fanny is one of the top French influencers to follow. She wears a lot of French aesthetic outfits on her page. She has more than 245K followers on Instagram and more than 160K on Tiktok.

Reach Fanny now

6. LookBookAly (@lookbookaly) 

LookBookAly is one of the hottest French models today and a popular French fashion blogger. Her Instagram feeds consist of a variety of French aesthetic outfits. 

You’ve met your match if you’ve been looking for a French influencer to help you with your French street-style blog. As of right now, she has over 313K followers on Instagram.

Text LookBookAly

7. Camelia Bourbon (@rastacame) 

Among French models, Camelia is one of the most desirable. She has you covered whether you’re looking for inspiration for French street-style ensembles or even for luxury, sparkling clothing. There are more than 77K people that follow her on Instagram.

Talk to Camelia

8. Sarah Lopez (@sarahlopezoff)

A leading figure in the French influencer industry is Sarah Lopez. In addition to having more than 1.6M followers, she is also the owner of her skincare brand. Her Instagram account features a lot of outfits that have a French aesthetic.

Partner with Sarah

9. Jerome C (@jerome.c_) 

In the world of men’s fashion in France, Jerome is an iconic French influencer. He frequently works as a model for the Mercedes-Benz Perfume Company. He also specializes in the television production industry. He has more than 46K people following him on Instagram. As indicated in his bio, he is also an enthusiastic traveler.

Invite Jerome to collab

10. Lisa (@lisa_brhd)

Lisa is a beautiful example of French influence. She designs her line of jewelry and bikinis. You should check out her profile if you find yourself longing for the carefree spirit of summer, as most of her postings include her posing in a bikini by the sea or a pool. As of right now, she has more than 106K followers.

Collaborate with Lisa

11. Tommy (@tomgraaam) 

Tommy is currently working as a model while still residing in Sydney. If you are interested in viewing pictures of some of the hottest French models, you should unquestionably look at Tommy’s Instagram feed. At this time, he has more than 75K followers.

Get in touch with Tommy

12.  Loélia CF (@littlemissinparis.fr) 

Loélia CF is a French influencer you should consider if you want your next French aesthetic outfit to be inspired by the French aesthetic. In addition to renting out her vacation home, she runs her own ceramics business under her brand name. The most beautiful things she publishes online are pictures of her vacation home and her clothing. At this time, she has more than 29K followers.

Connet with Loélia

13. Comptoir des Cotonniers (@comptoirdescotonniers) 

The Comptoir des Cotonniers is a well-known French clothing company and brand. Check out their page if you’re looking for French fashion bloggers to follow, as you should do so right now. Their clothing is inspired by women’s fashion in France. They have around 196K people following them.

Reach Comptoir des Cotonniers

14. Sarah Manoury (@sarahmnry)

Sarah is a French influencer who presently resides in the city of Boston. At Harvard Medical School, she is a Harvard trainee. However, it is clear from her page that she has a deep passion for the fashion industry. Her posts are all about her well-put-together wardrobe. She has a following of over 7K people.

Talk to Sarah now

15. Marine (@marinebcql) 

Marine is not your usual French fashion blogger; instead, she is an authentic native of France. She not only publishes images of her ensembles with French taste but also posts breathtaking pictures of the places she travels to. She has a following of around 12K people.

Partner with Marine

16. Alice (@thehappyalice) 

Not only does Alice go on exciting adventures, but she also shares breathtaking photos of her outfits on her Instagram feed. Her Instagram feed is decorated in a warm and breezy style. At this time, she has more than 15K followers.

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Invite Alice to Collab

17. Camille Charriere @camillecharriere)

Camille Charriere is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in French fashion today. She has more than 1.3M followers on Instagram, and her feed features a wide variety of stunning outfit combinations in a variety of fashion styles. She is also a contributing editor for Elle UK. Additionally, she discusses her ADHD on her very own podcast.

Talk to Camille Charriere

18. Anna (@annacossack) 

Anna also works as a model and is represented by a modeling agency. She is a French fashion blogger who enjoys the finer things in life and has an adventurous lifestyle filled with travel. She has more than 60K people following her.

Tap to contact Anna

19. Claire Shado (@claireshado_) 

Your go-to when it comes to French influencers in the fashion industry is Claire Shado. Her Instagram page is filled with jaw-dropping photographs of the places she visits and the stylish ensembles she wears. On Instagram, she has 89.7K followers, and she has more than 200K subscribers on YouTube. 

Talk to Claire now

20. Mathilde (@bymathilde_ytb) 

The aesthetic of a pleasant and sunny day can be found throughout Mathilde’s Instagram profile. She is also the person who created the business WakaBoat. She has more than 26K people following her on Instagram. Be sure to check out her Instagram because the pics there give off a chill vibe, and you can find her there.

Partner with Mathilde

21. Gaëlle Prudencio (@gaelleprudencio) 

Gaëlle Prudencio is the right girl if you are looking for some body positivity. One of the most significant French cultural influencers today is Gaelle Prudencio. Not only is she a key element of the fashion industry, but she is also the author of her very own book. 

If you’re looking for a reason to crack a smile when scrolling through your Instagram feed, then you should most definitely visit her page. She has more than 70K people following her. 

Connect with Gaëlle

22. Tom (@young.gent)

Tom is going to establish himself in the fashion world in France as one of the most successful male fashion influencers. He has a lot of interesting things posted on his Instagram account, and he gives off the impression of being gorgeous. On Instagram, he already has more than 12.4K followers, but you should be warned that figure is going to skyrocket very quickly.

Get in touch with Tom

23. Anais (@anaisdiary) 

Another French influencer, Anais, shares a passion for both fashion and travel. She was born and raised in Paris. Follow Anais if you want your Instagram feed to have a dreamy feel aesthetic, which you should do if you are seeking something like that. She has more than 10K people following her on Instagram. Her choice of clothing is always spot-on.

Talk to Anais right now

24. Melle Audrey (@mademoiselleaudrey)

Melle Audrey is a French influencer, blogger, and content creator who has been active in the industry since 2009. She is quite enthusiastic about many things, including traveling, fashion, food, and cosmetics. Melle has a following of more than 49K people. The content she posts on Instagram covers a wide range of topics.

Partner with Melle

25. Valentin Leonard (@valentinleonard) 

Valentin Leonard is a French influencer. Additionally, he is a family man, having a family of his own. He is an icon of French male fashion blogging and a travel influencer

His Instagram account has more than 593K followers. As can be seen, a great number of people hold a deep affection for him. Valentin Leonard is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a man who can warm your heart.

Contact with Valentin

26. Cécile (@cecile.na) 

On her account, you can see some of the most uplifting photographs that Cécile has taken of herself. She has more than 32K people following her on Instagram. You may see more breathtaking images of her and the aesthetic of her outfits on her Instagram account. 

Text Cécile right now

27. Marius (@truemarius) 

Marius is a charming French influencer who lives in Amsterdam. What could be better than the fact that he works out and is a filmmaker? In addition to that, he produces his own podcast. He could be mentioned as a fitness influencer. He currently has 13K followers, but we expect that figure to increase very quickly. If he really wanted to, he could shake up the French men’s fashion sector game.

Get in touch with Marius

28. Rebecca Plotnick (@everydayparisian) 

Not only is Rebecca Plotnick a French influencer in photography, but she is also a writer, cook, and francophile. If you want to see pictures of Paris on a daily basis in your Instagram feed, she is the person to follow. At this time, Rebecca has 42K followers.

Invite Rebecca to collab

29. David Bonnefoi (@davidbonnefoi) 

Another French influencer to keep an eye on is David Bonnefoi, and you should definitely do so. You can see many selfies and photographs of his modeling on his Instagram account. 19.4K people are presently following him.

Talk to David

30. Tara Jarmon (@tarajarmon) 

Tara Jarmon is an iconic French influencer brand. They are a very well-known brand in Paris, and they have more than 192K followers, which is growing at an astounding rate. If you want to see some genuinely one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles, you should follow them.

Contact Tara to collab

31. Damien Cruzeiro (@damien_cruzeiro) 

Not only is Damien Cruzeiro a content creator and French influencer, but he is also a photographer. He is enthusiastic about men’s fashion, physical fitness, and traveling. On Instagram, he has more than 33K followers.

Reach Damien now

32. Fanny (@hello_faany) 

Fanny is a relative newcomer to the fashion industry in the French influencer field. The fact that she is new does not prevent her from being a successful French fashion blogger and creating great content. She has about 7K people now following her.

Collaborate with Fanny

33. Charlotte (@ig_chachachou) 

Charlotte is hardly a rookie when it comes to working in the field of French influencers. She currently has a following of approximately 70K people. She is an authentic French blogger specializing in fashion. She has over 2.9K posts showcasing her tastefully picked clothes.

Text Charlotte to collab

34. Sebastien Lopez (@onlyshun)  

Sebastien Lopez is a student of nursing in France, in addition to being a photographer and designer of different Instagram filters. The feed of Sebastien’s Instagram account is full of photographs of his modeling and aesthetically pleasing shots. He has the potential to quickly become the fashion industry’s next top French male fashion model. There are currently around 40K people who follow him.

Tap to contact Sebastien

35. Priscilla Mezzadri (@priscillamezzadri)

Despite the fact that Priscilla has a degree in law, she is widely regarded as one of the hottest French models working today. She is widely regarded as one of the most successful French fashion bloggers. She has more than 77K followers, and she collaborates with a variety of brands, including L’Officiel Lithuania.

Collaborate with Priscilla


In this post, we looked at the number of Instagram accounts on the subject of fashion and style to determine which of the 35 French influencers had the most influence to inspire you. 

1. Who are the top French influencers?

Here are some French fashions influencers to inspire you in 2022:
1. @benji_samat

2. Who is the most followed French person on Instagram?

The following are some of the most popular French influencers on Instagram:
Thylane ( @thylaneblondeau )  with 5.7M followers.
Séan Garnier (@seanfreestyle) with  5.6M followers.
Lori Harvey (@loriharvey) with 4.7M followers.
Ninho Sdt (@ninhosdt) with 4.3M followers.

3. Who is the most followed French person?

Kylian Mbappé.
Kylian Mbappé, a forward for Paris Saint-Germain of Ligue 1 and the France national football team, is the most influential person in France. Even more so than any American musician or socialite, he has a massive fan base in France. He has more than 72.7 million followers on Instagram alone.

4. What is French style fashion?

Regarding women’s fashion, the French approach is one of understated refinement. It is characterized by using simple colors and shapes and focusing on classic design elements. Effortless elegance and ease go hand in hand when imagining a French girl’s wardrobe. There should be no skintight outfits or sky-high heels.

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