Music Marketing Strategies You Need To Check In 2024

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Nowadays, music marketing is not like before, and artists can start advertising for themselves and gain fans. You no longer need lots of money and a large budget to work with famous companies for advertising. If you are looking for effective strategies for marketing music, we have your answer. 

In this blog, we will introduce you to some easy but effective strategies that you can use to become known as a professional musician. We will also introduce you to a safe platform for working with music influencers and speeding up your growth. 

What Is Music Marketing?

Before discussing music marketing strategies, we need to understand music marketing. With the rise of technology and social media influencers, there are new opportunities for musicians and artists to grow. Music marketing includes all the strategies you can use to promote your music and advertise to connect with the audience. 

Various tactics can be categorized under music marketing; they aim to help you grow your fan base as an artist. As a beginner, you probably don’t have a chance to work with a music publicist. But you can start marketing in the music industry till known companies notice you.

Music Marketing Strategies

Old methods have changed; today, you don’t need music marketing companies to grow. Here are some simple steps you can do to increase your listeners, 

1. Create A Website

Having a website is essential if you want to be known as a professional artist and start your music marketing online. Fans can check the latest news, download and listen to your tracks, buy products, and buy show tickets. 

2. Create Social Media Accounts

We are all familiar with the role of social media platforms in our lives and how people use them every day to share photos and videos. Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are mostly known for their trends, which makes them perfect places for organic music marketing. 

Musicians can use this platform to market their music and attract new fans. Choose the platforms that you enjoy and start creating high-quality videos using your music as the soundtrack. Don’t forget to look for popular hashtags and use them to increase engagement on your videos. 

It might take time for users to notice your sound, but once they start using it in their content, you will see quick growth. So, we recommend implementing this marketing music strategy ASAP. 

3. Collaborate With Professionals

After establishing your presence on social media, you can use an effective hack to speed up your growth. Collaborating with social media influencers is a great music marketing strategy that allows you to gain more followers, leading to more fans. Social media influencers have many followers, and their videos receive a high engagement. 

You can find the right creators active in your niche and ask them to use your music in their videos. They can include your website link on their bios to drive traffic to your website. If you don’t know how to find Instagram influencers for music and level up your digital music marketing game, don’t worry. Ainfluencer is here to help you. 

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How To Find Music Influencers?

Ainfluencer is a free influencer marketing platform that is designed to connect social media influencers with everyone who wants to collaborate with them in a safe interface. This platform has an AI-powered search engine that allows you to search among more than 500,000 Instagram and TikTok influencers based on filters such as niche, budget, language, location, etc.

Ainfluencer Homepage
Ainfluencer Homepage

You can check each creator’s profile, view their past collaborations, and chat with them. To make sure you get the results you want, Influencer will keep your money safe with its trust escrow system. Once you receive the results on your page or website, the Influencer will give the money to the influencer. 

If you have any issues or problems, you can receive a full refund. Also, Influencer doesn’t charge any additional fees, and you can use all these features for free. So, if you are ready to enhance your social media marketing for music, sign up free on Ainfluencer.

4. Play Live

If you already have fans in your location, it’s time for some organic music marketing by playing live. Live performances are an excellent way to showcase your talent, build a fanbase, and promote your music career. Make sure to announce your shows at least a week before on your social media channel. 

During and after the show, interact with the audience, thank them for coming, and encourage them to follow your social media accounts. Live shows are also an excellent opportunity to sell your music merchandise. You can make T-shirts and signed albums and take photos with your fans for your music marketing. 

5. Join Professional Platforms

While TikTok is a great place for social media music marketing since everything can go viral there, more is needed. Platforms like Spotify and YouTube are where most people check the latest music. So, after gathering a fanbase, it’s time to join YouTube and Spotify and create a music player. 

6. Create High-Quality Music Video

Nothing can engage your YouTuber subscribers and followers more than an engaging music video. If you have enough money, you can work with professional artists, write a scenario related to your song, and film it. Share this video on your YouTube channel and ask your collaboration partners to link to it. 

7. Send Your Music To Playlist Curators And Press Outlets

To attract more listeners, promote your music on other channels and social accounts. To save time, you can send your music to press and playlist curators or use a service like Groover. 

On Groover, music curators and professionals listen to your track, respond with feedback, and share the tracks with blogs, radios, labels & Spotify playlists.


Music marketing strategies have changed significantly with the rise of technology and social media platforms. Nowadays, artists can market their music and connect with their audience without spending a lot of money to work with famous companies.

 Additionally, platforms like Ainfluencer can be used to connect with influencers and professionals and level up your advertising. You can sign up for Ainfluencer for free now and contact influencers in your niche.


1. How To Get Into Music Marketing?

If you see talent in yourself to sing or play any instrument, you can start music marketing and share your talent with music lovers. Here are some simple strategies to try:
Create A Website
Create Social Media Accounts
Collaborate With Professionals
Play Live
Join Professional Platforms
Create High-Quality Music Video

2. What Does Music Marketing Do?

Music marketing includes all the strategies you can use to establish yourself as a known musician. It can include collaborating with social media influencers, professional music figures, and known companies. 


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