What Is A Social Media Takeover: Guidelines and Benefits in 2024

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Have you ever heard anything about social media takeovers? What is a good one, and how can it benefit your brand in a win-win situation? 

A well-run social media takeover can simply benefit your brand through experiential marketing. This article will give you a guide and examples of how to have the best one.

What Is A Social Media Takeover?

As you might guess from the meaning, it’s a situation when somebody takes over something.

Now, when a person, usually an influencer, brand ambassador, or someone who knows everything about social media platforms, temporarily ‘takes over’ a brand or another person’s social media account and posts content or answers DMs on their behalf, that is what we call a ‘social media takeover.’

Social media takeovers are typically a form of influencer marketing. They are best used to participate in social media events and campaigns. Furthermore, they will help brands boost their engagement and increase their awareness.

 Benefits of Social Media Takeovers

Now that you know what a social media takeover is, you may want to know how it can benefit your brand. Here are some examples of why your brand should use this influencer marketing strategy

  • New Perspective:  Social media takeovers bring creativity, a new perspective, and a unique style. Having fresh and engaging content will not only help you overcome your challenges but will also provide your audiences with an engaging online experience.
  • Gain New Followers: One of the most important benefits of a social media takeover is gaining more followers, not just any followers but the ones who will purchase products and services. A social media takeover will expose your brand to your ideal customers.
  • Building Reliability: These days, people trust influencers more than anything. Once you have an influencer as your brand’s social media takeover, you’ll have a way to connect your audiences to your brand. 

How to Do A Social Media Takeover?

Social media takeovers can help you grow your brand, but first, you must know how to create a social media account. Here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Have Clear Goals

First, you must clarify things for yourself and know your expectations of a social media takeover. Whether your goal is to increase your brand awareness, reach a new audience, or boost your social media brand, having clear goals will make it easy for your brand to run a good social media takeover campaign. Here are some main goals for managing your campaign.

  • Be Realistic: Don’t set your expectations too high. Remember, anything is possible, even failure.
  • Move-in Details: Don’t forget to specify your brand needs and clear your campaign’s metrics. Make sure you have everything in detail.
  • Relevant Niche: Your social media takeover must relate to your niche and overall business goal.
  • Deadlines: Have a specific time for each of your goals and set deadlines for your team.
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2. Choose Your Platform

Make sure to specify your brand on one platform. In that case, you need to choose whether you want to expand your brand through Instagram, Facebook, or other social media marketing. Then, you need to hire a social media takeover.

Please note that having one social media takeover for several platforms is wrong. If you want to expand your brand through multiple platforms, you must hire several takeovers. 

3. Set Up Your Permissions

To manage your social media takeover, you need to set up your content posting permission. There are two types of permission: full or limited access to your takeover. Here’s how to set up your permissions.

  • Full Access: This should only happen when you fully trust your takeover. In this case, you will give all of your passwords to your takeover along with full access. Therefore, your takeover will not ask for your permission to post content. In one word, you’ll give your takeover full access. 
  • Limited Access: You should give your takeover limited access. In this case, your social media takeover must ask for your permission to post content. This method is great for businesses wanting more control over their social media accounts. The takeover will create your content, prepare your caption, and await your approval.

4. Find The Right Takeover

Choosing the right social media takeover can directly affect your account. Brands and companies usually choose influencers for partnerships. The reason is obvious: influencers have more loyal audiences related to your niche. To find the right takeover, create a list of the best influencers.

Once you have found your social media takeover, research their past collaborations, followers engagement, and followers.

How to Find The Right Social Media Takeover

As previously explained, finding the right social media takeover can be quite effective. However, as a brand, you might not have the time to look for the right takeover. In this scenario, you need someone to handle everything for you.

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Now that you know everything about social media takeovers and their examples, you should know that running one will increase your brand awareness and the number of your followers. Having a responsible one can be quite effective.  


1. What Is an Instagram Takeover?

An Instagram takeover is whenever a brand works with an influencer, creator, or another brand, who will ‘take over’ posting on the account for a set period.

2. What Is A Social Media Takeover?

A social media takeover is a collaborative marketing strategy where an individual, such as an influencer, celebrity, or brand ambassador, temporarily takes control of a brand’s social media accounts.


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