Marketing to Gen Z: [Proven Strategies & Practices in 2024]

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How do we target our marketing to Gen Z? Targeting Generation Z in marketing requires a unique approach because they differ from older generations. 

Generation Z, aka ‘Zoomers,’ is a special young people born after 1997.

They’re very good with technology, care about important issues, are value-driven, and appreciate authenticity. We need to change our e-commerce marketing strategies to attract their attention. In this guide, we’ll explain the best Gen Z marketing strategies. Here’s the why, what, and how of marketing to Gen Z.

Let’s get started!

Who Is Generation Z?

Gen Z comprises individuals born between 1997 and 2012, making the oldest members in their mid-twenties and the youngest nearing their tween years. Generation Alpha follows Gen Z.

Zoomers are super used to technology because they grew up with it. They’ve been using the internet, phones, social media, and even online shopping since they were kids. They’re good at finding information and can move between the online and offline worlds.

Marketers are trying hard to figure out how to sell to Gen Z because old-fashioned brand advertising isn’t suitable. But it’s daunting because Gen Z pays attention and spends money in new ways compared to older generations. Moreover, they care about finding the truth. They’re good at looking up information and checking different sources to discover what’s true. So, the brand owners can’t exaggerate! 

Marketing to Gen Z vs. Millennials

Marketing to Gen Z and Millennials requires understanding their different habits and preferences.

1. Consumption Habits

Gen Z, who grew up with smartphones and social media, prefers short, visually appealing content accessed through mobile devices. They spend a lot of time on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Millennials also use digital media but might still appreciate traditional formats.

2. Content Preferences

Gen Z has a shorter attention span and likes quick, entertaining content. They trust brands that show real people in ads and value authenticity and transparency. Millennials also value authenticity but might engage with longer content.

3. Influencer Preferences

Both Millennials and Gen Z like influencer marketing, but they like different things. Millennials usually like big influencers or famous people, while Gen Z prefers smaller influencers or regular people who share their values and lifestyle.

4. Communication Channels

Gen Z prefers instant messaging for communication, while Millennials might still use email. In terms of engagement, Gen Z likes interactive experiences like games, while Millennials may prefer events or branded content.

When marketers understand this, they try different Gen Z marketing strategies like social marketing to appeal to them. Let’s explore some of the best marketing tactics for this special generation!

Top Gen Z Marketing Strategies

Let’s talk about reaching out to Gen Z. We need to find marketing strategies to connect with them. Here is a list of the best Gen Z marketing strategies:

Marketing to Gen Z Strategies
Marketing to Gen Z Strategies

#1 Leverage Influencer Marketing

Using a Gen Z influencer marketing strategy to promote your brand is an important key to grab their attention. Collaborating with popular Instagram influencers can boost your brand awareness. Gen Z quickly buys something if an influencer they like recommends it. But how to find the best different types of influencers to team up with? 

Let’s explore the following platform that helps you in this regard!

Ainfluencer: Key Ingredient for Gen Z Influencer Marketing Strategy

Ainfluencer helps brands and influencers work together. It’s like a matchmaking service. Brands can find influencers they like without paying anything upfront. They can start campaigns and chat with influencers to negotiate prices. Ainfluencer also keeps payments secure and offers tools like AI to find influencers and manage campaigns. 

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#2 Build Community

Gen Z likes to feel connected. Build a space where they can chat, share, and feel like part of your brand family. Let them be involved in shaping your brand’s story. Moreover, you can engage your audience with your brand by creating hashtags for Instagram Reels and asking them to share pictures of themselves using your products. Sharing their posts on your social media or website gives your brand more personality. Pretty straightforward, right? 😉

#3 Use a Clear Voice

Gen Z likes brands that are bold and fun. Use social media trends to crack jokes and show your brand’s personality. But keep up because trends change fast. Make sure your brand has its own distinct voice.

#4 Be Transparent And Accountable

Gen Z wants the truth, so be open and honest about your brand. If you mess up, admit it and show them you’re fixing it. They’ll respect you for it.

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#5 Use User-Generated Content

It works well with Zoomers. Studies show that almost most Gen Z are more likely to buy something if regular people show it. For example, if you’re selling travel products, show real travelers’ photos instead of fancy stock images.

You can do this by holding competitions or challenges or sharing what your customers say about your products. Using what your customers say in your marketing shows you care about their thoughts.

#6 Mobile Marketing for Gen Z

To attract Gen Z through mobile marketing, brands like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat should use the apps that Gen Z likes. They should make fun and exciting posts and videos, and they can include polls and special effects in their posts.

Moreover, it’s essential to make sure everything you create online works well on mobile. Your websites and apps should all be easy to use on phones of different sizes. It’s a must to design them to work on mobiles, load fast, and be easy to use with other apps. Also, adding augmented reality and virtual reality features can make them even more exciting for Gen Z, who love tech.

#7 Try Omni-Channel Marketing

But don’t forget about marketing in other places, too. Even though Gen Z uses their phones a lot, they still like going to real stores. In fact, many of them prefer shopping in stores rather than online. So, to reach Gen Z, brands should use different methods, such as social media, YouTube, email, and streaming sites.

#8 Be Entertaining

Now, let’s talk about making things exciting! Companies are getting creative, especially in the past years. They’re using digital games and fun features to get people involved. And guess what? Gen Z is loving it! 

#9 Create Short Video Content

Make short, fun videos for Gen Z! They don’t have long attention spans, so keep it brief and interesting. Use things like short videos, funny memes, or interactive stories. Make content like snacks quick and enjoyable. Use fantastic stories, jokes, and interesting content to market to Gen Z and grab their attention!

#10 Use Innovative Technology

To interest Gen Z, you need to use new technology. Things like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and interactive features can improve brand engagement. Try things like cool filters, fun product experiences, or virtual parties. Creativity gets people’s attention and makes your brand stick in their minds.

The Best Gen Z Marketing Campaigns

Here are some inspiring marketing campaigns aimed at Gen Z that worked efficiently.

1. Pepsi’s ‘My Music My Way’

Instead of relying on social media like many others, Pepsi took a different route to connect with Gen Z. They used music and podcasts in their ‘My Music My Way’ campaign to inspire young people to make their own music using Pepsi’s digital music platform. 

Gen Z loves listening to music and podcasts. They trust podcast ads and are big fans of expressing themselves through music. So, understanding what Gen Z cares about and finding ways to connect your brand with those values are important ingredients for succeeding in marketing to Gen Z.

2. AerieREAL

Aerie, part of American Eagle, is popular among Gen Z. Their AerieReal campaign promotes body positivity and diversity by featuring models of different shapes and colors without editing their photos. See one of the campaigns here:

Gen Z Marketing Campaign Example

Brands that embrace diversity are what Gen Z wants. American Eagle listens to young people’s opinions to understand what they want. And most Gen Z consumers trust companies more when they see real customers in ads.

3. ‘Supergucci’ by Gucci

Gucci wanted to stand out by entering the Metaverse, a virtual world. They were one of the first luxury brands to do this, releasing a collection of digital fashion items called ‘Supergucci‘ in collaboration with Superplastic. Since Gen Z loves tech, this move makes sense for Gucci.

Gucci marketing campaign

Gucci used TikTok, Gen Z’s favorite social commerce platform, and even adopted their slang to connect with them. This shows how to become a favorite brand among Gen Z.

To Wrap Things Up

Gen Z likes real and short videos, cares about important issues, and includes everyone. This makes marketing challenging but also a chance to connect with Gen Z. In this guide, we’ve explored the best Gen Z marketing strategies to help your brand do well with Gen Z.

And if you want to reach Gen Z, try using influencer marketing platforms like Ainfluencer. Join now to team up with influencers and connect better with Gen Z.


1. What Sets Gen Z Apart in Marketing Preferences?

Gen Z grew up in a digital world and liked realness, inclusivity, and brands that care about society. They prefer short videos and spend a lot of time on social media. They choose brands that share their values.

2. How Can Businesses Connect with Gen Z through Marketing?

Businesses can connect with Gen Z via digital platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Making real and exciting content that matches what Gen Z likes and cares about is important for getting their attention and making them like the brand.

3. What’s the Deal with Influencers in Gen Z Marketing?

Influencers, especially micro-influencers, are big in Gen Z marketing. Gen Z trusts real influencers who believe in the same things they do. Partnering with influencers can help businesses connect with Gen Z.

4. What Are Some Tips for Making the Best Gen Z Marketing Campaigns?

To create a successful Gen Z marketing campaign, focus on authenticity, use short videos, use content created by users, care about social issues, and interact with Gen Z on social media. Moreover, adapting to emerging Gen Z marketing trends is essential to staying relevant.


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