Top 20 Mexican TikTokers: Exploring the Colorful World of Mexican Influencers

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TikTok is the second most used platform in Mexico after Instagram. Since more users are testing TikTok in this country, Mexican TikTokers are getting more popular each day and trying to beat each other by sharing fun and creative content. Let’s see who are the most popular TikTokers in Mexico.

Since Instagram is more recognized in Mexico, we have created a list of top Mexican Instagram influencers to help you discover the right people to follow or collaborate with. However, most TikTokers are also famous members of other social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Therefore, it will be easy to find them on other platforms.

How to Find Mexican TikTokers to Collaborate? 

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The List of the Most Famous Mexican TikTokers 

From dance challenges to comic videos, these influencers have reached millions of followers on this popular social media platform. Let’s get to know them more.

1. Kimberly Loaiza -@kimberly.loaiza

Known as the most popular social media figure in Mexico, Kimberley Loaiza has 75M followers on TikTok. She is a singer and dancer, and accordingly, most of her videos are dancing challenges or lip-sync.

Moreover, Kimberly is married to another Mexican TikToker, Juan De Dios Pantojas, who is a singer. As a couple, they usually go on stage together, making them more popular among their fans. Since Kimberly is so into fashion, she can be a perfect brand ambassador for clothing companies.

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Kimberly Loaiza Mexican TikToker

2. Domelipa -@domelipa

With more than 66M followers, Domelipa is one of the most famous Mexican female TikTokers. She usually shares dancing videos with trending music. She is one of the prominent social media figures for brands. Until now, she has collaborated with different brands that are mainly in the field of fashion and cosmetics, like Charlotte Tilbury, which is a luxury cosmetic brand in the UK. 

mexican tiktokers

3. Darian Rojas -@darianrojasc

TikTok is not all about dancing videos. There are more creative people on this platform. Darian is among the most famous TikTokers, with up to 31M followers. She is primarily renowned for her comedy and fun videos. On the other hand, she is considered a fashion influencer and collaborates with top clothing brands like Levi’s.

Darian Rojas Tiktoker

4. Ricky Limon -@rickylemon99

Comedians usually get more followers on TikTok because most people would like to laugh and have fun watching comedy videos on social media. That’s why Ricky has 18.5 M followers on TikTok. Like other Mexican TikTokers, Ricky doesn’t think creating videos is enough for his followers. He is entirely aware of the trends and challenges, so he employs both in his content, which makes his content more fun and viral.

Ricky Limon

5. Fede Vigevani -@fedevigevani

Making people laugh is an art, and Fede is an expert in it. His TikTok channel has 17M followers, where he posts funny and comedy videos. As one of the most famous Mexican TikTokers, Fede still welcomes collaborating with other TikTokers. Moreover, this Mexican comedian is a perfect male fashion influencer who usually promotes clothing brands.

Fede Vigevani

6. Lily Garcia -@lilyxgarcia

As one of the famous Mexican girl TikTokers with 17M followers, Lily Garcia is known for her storytelling and comedy videos. She also has a dog who has many fans on her channel. Moreover, Lily’s hair color makes her more unique. That’s why she can be a perfect influencer for promoting haircare or hair dye products.

Lily Garcia

7. Tammy Parra -@tammy.parra

Makeup artists are so popular on social media. Whether on Instagram or TikTok, their tutorial videos always attract viewers. Tammy is also a famous Mexican girl TikToker who loves makeup videos. She usually works with other TikTokers to promote cosmetic products.

Tammy Para

8. Calixto Serna -@mexicocookingclub

Being a food blogger on social media is a bit tricky because you should be able to share cooking videos and give recipes, and at the same time, do this job as fun and creative as possible. That’s the challenging work Calixto decided to do on TikTok. He cooks Mexican foods for his 12M followers.

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Calixto Serna

9. ElMariana -@elmarianaa

Most Mexican TikTokers are so creative in content creation. ElMarianaa talks about the latest news with a bit of humor and creates pranks. Actually, humor is the prominent hashtag he uses for his posts. With 12M followers, this type of content seems appealing to his viewers.


10. Dani Valle -@danivallem

His motto is live, laugh, love; that’s why he has a TikTok channel: to make people laugh and stay positive. Dani is a comedian with 6M followers. All he wants to do is to create fun moments for his followers and make them laugh. He also has great stories for his videos, making him a creative storyteller.

Danny Vallem Mexican Tiktoker

11.Sabrina Quesada -@@sabquesada

Like most TikTokers, Sabrina shares dance clips too. However, she tries to make her videos a bit different. That’s why she usually shares POV videos. A POV (Point of View) video is where the camera is positioned to show the viewer what the person in the video is seeing and experiencing. That sounds interesting to her followers; now, she has 4.7M followers on her TikTok channel.


12. Annagrace -@ag.mcdaniel

With up to 2M followers, Annagrace is remembered for her skits and LGBT-related videos. She is passionate about basketball and loves dancing challenges. Because she doesn’t want to lose her fans on other social platforms, she is an active user of YouTube and Snapchat. 

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13. Kentaro -@kentaroyoneda

Social media can help you find out where to eat delicious food. That’s why food bloggers are so popular on TikTok and Instagram. Kentaro is one of the famous Mexican TikTokers who taste different cuisines and shares his opinion with his 516K followers.


14. Cesar Gastelum -@cesargastelum04

Some Mexican TikTokers are only famous for sharing their daily life. Cesar usually plays the guitar with his friends and sings cover songs, and that sounds interesting to his 504K followers on this platform. Furthermore, he participates in TikTok challenges and collaborates with other TikTokers too.

Cesar Graham

15. Odin Dupeyron -@odindupeyron

It’s time to know a Mexican TikToker who is a motivational speaker. In a world of war and sad news, people love to hear something pleasant and bring hope to their lives, and that’s what Odin does on his TikTok channel. Odin has 500K followers, and besides motivational speeches, he shares comedy videos to make people laugh. Moreover, Odin is a writer, actor, and well-known YouTuber with over 1.6M subscribers.

Odin Mexican TikToker

16. Diego de Jáuregui -@diegodejauregui

From dancing to cooking videos, you can find various types of content on Diego’s TikTok channel. However, he mostly likes creating fun videos, following trends, and participating in different challenges. Diego has 469K followers and is one of the famous Mexican TikTokers.

Diego de Jáuregui

17. Tatiana del Real -@tatsdelreal

Although she may not consider herself a fitness influencer, most of Tatiana’s posts show her doing workouts. However, she is an actress and musician with a musical group with her husband, Rodrigo de la Cadena. Tatiana has 496K followers on TikTok.

Tatiana Mexican TikToker

18. Sofia Salaz -@sofia.salaz

As a mom to two kids, Sofia still has much time to spend on TikTok and create fun videos for her 495K followers. Since she mostly posts makeup tutorials, she is considered a beauty blogger. Therefore, she usually promotes cosmetic products.

Sofia Salaz

19. Jacob Valencia -@jacobvalenciaoficial

If you have a great sense of humor, you can become a popular TikToker because most people like to have fun surfing this platform. That’s why Jacob has 498K followers on TikTok. He shares comedy and challenging videos. However, recently he has released a few songs and took one step closer to becoming a popular Mexican singer.

Jacob Mexican TikToker

20. Jessi banda -@jessi_banda

With 497 K followers, Jessi is a micro-influencer on TikTok. She is a comedian who creates funny videos. Furthermore, she participates in challenges and tries her best to reach more followers and become a mega influencer. However, some tricks can help you increase your followers on TikTok. Wonder how? Read about how to get free TikTok followers.

Jesse Banda TikTok Channel

Bottom Line 

As you can see, TikTok is popular in all countries, which makes it easier for businesses to find the right influencer in their area. Mexican TikTokers can receive offers from top brands and companies in their country or become their brand ambassador. Accordingly, TikTok and Instagram are two mutually-beneficial platforms for influencers and businesses.

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1- Who Is the Most Famous TikToker in Mexico?

There are lots of Mexican TikTokers who create different types of videos. But Kimberly Loaiza is currently the most famous Mexican TikToker with 75M followers. She is a singer and dancer. Additionally, her husband is also a well-known TikToker. That adds to her popularity because they usually sing together.

2- Who Is the Number 1 Influencer on TikTok?

Currently, Khaby is the most-followed TikToker with over 157 M followers. You can also read more about who has the most followers on TikTok. Additionally, Khaby is one of the well-known Italian influencers on Instagram too.

3- Is TikTok Popular in Mexico?

TikTok is getting more attention in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico. At the moment, TikTok has around 62.4 million users in this country, making it the fastest-growing social media platform in Latin America.


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