What Does NPC Stand for on TikTok in 2024

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Have you ever encountered phrases and words on TikTok that puzzled you? In the evolving world of TikTok, new terms and expressions regularly appear, adding to the platform’s unique charm and the creative imagination of its users. The NPC meaning TikTok is what we are going to discuss.  

While NPC has become one of the worldwide TikTok trends in today’s era, you might have some questions occupying your mind. Today, we will answer the question ‘What does NPC mean on TikTok?’ and discuss the NPC trend meaning on TikTok.

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What Does NPC Mean on TikTok?

The internet constantly rotates through trends. Recently, the focus has shifted from other trends on TikTok to pretending to be NPCs. But what is the NPC trend on TikTok?  

The NPC meaning TikTok stands for ‘Non-Player Character.’ In gaming, an NPC is a character controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence rather than a real player. On TikTok, the term is used as a metaphor to describe someone who acts predictably or mechanically, lacking individuality or independent thought. This term is typically used humorously to mock certain behaviors or attitudes observed in real life.

From male TikTokers to kid influencers the NPC trend on TikTok has caught the eye of many users. Creators, in particular, are showing a lot of interest. Some deeply into the NPC trend often focus on showing attractive creators following audience commands. But there’s debate about whether ‘obsession’ is the right word for it. People enjoy NPC content on TikTok for different reasons, like entertainment or love for cosplay and gaming styles.

Creators can even make money on TikTok by performing scripted lines and reacting to gifts purchased by fans, which are displayed as emojis. Despite the low cost for fans, creators can generate significant profits from large audiences and lengthy streams.

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What Characterizes NPC Behavior?

So far, we’ve discussed the NPC meaning on TikTok. Now, let’s delve into the behavior associated with this term on the platform. NPC-like behavior means acting very predictably, sticking to social rules without being unique.

 It’s when someone doesn’t have strong opinions and reacts in expected ways. Viral videos sometimes make fun of people for their scripted reactions, calling them ‘NPCs.’ People often use this term to criticize behavior in videos. 

NPC Live-Streams

Some may find offense and tackiness in being labeled as an NPC, but others embrace it. These individuals, known as NPC streamers, have gained popularity on TikTok Live. The trend started when a 27-year-old user from Montreal known as ‘pinkydollrea’ went viral in July 2023 for her uncanny portrayal of non-playable characters. 

She engages with her audience in real-time based on the gifts and TikTok coins she receives, delivering scripted phrases in a robotic manner like video game characters. 


The NPC meaning on TikTok has become widely known as a trend, extending beyond the gaming community. While TikTokers may portray acting like an NPC as enjoyable, it’s important to avoid casually labeling others with the term. So many creators on TikTok emphasize the potential harm of using such labels, as they can be demeaning, insensitive, and offensive, urging people to consider their impact before using them in real life.


1. What Does NPC Mean in Slang?

The NPC meaning on TikTok is short for non-player characters, as an internet meme that symbolizes individuals who don’t think independently or make their own choices. It’s often used to describe people who lack self-reflection or interpersonal skills.

2. Who Started the NPC Trend on TikTok?

Natuecoco, the original NPC livestreamer on TikTok, began the trend as a ‘thought experiment.’ Widely recognized for starting the trend, she began NPC livestreams in 2021, drawing inspiration from cosplay and art.


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