Top 10 Hottest TikTok Girls Ranked in 2024: [Must-Have List]

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TikTok is popular for sharing videos, especially among Generation Z. People post different things to get noticed, and some of the hottest TikTok girls use their looks to get more followers.

There’s a desire for the hottest TikTok girls to create appealing content and go viral on TikTok. These famous female TikTokers are seeking attention by creating sexy content and have gained a lot of followers as a result.

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In this article, we’ll provide a list of the hottest girls on TikTok to follow. Let’s get to know them!

List of Hottest TikTok Girls

If you’re a brand owner who wants to team up with famous female TikTokers to boost your brand awareness, check out the following list of sexy TikTok girls!

Let’s check the most-followed TikTok influencers one by one!

1. Charli D’amelio – (@CHARLIDAMELIO) (151.6M Followers)

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the ‘queen of TikTok’? The New York Times called Carlie the ‘queen of TikTok.’ She only started using TikTok in 2019 and became popular for her dance and lip-syncing videos on TikTok. 


im so excited for tonight!! its been so fun getting to dance with mark again and i cant wait for you all to see the dance weve been working on! airing at 8/7c on abc @Dancing with the Stars DWTS also link in bio for a little vlog of our prep! 🩷

♬ original sound – charli d’amelio

In addition, she participates in professional dance competitions, like the Diva Dance Competition in Hartford. Charli and her sister Dixie have a clothing line named ‘Social Tourist.’ Currently, she is one of the hottest TikTok girls, with over 151 million followers. Wow! 

2. Addison Rae – (@addisonre) (88.7M Followers)

She began using social media apps when she was young; now, over 88 million people follow her. Moreover, she is the hottest TikToker with more than 5 billion likes. The videos with her parents are the most popular ones which make her famous.

Addison was named as the highest-earning TikToker by Forbes in 2020. Then, she released her first song, ‘Obsessed,’ and started acting in ‘He’s All That’. Moreover, she appeared on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards in 2022 for the first time. As of 2022, her expected net worth is over $7 million. 

3. Loren Gray – (@LORENGRAY) (54.1M Followers)

She’s a model, singer, and famous on social media, especially TikTok, with over 54M followers. In 2022, Forbes said she’s the fourth-highest-earning TikTok star. She makes money from sponsorships, music, and selling stuff. Loren was also nominated for awards in 2016 and 2017. On TikTok, she posts fun videos of dancing and lip-syncing.

She got famous when she was 13, back when TikTok was called So far, she has made six songs and one brand collaboration with Revlon and appeared in three music videos like ‘Malibu.’ Just follow her to see more of how beautiful she is.

4. Kristen Hancher – (@kristenhancher) (23.3M Followers)

She’s a bit older than some others on our list. Kristen is among the hottest TikTok girls from Canada, with more than 23.3 million followers on TikTok. She also has a large following on YouTube and Instagram, making her a hot Instagram Influencer. Kristen is often energetic, and that’s why 4.7M people have followed her.

She often shares her singing and lively facial expressions, which makes her a fun and interesting TikToker. But her big break on TikTok goes back to when she posted the lip-syncing video to Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Regret In Your Tears’ in 2017. Kristen puts on a ‘Not-caring’ vibe to inform everyone it’s time to have a great time.

5. Danielle Cohn – (@daniellecohn) (19.2M Followers)

Dani is an American actress, female Instagram model, and influencer. She has a contract with Audity Music and gained a lot of attention after winning Miss Florida Jr. Preteen in 2014. Besides TikTok, she’s popular on YouTube and Twitter. She released a song called ‘Marilyn Monroe’ in 2017 and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award. How many followers does she have? 

At just 17 years old, she’s already become popular on TikTok with 19.2 million followers. That’s amazing! Besides being a cheerleader and a model, she’s also got over a billion likes on her TikTok videos.

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6. Daisy Keech – (@daisykeech) (7.9M Followers)

Daisy Keech, with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and slender figure, is a social media star who knows how to capture eyes. It’s no wonder men admire her, and women aspire to be like her. She’s well-known on YouTube and Hype House for her cool and unique videos. 

7.9 million followers and 197 million likes indicate that people admire her for her sexy content. They followed this hottie because of her taste in things and stylish looks. Still now convinced? Well, check out her on TikTok for more exciting content!

7. Amelie Zilber – (@ameliezilber) (6.9M Followers)

Amelie Zilber is a popular influencer and an American model. She attracted many people on Instagram with her stunning photos and gained nearly 7 million fans on TikTok. Amelie has a great style, especially when it comes to edgy fashion. 


Gooood morning 🏹🤍 have the best day everrrr!!!

♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW – Sturdyyoungin

Her love for fashion scenes and edgy fashion makes her really attractive because she can wear outfits that most people can’t! Beyond modeling, she also works as a brand ambassador for UNICEF.

8. Sophia Diamond – (@sophia.ilysm) (4.8M Followers)

She has nearly 5 million followers on TikTok. People love her sexy smile and fast dance moves. She dances in sync with the music, making watching her enjoyable. She’s one of the famous female TikTokers with a sophisticated body. 



♬ Britney x Ariana – y2kney

Sophia is a sexy dancer who knows how to move her body and control her hips with skill. If you want a hot dancer who’s also sexy and cute, follow Sophia on her TikTok!

9. Abby Rao – (@abbyrao) (2.5M Followers)

She’s a beautiful blonde with a nice tan. When she’s not dancing or hanging out with friends, she tries to make life look better. Abby Rao is a model, Instagram influencer, and one of the hottest TikTok girls with her popular sexy videos. People like her because she combines sexiness with a chill attitude that her 2.5M followers enjoy.


I will do this dance a million times lol

♬ Laxed – Jawsh 685

Abby’s pictures and videos, mostly in swimsuits and beach outfits, have caught the eyes of fans. The important point is that her impact goes beyond her followers. She has already worked as an ambassador with famous brands like Unekform and Fashion Nova.

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10. Alana Walker – (@alanawalker14) (197.5K Followers)

Alana Walker is a gorgeous girl who attracted everyone’s attention with her sporty vibe. She is also one of the hot Instagram bikini models with 177K followers. Her beautiful skin and kind brown eyes make her one of the sexiest and hottest TikTok girls. If you enjoy watching hot dance moves or fitness videos, just check out her TikTok.

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To Wrap Things Up

By now, you’ve got a list of the hottest TikTok girls. So, it makes choosing your favorite TikTokers from our collection simple, right? Each of these amazing girls is attractive in their own unique way, drawing lots of fans. 


1. Who Are the Hottest TikTok Girls?

Here is the list of top 10 hottest TikTok models ranked by number of followers:
1. Carlie D’amelio,
2. Addison Rae,
3. Loren Gray,
4. Kristen Hancher,
5. Danielle Cohn,
6. Daisy Keech,
7. Amelie Zilber,
8. Sophia Diamond,
9. Abby Rao,
10. Alana Walker.

2. Are Dixie D’Amelio And Charli D’Amelio Related? 

Yes, Dixie is Charli’s older sister. Although Charli is more popular on TikTok, Dixie has significant followers, too, with 56.7 million followers and 3.3 billion likes.

3. How to Find Hottest TikTok Girls?

You can easily find and collaborate with the hottest girls on TikTok and Instagram using an influencer marketing platform like Ainfluencer. You can search for influencers and filter them by location, followers, and niche. In addition, you can launch influencer marketing campaigns for free. 

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