What is Instagram branded content and how to use it

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Instagram branded content is an effective response to a market that is becoming more and more saturated.

Users are growing extremely tired of the number of ads they see everywhere.

Many of them are using ad blockers to avoid experiencing disruptions in their workflow.

In such conditions, brands feel the need for a creative way to reach their contacts and potential customers through online marketing.

Branded content is usually the strategy brands come up with for establishing a better outreach to more people.

What does Branded Content mean on Instagram?

According to Instagram, branded content is “a creator or publisher’s content.”

It either promotes a business partner or influences a specific feature. The promoter receives something in exchange, usually a direct payment.

Instagram policies require creators and publishers to show business partners in their branded content posts.

You can enable this option when there is a content exchange between the creator or publisher and a business partner. Or you also can place content on your page from a source.

We can say branded content is a marketing technique that involves producing content related to a brand to connect with its audience.

For an influencer or a creator on Instagram, branded content is any paid or sponsored post by a brand.

Why is branded content important on Instagram?

Influencer marketing has become the best way for brands to reach their Instagram audience.

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By partnering with influencers to launch sponsored content campaigns, businesses can leverage potential customers.

Also, Ainfluencer is a great Influencer marketplace and the most appropriate place for brands to collaborate and find niche influencers.

On the other hand, Instagram users can get information about products and services through their accounts.

That’s why Instagram has created the ‘Paid Partnership’ feature, offering more transparency and consistency for any sponsored content on its platform.

You may see posts on Instagram that say ‘Paid Partnership with [company name].’ These posts are branded content.

What are the benefits of Instagram branded content?

  1. It helps influencers introduce their sponsorship when posting.
  2. Also, it’s beneficial for businesses to gather information about the performance of their sponsored content campaigns.

On Instagram, a user tags a post with ‘Paid Partnership [brand name].’ This means that the person who shared it has a business relationship with the mentioned brand.

It also means that the influencer has received something in return for the post.

Depending on the partnership, what the brand offers in exchange could be money, products, discounts, etc.

The ‘Paid Partnership’ tag appears at the top of a post or story.

Using a partner business tag among influencers is getting more common. By including such a feature for influencers and brands, Instagram makes its platform an authentic brand introduction source.

How to use Instagram branded content

  • For businesses and brands:

As a brand or business, all you need is a business account on Instagram to get tagged in branded content posts by your partners, influencers, or brand ambassadors.

  1. Go to “setting” and tap on ‘business.’ Now you’re in the new section, ‘Branded Content Approvals.’
  2. Then turn on the ‘Require Approvals’ button.
  3. Now, whenever an influencer request sponsored content for your account, immediately tap ‘Approved Accounts’ under the ‘Require Approval’ button.
  4. Here you can verify accounts to create sponsored content for you.
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Once you accept anyone, they can tag you in posts.

You will receive a notification via Facebook and Instagram when they tag you in a post (using the ‘Paid Partnership’ feature).

If they tag you in an Instagram-sponsored story, you will also receive a notification via Instagram Direct.

  • For influencers:

After accessing branded content tools as an influencer, you can start tagging jobs in your sponsored posts.

  1. If it’s a regular Instagram post, start by selecting ‘Advanced Settings’ on the last step before sharing a new post. If it is in an Instagram story, tap the ‘link’ button at the page’s top.
  2. In either case, you will now see the new ‘Branded Content’ section. Select the ‘Tag Business’ button.
  3. Here you can search for the business you want to tag in your post or story. If jobs need to be approved first, they will be displayed in the “Require Approvals” section after they are selected.
  4. Once a business approves you, you will find it in the “Branded Content” section in “Advanced Settings.” Taping their name will add them to your post or story.

How to remove sponsored tags

There are two ways:

  1. The first option is to use Business Manager on your Facebook page. To remove the tag, you can select the Posts tab or the Stories tab. Then click on the down arrow next to the Instagram Influencer category. Finally, click the ‘Remove Tag’ button.
  2. The second option is to delete the tag within Instagram. First, you need to click on the three dots at the top right of the post. Select the “Remove Me from Post” option, and Instagram will remove the tag.
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The purpose of Instagram branded content is to make it easy for all its users to identify business relationships.

Instagram branded content is an excellent feature for both influencers and businesses!

It provides transparency and trust to brands, influencers, and audiences.