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Today, Instagram has become one of the main platforms for marketing campaigns, this social network has a wide range of different audiences who enjoy interacting with their favorite brands, and this, in turn, increases the role of marketing.

The benefits of marketing on Instagram is obvious these days For example, consider the following statistics:

  • More than 25 million different businesses around the world use Instagram and more than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day;
  • 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand in this social network and 60% of them have found and bought new products or services through this;
  • At least 30% of Instagram users have bought one of the products they found on this social network;
  • 65% of the most popular Instagram posts clearly contain advertisements for various products.

People are interested in following different brands and discover new or needed products and services.

In this article, I describe what you will need to use Instagram in your business.

Instagram account

Create a Business Account on Instagram

If you have a public or personal account that has active followers and its content is also suitable for business, you can easily turn it into a business account. Now you have all features of business account capabilities without losing your current audience.

But if you do not have a personal account on Instagram or your personal account does not have the potential to be used in business, you need to create a new business account.

How to create a new business account?

  1. Download and install the Instagram app for iOSAndroid Open the program and click Sign Up;
  2. Enter your email address and click next.
  3. Select your username and password and complete the account information
  4. Select Done;

How to convert a personal Instagram account to a business account?

  1. Log in to your personal account through an Instagram app;
  2. Select three lines on the top right and then select Settings;
  3. Enter the Account section and select the Switch to Professional Account option;
  4. Select Business and follow the prompts;

Create suitable Marketing Strategies for Instagram

Marketing Strategies for Instagram

Define your target audience

Before deciding on the type of content you want to post on Instagram, you need to know the people who view it.

The majority of Instagram users are under 35 years old, so in general, there is not much difference between the number of male and female users. Of course, to define your brand’s unique target audience.

  • Know current buyers;
  • Check the analytics tools;
  • Research competitors and their audiences;
  • Determine what valuable and useful content you are looking to offer to the audience.

Once you understand the audience, think about what content the audience will want you to see

Define your Instagram marketing goals 

Determining and understanding the ultimate goal of using Instagram for business purposes is one of the first steps in developing an effective marketing strategy on Instagram. Understanding goals prevents you from going astray and allows you to focus all your efforts on achieving realistic business goals.

Focus on the right performance metrics

Appropriate metrics to be monitored will vary for each business, but in general, you should focus on metrics related to the customer travel process; In other words, your goals should be aligned with one of the four stages of the customer journey:

  • Indicators of awareness: includes measures such as brand awareness, increase in the number of followers, and visited posts.
  • Interaction metrics: Includes metrics such as interaction rate (according to likes) and amplification rate (based on sharing rate).
  • Customer indicators: indicators based on customer actions; for example, writing positive comments.

Choose a regular schedule for posting on Instagram

Your follower will expect you to post regularly on Instagram. But you should not overreact or irregularly post your audience to motivate them to engage or, worse, maybe they even unfollow you.

You need to consider the appropriate hours and days to post; But the question is, when is the best time to post?

In order to determine the most appropriate time to send a post, in addition to reviewing other top brands in your field, you should try different time intervals to see which one earns you the most interaction.

The key here is to determine when your target audience is online. The Instagram Insights section shows when followers are online by day and time.

To get this information, click on the three-line icon and then select the Insights option. Then click on the Audience tab. Once you’ve determined the best time to post, create an accurate content calendar, and use it to plan ahead for content.

Instagram Profile optimization

You entered some basic information while activating your business account; Now it’s time to complete your profile for best results.

Complete and optimize your Instagram profile bio

Although the Bio section is very important, you can only enter 150 characters in it. This section shows the first-time visitors to your tab who you are, what your brand is about, and how your business can benefit them.

Consider the followings:

  • Use your own brand style (Brand Voice): Show your brand personality and use a serious and professional, informal, or humorous tone, depending on the type of business and the atmosphere.
  • Use the hashtag (#): The hashtags you put in the bio are clickable and are a good way to refer to user-generated content.
  • Emoji to try to fit these small signals can be a lot of information in the form of a character giving the readers.

Use a suitable profile picture

The best profile picture for the vast majority of businesses is the business logo. Preferably use the same image you used on your other social media accounts to make it easier for your audience to identify your brand, in addition to creating consistency and integration.

Fill in your Instagram profile information

For Instagram marketing to be successful, you need to use all the features that Instagram provides you.

  • Name and Username (Name and Username): These two are the only sections through which your account can be found by searching on Instagram; therefore, it is necessary to be careful in choosing them.
  • Website: Instagram is the only part that can put a clickable link in it; So be sure to take this opportunity to link to the business website, the latest blog post, the address of an active marketing campaign, or a dedicated Instagram landing page.

Take advantage of the features and facilities for Instagram business profiles

  • Contact Information: Enter the email address, phone number, and address of your business so that those interested can contact you directly and easily. By adding contact information, the corresponding buttons (Call, Email, or Get Directions for routing) will appear in your profile.
  • Type or category of business (Category): The category of business, which can also be selected in the process of converting a personal account to a business, appears under the name of your business on the profile page and specifies the type of your activity for the audience.
  • Call: These buttons allow you to make an appointment or book, buy a ticket, and the like through your Instagram profile.

Start Sharing your Instagram Content

Instagram post

After activating the account and completing the profile, it is time to send the content; but the important point for marketing on Instagram is that sharing any content with any style and context will not affect it,

You should consider some points:

Choose a suitable theme for the content

Instagram is a visual social network; therefore, in order to be present in it authoritatively, you must have a distinct and significant visual identity.

Once you have chosen the right theme, you need to have a coherent and harmonious visual style and context in all posts. In this regard, you should use different colors, filters, and components in such a way that the audience can easily understand which posts belong to your brand while browsing your Instagram feed.

Get help from professional photo editing tools

Matching the images in a way that looks somewhat consistent will make your brand name in the audience’s mind with beauty and accuracy.

Mobile photo editing apps, such as VSCOcam or Enhance, offer more features and filters than Instagram, so you can use them to look more distinctive. After editing the desired image, you can publish it through the Instagram app.

Take advantage of the story 

Hundreds of millions of people view Instagram Stories every day, and according to a poll, 30% of people admit that they are more interested in a product or brand after seeing it.

But how do you get the most out of Instagram stories? The story is a great place to tell a story. Here you can tell real brand stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Be creative with story slides and make them so engaging and useful than your audience will get used to watching your stories over and over again. In addition to storytelling, you can:

Use Live (Live) or use live broadcasts and interact directly with your audience. This way you can have question and answer sessions, talk about a specific topic, or interview a special guest or influencer. Once the live stream is complete, you can put it in the story so that users who have not been able to view it can also use it.

Finally, end your stories by calling for strong and engaging activities to become a tangible business success. Note that the possibility of placing an external link in the story will be activated after the number of followers exceeds 10,000. By activating this feature, you can place the desired link in the story via a chain-like symbol that appears at the top of the story submission page to be opened by swiping the page up.

You can also save the story permanently in your profile by highlighting the story via the heart symbol that appears at the bottom of the page. You can also add multiple highlights to your profile and add stories that fit each one.

Use attractive captions for posts

The caption of the image allows you to tell a story through which you can make the desired image more meaningful. Each caption can make your followers think, smile, and experience a feeling that ultimately strengthens their connection to your brand.

Continue the process of increasing and activating your audience

At this stage, using the following strategies, you should try to attract more users to your site and encourage them to be more active.

Social networks include different communities with different interests, there is a community related to your brand on Instagram. All you have to do is find this community, and one of the best ways to do that is to interact with the people and brands that are pursued by that community.

Start by following the hashtags related to your field of activity and commenting on relevant and relevant Instagram posts, and follow the people who participate in the topics below these posts. This is a simple way to express yourself to people who are probably not uninterested in your content for Instagram marketing.

As you interact more and more with the Instagram community, you realize who has something to say in your field and you can try to interact and connect more closely with them.

Use appropriate hashtags

Using hashtags makes your post easier to find and more visible. Note that captions for Instagram posts do not appear in search results, but hashtags do not have this limitation. When a user clicks on a hashtag or searches for it using the Instagram search section, they will see all the posts that contain the hashtag. This is a great way to show content to people who are not following you.

Instagram hashtags

In addition to using existing hashtags, you can also create a hashtag or hashtags for your brand (Branded Hashtag). Such hashtags represent your brand and motivate your followers to share images that fit them. This is a great way to motivate users to produce content and increase collaboration and engagement.

To improve the results of using the hashtag, consider the following:

  • Put your brand hashtags in the bio section of your profile;
  • Put the most attractive hashtags at the top of the list of post hashtags to increase their visibility;
  • Do not be stingy when using hashtags. The limit on the number of hashtags per post is 30, But studies show that the best number of hashtags per post is between 8 and 11;
  • Use different hashtags and do not use the same hashtag for all posts. In this regard, you can create several hashtag groups and use a different group for each post. This not only increases the chances of your posts being seen; it will also prevent spam on your business account.

Reply to comments and comments

Keep in mind that marketing on Instagram is social media marketing, so you can not be indifferent to its social dimensions. Therefore, you need to respond to the comments below the posts and mentions (when your Instagram ID is mentioned below the posts or stories) to maintain and strengthen the motivation to continue interacting with your brand in Instagram users. Instead, take the time to respond when someone comments or mentions your brand, and be sure to be rewarded for this interaction.

Collaborate with Instagram influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to achieve loyal and active users of Instagram by working with Influencers that his followers do the activities fit your brand.

Even small brands that do not have a large budget can benefit from influencer marketing by working with micro-influencers (people who have fewer followers).

In order to find influencers, you can use Ainfluencer ad marketplace.

Get help from other channels to boost your Instagram marketing

If you have active followers on other social networks, you can introduce your Instagram business account to them. The important thing is to specify the type of content you put on Instagram for them to have a logical justification for following you across multiple social networks.

In addition, you can attach or embed your best Instagram posts in your blog so that your blog readers can easily follow your page. To embed, all you have to do is open the desired post on your computer and select the Embed option from the top three dots menu to generate a code for you.

Use the Instagram ads

Instagram has the potential to naturally bring significant results to your business, but by spending money on your Instagram advertising system, you can make your content available to a wider range of audiences at the same time.

Use Shopping on Instagram

In the form of its sales system, Instagram provides special capabilities to increase and facilitate the sale of verified commercial accounts. Using this feature, the seller can put the product tag in the post and its sticker in the story. Then, by touching the product in the post or story, the user can receive more information and visit the site to purchase it.

Launch an exclusively Instagram campaign

An exclusively Instagram campaign focusing on your overall Instagram marketing strategy can achieve your specific goals faster.

Advertising can be used in these campaigns, but our focus is not just on spending. In Instagram-only campaigns, we focus on a specific goal for a certain amount of time in our regular and paid posts. For example, you could consider goals such as:

  • Be seen more and gain a place on Instagram;
  • Advertise the sale of a product through the ability to sell directly through Instagram;
  • Increase engagement with an Instagram contest
  • Collecting content produced by users with one of the brand hashtags.

Measure the results and make the necessary changes

At this point, you take a look at the results of your marketing on Instagram and implement the required changes in your actions and plans.

Using analytics tools

As soon as you start using Instagram to advance your business goals, you need to constantly monitor the progress of your work to achieve those goals.

In this regard, it is necessary to always follow the status of each post, ads, stories, as well as the general status of your Instagram business account. As a result, you have to look at a lot of numbers, but fortunately, there are several analytical tools that can help you with that. One of the most useful of these tools is the Instagram Analytics tool, which can provide you with comprehensive information about the performance of your tab. To use this tool, after clicking on the three-line icon at the top of the Instagram app on the profile page, select the Insights option.

Instagram Insight

Here you can find information such as the following:

  • Total number of profile visits;
  • Total number of clicks on the website link (website clicks);
  • Total number of Reaches or access (the number of unique user accounts that have viewed your posts);
  • Total Impression: (number of times your posts have been viewed);
  • The performance of individual posts, including the degree of engagement and impression;
  • The total number of views for stories.
  • In addition, key and important information about your audience is available in this section:
  • Number of followers and recent growth trend;
  • Gender and Age Range statistics of the audience and their place of residence;
  • Activity followers on that day and time, as noted above, can choose the best time to post content to help you.


Instagram is one of the most effective platforms that all internet businesses should use in their marketing and sales. Undoubtedly, by developing a comprehensive barrier to Instagram marketing and following the steps outlined in this article, you will see significant results that will shape a brighter future for your business.

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