Top 20 Blockchain Influencers On Instagram

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Want to learn more about cryptocurrency? Does analyzing what’s happening in this system seems complicated to you? If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, finding top blockchain influencers can help you perform better and increase your chance of success.

How To Find Crypto Influencers On Instagram?

Crypto influencers on Instagram can help businesses in various ways. For example:

  • They can teach new crypto investors about trending cryptocurrencies, comment on crypto news and provide influencer marketing services to crypto startups. Thus, if you have recently opened an exchange and want to introduce your platform to others, you can collaborate with a crypto influencer.
  • They can leverage crypto to monetize their intellectual property, image and likeness, and create a paradigm shift in how money flows through the entertainment industry’s ecosystem.
  • They can rank highest on Instagram for their follower count and engagement. Additionally, they can reach a large audience of potential customers. Do you sell your products on NFT? These influencers can help you grow your market.

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Top 20 Crypto Influencers On Instagram

If you are interested in learning more about crypto influencers on Instagram, you can check out some of the names listed below:

1.     Bitcoin Magazine (@bitcoinmagazine)

As the name indicates, Bitcoin Magazine is all about Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency in the crypto market. You can find the latest news about this top crypto in Bitcoin Magazine. This Instagram page gives you the latest news about Bitcoin and helps you join this market.

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2.     Ben Armstrong (@bitboy_crypto)

You need to learn the basic rules of trading if you want to put your step into this world. As an investor, you should always be aware of the coins’ price and every other aspect of each crypto. Ben is the one who can teach you what cryptocurrency is and gives the latest news about what is happening on each crypto.

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3.     Layah Heilpern (@layahheilpern)

When you visit Layah’s Instagram page, you may think she is mostly a model influencer. But at the same time, she is one of the greatest blockchain influencers on Instagram who introduces herself as a Bitcoin investor. Layah is more active in the field of cryptocurrency on Twitter. That’s why she is considered a micro influencer on Instagram.

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4.     Girl Gone Crypto (@girl_gone_crypto)

Most people think blockchain is a complex subject that most men enter the world. But, the girl gone crypto account on Instagram shows they are wrong. Lea is the girl behind this account who loves to talk about cryptocurrency and make it easier for people to enter the tricky world of cryptocurrency.  

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5.     Lucas Dimos (@theblockchainboy)

Lucas is a crypto lover who is not only an active user on Instagram but also a popular YouTuber. He is a micro influencer on Instagram but besides having a personal page, he has started another Instagram page dedicated to news about cryptocurrency. He has great knowledge about investing in crypto and selling art as an NFT.

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6.     Brekkie (@bvbtc)

Not all blockchain influencers only talk about cryptocurrency. Some of them are great artists who know a lot about NFT. Brekkie is a creative artist who carves stones and creates sculptures of Bitcoin signs or anything related to blockchain. Then, he sells his stone carvings online. Additionally, Brekkie is an active crypto investor too.

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7.     Lil Bubble (@thecryptobubble)

Lil is also one of the blockchain influencers who is an NFT artist. He has a fun Instagram page with almost 16k followers. But at the same time, he is most active in the crypto world on Youtube.

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8.     Saifedean Ammous (@saifedean)

Saigedean is an educator who talks about different subjects on his profile, from economics and finance to cryptocurrency and bitcoin. He has written a book called The Fiat Standard + The Bitcoin Standard.

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9.     Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@amantonop)

With almost 10k followers, Andreas is considered a newcomer to the list of blockchain influencers. He is very knowledgeable about crypto investment. But you should know that crypto influencers will not tell you what to buy or when to sell crypto. They mostly share all they know about this field and let the decision-making to investors.

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10.  Peter McCormack (@whatbitcoindid)

Peter is mainly known as a podcast creator. But he also has an Instagram account and shares video casts from time to time. If you are eager to find out more about Bitcoin, watch Peter’s videos on Instagram.

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11.  Miss Crypto (@miss_crypto_)

Miss Crypto usually shares daily financial news with a cute video. She talks about the economies of different countries. As the name indicates, Miss Crypto is also a crypto lover who entered the world of blockchain influencers in 2016. Therefore, she knows a lot about this ecosystem.

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12.  Alex Mason (@bitcoin_trade_market_fx6)

Alex is a financial consultant who introduces herself as a forex expert and Bitcoin miner. She shares information about trading and crypto investment. Additionally, she has a website in this field too.

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13.  Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor)

Michael is an artist who mixes his art with blockchain signs. His creative designs are sold as NFTs. Hence, he is considered an NFT influencer as well. He created a website to educate others about cryptocurrency and help them join this ecosystem with enough knowledge.

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14.  Angelo Castillo (@profitplugg)

People are eager to know about how to become rich. Besides, they mostly want to learn about investment or creating an online business. Angelo is one of the blockchain influencers who share a lot about how to sell things or where to invest your money.

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15.  Aka Jake (@koreanjewtrading)

Jake is a sportsman who shares his daily workout on his Instagram page. On the other hand, he is a successful trader who has created another account, especially for trading or learning about Bitcoin news. Trading_jojo is still new and doesn’t have many followers. It seems that crypto lovers will soon find it and become fans. 

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16.  Bitcoin Jae (@jaeknowsbest)

Jae is an entrepreneur from Miami. He has an active Youtube page where he creates videos about daily news of Bitcoin. As a Bitcoin investor, Jae knows a lot about this cryptocurrency. Thus, he shares a lot about what’s happening in this world, and when is the best time to buy or sell a crypto. However, investors should know that even blockchain influencers can’t guarantee whatever they purchase will make them a millionaire.

17.  Josh Molnar (@bitcoin.daily)

Chart reading is one of the necessary skills for a successful investment, whether in the global Forex market or digital currency. Bitcoin Daily is an Instagram page created by Josh Molnar, who also has a Bitcoin Jae account. He has 274k followers and is considered a macro influencer on Instagram. He analyses the crypto market and shares his opinion to help others decide what to do.

18.  Christopher Jaszczynski (@chrismmcrypto)

Christopher is a crypto trader who has run a website to teach others about cryptocurrency. On his Instagram page, he also shares crypto news and his analyses from time to time. On the other hand, he loves travelling too. Hence, he can be considered a travel influencer as well.

19.  Dave (@bitcoin_.trader_.blake)

Dave is a business man who is an expert crypto trader. On his Instagram account, he analyses different crypto currencies and tries to assist newcomers to start trading and gaining more money.

20.  Cryptohumor (@cryptohumor)

Cryptohumor is a fun account about blockchain. It doesn’t share analyses or assist others to invest in crypto. Instead, it shares fun and comedy posts about cryptocurrency and all that happens around it. Therefore, it is more likely a comedy influencer rather than a crypto influencer.

21.  Tony Ivanov (@tonyivanov_)

Tony is a young crypto investor who analyses the crypto market to make investing more profitable for others. Concurrently, he believes trading is risky work, especially if you don’t do it according to what analyses tell you.

Bottom Line

The digital currency has attracted the world, and having information in this field can be useful and profitable. That’s why more and more people are entering the complex world of blockchain. But, whether you are a crypto investor or want to start a business in this field, blockchain influencers can assist you on your way. You can sign up on Ainfluencer to find top crypto influencers on Instagram.


Who is top crypto trader?

There are many ways to measure who is the top cryptocurrency trader, such as social media popularity, trading volume, profitability, etc. Ben Armstrong (aka BitBoy Crypto), with over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, 1.2 million Twitter followers, and 480k followers on Instagram is considered one of the top traders in this ecosystem.

How to become a crypto influencer?

Becoming a crypto influencer is not an easy task, but it can be rewarding if you are passionate about cryptocurrency and want to share your knowledge and opinions with others. Crypto is a broad and diverse field, so you need to find your specific area of interest and expertise. Read a lot about that niche and after learning enough about that field, share your opinion or teach others to do the same. If you are a crypto influencer, you can join us on Ainfluencer for free so that brands and companies can find you more easily.

Which celebrity is involved in Cryptocurrency?

Many celebrities are involved in cryptocurrency, either as investors, endorsers, promoters, or creators. We can see the names of the richest Instagram celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton on this list. It shows how cryptocurrency is becoming popular all around the world.