19 TikTok Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2024

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TikTok is a social media platform for the young generation, who are most brands’ target audiences. That’s when TikTok’s marketing strategy comes forward to help brands use this platform to accomplish their marketing goals.

You have probably heard of TikTok influencer marketing. It’s one of the best forms of marketing on the platform. And we also recommend it. Many platforms can help you with influencer marketing on TikTok and one of the best free options is Ainfluencer. It’s a 100% free DIY influencer marketplace for TikTok and Instagram. Give it a try.

Besides that, you could acquire many other TikTok marketing strategies to attract potential customers from this platform. So, we are going to discuss them one by one here. Let’s get started.

Why Should Brands Consider Using TikTok for Marketing?

TikTok might not be the most helpful marketing platform for all businesses. But if your customers are mainly Gen Z, it can be one of the best places to increase your brand awareness. Moreover, you have a higher chance of going viral on TikTok. Viral marketing can be very beneficial for small brands and TikTok has provided a great opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience.

Plus, you don’t need to have a huge budget to run your marketing campaigns on TikTok. You just need to know your audience, follow TikTok trends, use the right hashtags, be a little creative, and follow the right TikTok marketing strategies to make the most out of this social media platform.

TikTok is also a trending platform, so jump on the bandwagon to compete with your competitors. The more visible you are to online users, the better sales you will have. 

19 TikTok Marketing Strategy Tips

While you are trying to expand your market on TikTok, remember that the main purpose of TikTok is to have fun and your followers have followed you for that. Therefore, you need to add a little fun to your content to be successful. Keeping that in mind, here are the TikTok best practices for brands to increase their sales on TikTok.

1. Use TikTok Shop

With TikTok Shop, users can buy your products without leaving the app. This is the number one strategy any brand should take if they want to make a profit out of TikTok. With this feature, you can create your shop on TikTok and users can access it through a Shopping bag icon in your profile.

TikTok Shop
TikTok Shop Source

The best thing about TikTok Shop is that you can link and tag your products to your TikTok videos. This way, you can introduce your products while providing your customers with the chance to buy them with just one click.

Moreover, with this feature, every trend and challenge you do on TikTok can be used as a chance to represent your products. You just need a little creativity and innovation.

2. Collaborate with other TikTokers

Another important TikTok marketing strategy you should take seriously is influencer marketing. Influencers can introduce your products through unboxing, reviewing their experience with your products, running giveaways for you, etc. They have lots of followers which helps you to increase brand awareness among potential customers.

Influencers have a close relationship with their followers which makes them more trustworthy. But how can you find the perfect influencer for your TikTok campaigns? An influencer marketing platform can handle everything for you.

Ainfluencer is a simple, DIY, and free influencer marketplace tailored for Instagram and TikTok influencer marketing. It simplifies influencer marketing for brands of all sizes.


What sets Ainfluencer apart is its commitment to being a 100% free and end-to-end platform, allowing direct communication and negotiation between brands or agencies and influencers without any intermediary costs. There are more than 500,000 influencers are ready to collaborate. Sign up on Ainfluencer for free and get started.

3. Use the relevant and right number of hashtags

Like any other social media, using hashtags can help your brand to be found by users. Therefore, it’s one of the basic rules you should follow while using this platform. Here are the tips for using hashtags for TikTok posts: 

  • At least use 3 to 6 hashtags for every post you create. 
  • Although the number of hashtags is not limited on TikTok, it’s better to avoid using too many hashtags. 
  • Avoid choosing hashtags that are not relevant to your post. 
  • It’s fine to use trending hashtags but don’t use too many popular and trending hashtags because they may make your post swamp in a sea of content. 
  • You can check your competitors’ hashtags to find out what works for them. 
  • Hashtags can amplify the reach of your content, and use the right hashtags to find the right audience. 

4. Follow TikTok trends

Each day something new is trending on TikTok. This platform is where viral videos win. Therefore, you should be aware of what’s trending to create content that is relevant to your business based on the trends. You can also create a Tik Tok campaign based on TikTok trends to make others communicate with your brand. Your TikTok marketing strategy should be so creative about trends.

5. Recognize your target audience

Before starting any Tik Tok campaign, you must first recognize your audience. Are they among the generation who are using TikTok? If so, what are their interests? Most of the TikTok strategies for brands are based on their audiences. If you want to create a video, use a hashtag, or collaborate with TikTok influencers, your audience guides you to find the best TikTok growth strategy.

6. Post regularly

Being active on this platform is a positive point for your business. Thus, you should post regularly to keep your brand’s name in front of more people. However, that doesn’t mean you should post many times daily. Content quality and creativity are more important than the number of posts you share. Therefore, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. But focus on a regular publishing schedule.

7. Find the best time to post on TikTok 

The other critical TikTok marketing strategy is posting at the right time. So, learn when is the best time to post on TikTok in your region. This way, you can find out when your target audiences are online, so you post your content at that time. If you post at the right time, you will have a better chance of being seen by your target audience.

Therefore, after finding who your audience is and what makes them engage with your brand, you should learn about the time they are online and might see your content. It’s not that difficult to find the best time to post on TikTok. The following chart shows you the best times you can post on TikTok. 

Best times to post on TikTok

While following these times to post on TikTok, don’t forget the consistency. Because if you don’t post regularly, you will soon fade away from people’s minds.

8. Use TikTok effects in your posts

TikTok is the social media for young boys and girls who love to use stickers and special effects. Therefore, as a brand, you should melt in their world. It means don’t be a simple and boring brand that shares regular posts about its business. Try to make it more fun by using effects.

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9. Make interesting videos 

Making a video might seem easy; you only need a camera to shoot a video. On the other hand, having a camera is not enough for an exciting video on TikTok.

TikTok Video Marketing Best Practices

  • Keep it short, keep it simple: TikTok videos can be up to 1 minute. But most people watch the first 30 seconds; they will go on if it appeals to them. Therefore, it’s better to be short and straightforward rather than keep it long and complicated. The best time duration of a video is between 20 to 34 seconds. 
  • Use creative effects: As mentioned, trending is not only about the subject. Sometimes some effects are trending on this platform. Use it in a way that can be relevant to your business.
  •  Optimize for SEO: You need to do some work to make your content visible to your audience. All you do to reach this goal is called TikTok SEO. It can be the descriptions you write, hashtags you use, or the time of the day you publish a post. It will help if you learn more about all these factors to make your content gain more reach. 
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10. Use TikTok ads

One of the best TikTok strategies for brands is taking advantage of TikTok ads. First, you need to know what options you have on TikTok ads.

Types of Ads available on TikTok

  • In-feed ads: It is one of the common ads brands use on TikTok. In-feed ads are the ones that are shown between users’ videos. It can be image ads, video ads, or carousels. In-feed ads are skippable and can have a button or website link. 
  • Ads for managed brands: It is also called BrandTakeovers ads that are shown when someone opens the app. These ads are full-screen, and users can’t skip them. Brand takeover ads are the most expensive ads on TikTok. 
  • To view ads: These ads pop up for a few seconds. They are something between Brand takeover ads and in-feed ads.  
  • Branded hashtag challenges: This type of TikTok ad encourages users to participate in your chosen hashtag for promoting your brand. What you choose as a hashtag challenge is important because it should inspire users to participate.

11. Set a hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges are semi-different from the usual hashtags you use for your posts. They should be fun and creative to make users participate in using them. Hashtag challenges appear on TikTok’s Discover page. Users click on one hashtag and go to the brand’s information about the challenge. On this page, you can also show them your website or any other information they think might be interesting.

Furthermore, people can also see who else has participated in this challenge. Generally, if they find their friends or influencers on that challenge, they will become more interested in participating. The more people use your branded hashtags, the more your brand’s account will be seen on TikTok.

That’s one of the most effective TikTok strategies for brands to grow their brand awareness on this platform. 

12. Collaborate with TikTok influencers

One of TikTok’s best practices for brands is collaborating with TikTok influencers who know TikTok users more than you do. They can help you target your audiences with creative methods. Therefore, if you are new to this platform, TikTok influencers can be your guide to getting more reach and followers, which may lead to more customers and sales. To find TikTok influencers, you can use TikTok influencer marketplaces or work with an influencer marketing agency.

13. Improve TikTok SEO

If you don’t care about TikTok SEO, users won’t find and see your content. Because, like your websites need to be optimized for search engines, your content on social media requires that too. TikTok SEO is whatever you do to make your content more visible to others. From writing informative or interesting captions to choosing relevant and right hashtags, whatever can make your content get more reach can improve TikTok SEO.

14. Monitor Your Analytics

How can you ensure you are doing fine on TikTok? Every content you create, and videos you share can tell you a lot about your performance. You should check your posts’ reach, comments, hits, or anything else that gives analytics about your progress. This monitoring can help you recognize what users like more. Thus, you can make more content like that.

15. Try new ideas 

Don’t create the same content several times. Test new and creative ideas because TikTok is a fun platform where people sing, dance, and create fun videos. If you can’t do that, you will miss your chance to attract followers who may become your new customers.

16. Go live

TikTok live-streaming is a popular feature on this platform. However, it is not something that you have at the time of creating a TikTok account. You need to have +1000 followers to unlock this tool. Use this valuable feature to engage with your community and talk to your followers. Use it wisely and practically, answer their questions or give them a chance to be the first to see your product unboxing or valuable tutorials.  

Tổng hợp cách bán hàng trên TikTok thu lợi nhuận khủng

17. Comment regularly on other posts

Don’t be a dull brand that sticks to its account and waits for others to come and talk. Be an active brand that leaves meaningful comments for others and starts conversations with them. By commenting on other accounts, their followers will see you, and you get one step closer to finding new followers. Moreover, if people find your comment interesting, they will like it. TikTok ranks comments based on the number of likes they receive. The more like your comments get, the more people will see that.

18. Engage with your community

TikTok is an engaging platform. People leave comments, like posts, and discuss different topics. Although you might not see your followers, you can start a conversation with them. If they leave a comment for you, reply with an engaging comment.

If they ask you a question, answer that fast and clearly. It’s one of the best ways to engage with your community and make them like you more. You can see that as a TikTok branding method. TikTok users should like you first, then they engage with your content, and finally, they will believe that your brand is suitable for them. Therefore, they will lose this market if you lose their attention and likes.

19. Don’t forget the call-to-action

What is the reason for creating content on TikTok? You may want your followers to do something: click on a link, purchase, leave comments, or follow for more information. If you don’t call users to do an action, your content will be a dead-end. Therefore, think about a direct call to action.

However, that should not be something that makes users believe you are using them. That’s why you should have a creative caption or content so people get interested in doing what you call for. Call-to-action is something you should put in your TikTok marketing strategy. 

Examples of brands with TikTok marketing

These examples help you to understand how other brands have executed TikTok marketing strategies. Here are some successful marketing campaigns on TikTok.

#1 Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill Takes Over TikTok - The Shorty Awards

Chipotle joined TikTok in 2018. When everyone hears the name Chipotle, they may think about mouthwatering pictures of Mexican foods. But that’s not what this delicious brand did on TikTok to receive more customers. Instead, Chipotle focused on being fun, friendly, and amusing. And that worked well for this brand because it could attract over 1 million followers in the first year only through relevant fun and even humorous videos.

#2 The NBA

Do you think watching basketball games on TikTok is impressive? Well, that might not be. Because, unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is not where people want to watch games.

Instead, they like to play games on this platform. What NBA did on its TikTok account is terrific. It posted videos of top NBA players dancing with the trending music, which amused users; because it was fun, related to basketball, and even a promotion. 

#3 Duolingo

Duolingo is a good example of TikTok’s marketing strategy. This language learning application combined fun, consistency, and TikTok trends in its TikTok business model and created engaging and relevant how-to videos and different entertaining video ads.

It could increase its followers from 100,000 to over 1 million in only a month. That shows how effective Doulingo TikTok branding was.

#4 Gymshark

With over 3.4 million followers on TikTok, Gymshark is one of the most followed brands on TikTok. Gymshark needed to reach sports and fitness enthusiasts on TikTok.

Therefore, this brand started a TikTok influencer marketing campaign with top fitness influencers on this platform. This TikTok marketing strategy worked well for Gymshark and received much attention from users who love sports. Then, it produced inspiring videos to promote its products. That’s how it could become so popular on this platform.


To grow your online market, you shouldn’t skip any platform. Although it is believed that TikTok is only trending among Gen Z, it doesn’t mean you can’t target them in your market. If you have an excellent TikTok marketing strategy, you can reach more followers on this platform and improve your brand awareness. That’s the first step to growing your business and gaining more customers.

1- Is TikTok Good For Marketing?

TikTok is one of the best online platforms for marketing. It is trending and is now the third most-used application after Facebook and Instagram. 

2- How do you market a product on TikTok?

From TikTok ads to TikTok influencer marketing, there are many methods you can use to market your product. Hiring a TikTok marketing consultant or collaborating with an influencer marketing company is recommended to get a better result with TikTok marketing.

3- Is TikTok good for small businesses?

Regardless Of Your Business Size, You Can Always Count On Social Media Marketing, Whether It’s TikTok Or Instagram. First, Uncover Your Target Customer And Select Between These Platforms. Nevertheless, That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Work On Both; You Can Prioritize One Over Another.  

4- How Do I Promote My Business On TikTok?

If you want one answer to this question, we can say to be as fun as possible. No matter what TikTok marketing strategy you follow, always add some entertainment to it.  
Meta: Find out which TikTok marketing strategy is the best for your business and how to be successful on TikTok. Start TikTok influencer marketing or create a fun ad on this platform.

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