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May 2, 2021 7:29 pm

Klear Reviews in 2021, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

By Mary H

Klear Reviews in 2021, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

According to recent stats and reviews, Klear is among the top-performing influencer marketing platforms. 

After the outbreak of the Covid-19, reports suggest an increase in influencer marketing campaigns.

This proves how effective this modern marketing tactic can be for growing businesses of all sizes.

With its value in mind, you should definitely consider including Klear solutions in your business strategy since it’s the best and efficient way to achieve your business goals. 

Are you planning to use Klear to run your influencer marketing campaigns but don’t have enough information about it?

Then you’re in the right place.

This article will help you clear your mind of any hesitations about using Klear by providing klear reviews.

We will dive deeper into three aspects of Klear’s platform: Klear Reviews, Pricing and Features

Moreover, we’ll consider some of the most viable alternative platforms, including Ainfluencer, Ninja Outreach, and Mention, that rank well among the best.

What is Klear?

Klear is one of the best influencer marketing platforms that lets marketers find appropriate influencers for making meaningful interactions with prospects and new audiences.

Klear marketing items include useful features such as influencer discovery, campaign analytics, demographic information, and social media monitoring tools to run an accurate influencer marketing campaign.

It ensures its users that all their influencer marketing campaigns are easily managed and run as smoothly as possible.

Moreoever, it allows influencers to upload their content for brand approval, which can be another ensuring factor for all the parties involved. 

1.   Klear Reviews

User-generated reviews and customer feedbacks are the best ways to gain insights into the efficiency of Klear’s services. 

According to reviews, people are satisfied using klear influencer marketing tool; however, few challenges have been reported while using this platform.

Here’s a summary of people’s reviews of Klear: :

  • resents in-depth  influencer program report
  • Great customer support
  • Provides assistance to optimize your influencer activities
  • Includes accurate, easy campaign tracking
  • All-in-one platform

In general, based on the most recent reviews, we can say Klear’s pros weigh a lot more against its cons.

 Let’s also consider the cons.

Some marketers find it difficult for the influencer discovery process, which includes many limitations, while others said that it is hard to get influencers to re-authenticate.

Klear Features

  • Social Reporting
  • Social Measurement
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Report Exporting
  • Audience Analysis

Klear Pricing

Klear does not include any information about plans and pricing on its website.

The only plan you can get is custom-built, tailored specifically for each person or business, and for this you need to sign up for a live demo.

You need to go ‘Pricing’ section of Klear’s website and fill in some information to schedule a demo.

The Best Alternatives to Klear

If you don’t wish to use Klear for any reason,don’t worry.

We’ve got some viable alternatives you can consider for effectively implementing your influencer marketing strategy. 

1.   Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer is the easiest, smartest, and fastest influencer marketing tool to grow your Instagram brand.

It lets brands connect with thousands of different eligible Instagram influences to help them run small or big marketing campaigns.

This all-in-one-package tool is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) platform for influencer marketing that resonates with any budget.

Ainfluencer Features

  • Page audit
  • Content library
  • Custom influencer search filters
  • Ad content scheduler
  • Ad campaigns analysis
  • Built-in chat system for a smart workflow

Ainfluencer Pricing

Ainfluencer offers price suggestions based on each Instagram influencer’s different metrics.

The general range is between $10-$20 CPM, depending on an influencer’s niche, following size, and avg. Instagram engagement.

Ainfluencer Reviews

According to recent reviews of Ainfluencer , most people have had an excellent experience of using it.

People’s experiences suggest that Ainfluencer:

  • Offers cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns
  • Has a safe and secure payment
  • Is super fast and easy to use
  • Let’s you post personalized offers

Additionally, reviews on Trustpilot  prove that marketers were able to easily run accurately scheduled campaigns on Ainfluencer. ; 

In general, most were satisfied with their experience of collaborating with the local influencers on this platform. .

2.   Ninja Outreach

Ninja outreach is the second powerful influencer marketing and blogger software that helps businesses to find niche-relevant Instagram and YouTube influencers based on their locations. .

It can be a great choice for small businesses to grow their social media audience using relationship management, analytics, and reporting.

Ninja Outreach Features

  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Direct Mail Management

Ninja Outreach Reviews

The level of user satisfaction with  Ninja Outreach is average.

There are three positive features that marketers found useful when using the software.

  • A great blogger outreach tool
  • A great solution for email outreach
  • Provides an easy influencer search tool

Most of the negative reviews referred to a dissatisfaction with Ninja Outreach’s free trial account.

It appears that the access to core features is so limited that it doesn’t allow for good decision making.

An unsafe payment process is another problem users mentioned in their reviews.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Ninja has two pricing models, monthly and yearly that are divided into 4 plans: Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.

Check the image below to see the details: 

3. Mention

It is a social listening and media monitoring solution enabling brands and agencies to monitor the web and understand audience requirements across social media and the web.

Mention Features

  • Social media monitoring
  • Socialmedia management
  • Influencer marketing

Mention Reviews

Mention reviews show that marketers have a great experience of using it.

Based on these reviews we gather that Mention is:

  • An effective tool for monitoring and control of social networks
  • An ideal tool for web management
  • A fast and efficient web tracking platform
  • A perfect management platform for social networks

Based on reviews made on, most marketers complained about Mention’s expensive charges and also it caused a problem with google alerts.


All of these best influencer marketing tools provide many different features and services for digital marketers to launch their online businesses successfully at the infancy stage

But keep in mind which platform can support you from the beginning right to the end with minimum risk, effort, and time.

Therefore, it would be best if you go deep through the reviews and features of each tool to make a sensible choice.

Based on what we discussed throughout this article, Ainfluencer sticks out pretty well among other rivals as the smartest, most reliable influencer marketing platform.

So why not use such a platform that lets you post customized offers and guarantees positive outcomes?

Sign up for a complete walkthrough of Ainfluencer’s features right now. 

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