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According to recent stats and reviews, Klear is among the top-performing influencer marketing platforms. After the outbreak of the Covid-19, reports suggest an increase in influencer marketing campaigns.

This proves how effective this modern marketing tactic can be for growing businesses of all sizes. With its value in mind, you should definitely consider including Klear solutions in your business strategy since it’s the best and most efficient way to achieve your business goals. 

Are you planning to use Klear to run your influencer marketing campaigns but don’t have enough information about it? Then you’re in the right place.

This article will help you clear your mind of any hesitations about using Klear by providing klear reviews. We will dive deeper into three aspects of Klear’s platform: Klear Reviews, Pricing, and Features.

Moreover, we’ll consider some of the most viable alternative platforms, including Ainfluencer, Ninja Outreach, and Mention, that rank well among the best.

What is Klear?


Klear is one of the best influencer marketing platforms that lets marketers find appropriate influencers for making meaningful interactions with prospects and new audiences.

Klear marketing items include useful features such as influencer discovery, campaign analytics, demographic information, and social media monitoring tools to run an accurate influencer marketing campaign.

It ensures its users that all their influencer marketing campaigns are easily managed and run as smoothly as possible.

Moreover, it allows influencers to upload their content for brand approval, which can be another ensuring factor for all the parties involved. 

Klear Reviews

User-generated reviews and customer feedback are the best ways to gain insights into the efficiency of Klear’s services. 

According to klear reviews, people are satisfied using klear influencer marketing tools; however, few challenges have been reported while using this platform.

Here’s a summary of Klear reviews on Capterra:

  • resents in-depth  influencer program report
  • Great customer support
  • Provides assistance to optimize your influencer activities
  • Includes accurate, easy campaign tracking
  • All-in-one platform
klear overall review

In general, based on the most recent reviews, we can say Klear’s pros weigh a lot more against its cons. Let’s also consider the cons.

Some marketers find it difficult for the influencer discovery process, which includes many limitations, while others say it is hard to get influencers to re-authenticate.

Now let’s read some Klear reviews from G2 and Capterra:

klear review g2, 1

“Great platform for all influencer marketers”

What do you like best?

“I like to describe Klear as the search engine for influencers worldwide. I love how you can make detailed profiles of almost everyone and have options to group your favorites in campaigns or by using custom labels. It’s super easy to manage your specific campaigns, and with some of the new features provided, you can actually get a lot of detailed insights about how campaigns perform.

Finally, it also helps me keep track of our own socials and lets me know when specific influencers have mentioned us.”

Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

“You’ll have to be willing to invest in a proper tool for accurate influencer marketing. So the pricing is something to consider.”

Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

“We no longer have to browse the socials to spot specific content creators. We now have a detailed search engine at our disposal. Reporting back about projects is also very easy with the metrics per influencer or campaign. And finally, it gives us insights into how well campaigns perform.”

klear review g2, 2

“Not all platforms synced”

What do you like best?

“The projected ROI shown was very helpful when considering the value of influencer marketing.”

Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

“We disliked that not all of the influencers’ profiles synced when you found them.”

Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

“Proven ROI on Influencer marketing.”

"Not all platforms synced" What do you like best? “The projected ROI shown was very helpful when considering the value of influencer marketing.” Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike? “We disliked that not all of the influencers' profiles synced when you found them.” Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? “Proven ROI on Influencer marketing.”

“Great insight but experience could be better.”

Overall: “Not the best user experience but it’s insights are critical for the business.”

Pros: “The tool is very instrumental in our influencer selection process with very in-depth insights and the tool’s ‘True Reach’ metric is truly groundbreaking – helping us differentiate between mediocre and quality influencers”

Cons: “The tool’s search & filtering features (influencer discovery) desperately need a massive revamp, lots of limitations and the experience is frustrating.”

Alternatives Considered: “Upfluence”

Reasons for Choosing Klear:The depth of the insights provided by the tool.”

klear reviews capterra 2

“Overall solid product but keep in mind…….”

Pros:I used this product consistently for several months to find influencers for a previous client. The overall design of the tool is clean and minimalistic, and even somewhat intuitive. You can search for influencers through their search function, use of a boolean query, location, or by skill (Klear classifies influencers by a theme, like Interior Design, Higher Education, or Fashion). I like being able to pull up influencers for Instagram as well, and I think this is one of the few tools that offer that. Overall, solid product! My Customer Success Manager was incredibly helpful and always available to help me with any needs.”

Cons:My biggest issue with the product is the “skills” search function can be limiting since you have to select a “skill” from their drop-down options. It’s also pretty buggy and unreliable– it would often pull up the wrong information and give me inaccurate locations of the influencers. However, if you use a boolean query, you will be fine. This method makes it easy to find the folks you are looking for as you can miss opportunities if you use their “skill” function, which needs work.”

2. Klear Features

  • Social Reporting
  • Social Measurement
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Report Exporting
  • Audience Analysis
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3. Klear Pricing

Klear does not include any information about plans and pricing on its website. The only plan you can get is custom-built, tailored specifically for each person or business, and for this, you need to sign up for a live demo. You need to go to the ‘Pricing’ section of Klear’s website and fill in some information to schedule a demo.

The Best Klear Alternatives

If you don’t wish to use Klear for any reason, don’t worry. We’ve got some viable alternatives you can consider for effectively implementing your influencer marketing strategy. 

1.    Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer webpage

Ainfluencer is the easiest, smartest, and fastest Instagram influencer marketing tool to grow your Instagram brand. It lets brands connect with thousands of different eligible Instagram influences to help them run small or big marketing campaigns. Check out the following YouTube video to get more information on how Ainfluencer can help businesses grow.

This all-in-one-package tool is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) platform for influencer marketing that resonates with any budget.

Ainfluencer Reviews

ainfluencer overall reviews

According to recent reviews of Ainfluencer on Trustpilot, most people have had an excellent experience of using it.

People’s experiences suggest that Ainfluencer:

  • Offers cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns
  • Has a safe and secure payment
  • Is super fast and easy to use
  • Let’s you post personalized offers

Now let’s read some reviews posted by top users from Trustpilot: 

According to recent reviews of Ainfluencer on Trustpilot, most people have had an excellent experience of using it. People’s experiences suggest that Ainfluencer: Offers cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns Has a safe and secure payment Is super fast and easy to use Let’s you post personalized offers Now let's read some reviews posted by top users from Trustpilot:
“I love how fast I could get a deal…

I love how fast I could get a deal closed for my Instagram and all was done by chatting with the business I promoted. The post got published itself and deleted on time, all tracking payments etc done automatically.”

ainf review 2
“Super fast and convenient

Super fast and convenient. An offer closed by chatting with the brand. The story got published on time in the background, all tracking, payments etc done in the background.

Can’t wait for my next deal.”

Additionally, reviews on Trustpilot prove that marketers were able to easily run accurately scheduled campaigns on Ainfluencer. In general, most were satisfied with their experience of collaborating with the local influencers on this platform.

Ainfluencer Feature

  • Page audit
  • Content library
  • Custom influencer search filters
  • Ad content scheduler
  • Ad campaigns analysis
  • Built-in chat system for a smart workflow

Ainfluencer Pricing

The best thing about Ainfluencer is that you can use all of its features to target, filter, and contact influencers for free. This means you can save tons of time on finding your niche influencers and save your money by using this platform for free. 

2.    Ninja Outreach

ninja outreach homapage

Ninja outreach can be one of the Klear alternatives. It is the second powerful influencer marketing and blogger software that helps businesses find niche-relevant Instagram and YouTube influencers based on their locations. 

It can be a great choice for small businesses to grow their social media audience using relationship management, analytics, and reporting.

Ninja Outreach Reviews

Now that you know everything about the Ninja outreach platform and its features, it’s time to read customers’ reviews. 

Here are some reviews of Ninja outreach on the g2 website:

ninja outreach review 1
“Great tool, still has room for improvements”

What do you like best?

“I mainly use Ninja Outreach to look for Instagram influencers and I like that I’m able to get all the metrics at one glance, which helps to speed up my influencer search process. I also like that it grays out influencers that I have already added to my list so I don’t email the same influencers twice.”

What do you dislike?

“I found that the interface could have been more user-friendly. A little clunky and slow to my liking. I haven’t been able to use their search function to find quality Instagram influencers. They are using Keyword-based search and most of the time, the influencers I found through the search function are not in my niche. They showed up just because their bio has certain words. I hope Ninja Outreach can have a better system to help us search for influencers.”

Recommendations to others considering the product:

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“Definitely do the trial to see if you like the user interface. I have not tried other tools so I couldn’t compare.”

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

“It definitely helps speed up my influencer research by having all the metrics at once. It also helps a lot in sending out my outreach emails with all the automated follow-up emails so that I don’t have to keep track of which influencers I have to chase after.”

ninja outreach review 2

What do you like best?

“Nothing, these guys are shady at best. We signed up for their “7 day free trial” and within minutes were charged a full $1428 without authorization or consent. As this was a “trial” we wanted to test various features. We clicked through a button which referred to their “pro” version and immediately saw a charge come through on our card. There was no opt-in. There was no “warning” we would be charged.”

What do you dislike?

“Because there is no phone number or email listed, it is impossible to get ahold of them outside of chat. Over the past two weeks we have been getting on their chat and kept being told “billing will take a look at it”. Reading others reviews on here we are not holding our breath and have filed a dispute with our credit card.”

Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Avoid, unless you want to get scammed.”

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?


Ninja Outreach Features

  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Direct Mail Management

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Ninja has two pricing models, monthly and yearly that are divided into 2 plans: Flex and Pro.  

The Flex plan is :

  • 299$ per month billed monthly
  • 119$ per month billed yearly

And the Pro plan is:

  • 499$ per month billed monthly
  • 199$ per month billed yearly

3. Grin

grin homepage

Grin is a new influencer marketing platform that aims to help marketers identify and connect with relevant influencers. The platform has a range of features, including a search engine that allows you to explore influencers based on their niche or location.

Grin reviews 

Now that you know everything about Grin and its features, let’s read some customers’ reviews from the g2 website. 

grin reviews 1
“Streamlines Process – Reporting subpar unless you pay extra”

What do you like best?

“I appreciate the integrations Grin offers. It saves a lot of time by allowing us to sync directly with Shopify and create and distribute discounts quickly. It also works closely with Lumanu to help us gather UGC and whitelisting opportunities.”

What do you dislike?

“Everything feels like an upcharge – whether it’s an extra admin user, basic reporting, or adding more influencer slots, they all feel like they should be included with the monthly cost.”

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

“Scaling the program was an issue when managing everything in spreadsheets. Grin has allowed us to maintain a lean team while expanding the program efforts. It has also increased our performance cross-channel by bringing in more UGC.”

grin reviews 2
“Bad fit for our organization”

What do you like best?

“I liked Grin’s influencer search tool and some of the communication tools.”

What do you dislike?

“Grin was a bad fit for our organization for a few reasons – the effectiveness of the tool centers on the idea of campaign performance tracking, which in theory seems helpful, but my org uses influencers in many different ways across many different campaigns (someone might create evergreen content that we will use as a reel, for whitelisting, and 6 months later as a paid ad) so it wasn’t helpful for me to set up a campaign and isolate performance to one product launch. Another big detriment was that once the initial email was sent to a set of influencers, the communication was not automated really in any way and inviting them to apply to a campaign didn’t make sense for something like general interest influencers not yet assigned to an effort. Still needing to manually communicate every step of the way was almost made worse with the tool when I was doing it for 300 influencers instead of our usual 30. We also had problems with finding influencers associated with a given campaign or effort – I found it really difficult to find them, figure out which product they had sent and what the most recent communication was. I just felt like it slowed me down overall. Also the training sessions for onboarding was really bad – it took forever and was quite slow and heavy-handed. The inflexibility of the tool was made all the more frustrating when I was discovering that more than a month into onboarding certain functions weren’t possible. Another frustration was performance tracking via hashtags – which we don’t really use. Needing to create a custom hashtag for each effort felt a little discordant for our process – obviously so much of that communication is lost when you’re working with hundreds of micro-influencers. One example of an issue I encountered was that we did a joint marketing project with another brand and they handled the influencer marketing portion – identifying and completely implementing with ~40 influencers – where do I put them in the tool? I want to see the tags and track performance and collect assets in one place and I obviously am not going to have them apply to a campaign if the other brand is fully handling the process….”

Recommendations to others considering the product:

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“Consider onboarding timeline

Consider how campaigns are tracked

Consider product ordering/exchange difficulty

Consider how you might utilize influencers across different types of efforts (gifting, content generation, paid ad creation, own-channel posting for campaigns, evergreen, organic, etc.) The tool is somewhat inflexible in how they view influencer impact.”

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

“We were looking to scale our program and I might have gotten better with some practice, but communicating with hundreds of influencers per campaign wasn’t really improved with the tool aside from discovering them and sending that first email.”

Grin features

  • Influencer Recruitment and Influencer Segmentation
  • Data Importing and Exporting Tools
  • Campaign and Audience Analysis
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards

Grin Pricing

Grin doesn’t provide pricing information on its website. You need to send them a demo through the website to know about their pricing plans and tell them your business details.

4. Upfluence

upfluence homepage

The next platform in our list of Klear alternatives belongs to Upfluence. Upfluence is the leading influencer marketing platform for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands. With Upfluence, brands and businesses can find their niche influencers using as many keywords as necessary. It also covers all the leading social media platforms for finding bloggers and influencers, including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Pinterest. 

Upfluence Reviews

To know more about Upfluence customers’ experience, let’s take a look at the overall review rating of this platform on Capterra:

upfluence reviews


  • “I’ve been using this software for a couple of months. It improves the working efficiency.”
  • “It’s easy to look and get in touch with influencers and have everything in the same place.”
  • “Detailed metric reports of the data I actually need, not fluff. Activity heat maps are a welcome addition.”
  • “Clear flow: identification, selection, approval, contracting, reporting. Useful data for influencers and benchmarks.”


  • “We work through a VPN that occasionally has high latency, so I don’t like that the system needs to re-download information if I accidentally click away from a content creator’s data overview.”
  • “Database mismatches/errors can only be corrected by customer service. Completely understandable situation, but it can be annoying if you’re under a time-crunch.”
  • “We thought we were signing a month to month, and got trapped into a 12 month contract. It was presented in such a way you thought it was month to month.”
  • “It was difficult to use and confusing and did not get us any results. We may worked with less than 5 influencers in a 6 month period.”

Upfluence Features

  • Audience analysis
  • Influencer scoring and influencer collaboration
  • Influencer segmentation
  • User-generated content management
  • Influencer analytics
  • Data importing and exporting tools

Upfluence pricing

Upfluence doesn’t provide pricing information on their website. To obtain their current pricing, you can contact them on their website, under the pricing tab. 

5. Aspire.io


Our last platform is the list of Klear alternatives belonging to Aspire.io. Aspire is an influencer marketing platform for e-commerce businesses to help them work with influencers, run campaigns, and affiliate advertisements. With this service, you can identify key influencers using relevant keywords, hashtags, and mentions. After that, the smart AI engine suggests you a list of top influencers that you can invite with automated emails to save time. 

Aspire Reviews

Here are the total reviews of Aspire on the G2. As you can see, it gets better overall reviews than the klear review. 

aspire review

Aspire Features

Here are the main features Aspire provides for its customers. You can compare them to other platforms we mentioned to decide better. 

  • Influencer discovery and influencer relationship management
  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Contact database 
  • Content management

Aspire pricing

This platform doesn’t provide a pricing plan on their website. So to compare it to klear pricing first, you need to request a demo through their website. After submitting your business details, they’ll email you the pricing plans. 

aspire pricing


All of these best influencer marketing tools provide many different features and services for digital marketers to launch their online businesses successfully at the infancy stage

But keep in mind which platform can support you from the beginning right to the end with minimum risk, effort, and time.

Therefore, it would be best if you go deep through the reviews and features of each tool to make a sensible choice.

Based on what we discussed throughout this article, Ainfluencer sticks out pretty well among other rivals as the smartest, most reliable influencer marketing platform.

So why not use such a platform that lets you post customized offers and guarantees positive outcomes?

How much does Klear cost?

This platform doesn’t provide a pricing plan on their website. You need to contact them through email to know the exact price, but the basic pricing starts from 249$ per month. 

How many influencers are on Klear?

There are about 200 million social media profiles in Klear, sorted into 60,000  categories. 

How is Klear?

Klear is one of the best influencer marketing platforms with thousands of influencers. Since it’s overpriced, you can use alternatives with better pricing.