10 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah in 2023

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Want to know about some of the best fashion bloggers in Utah? Then this article is just for you! You might be familiar with Utah for its beautiful mountains and the Sundance Film Festival. But are you familiar with the best fashion bloggers in Utah?

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But if you want to know about some of the best fashion bloggers in Utah first, then keep scrolling.

10 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

Instagram is the most popular platform with thousands of fashion bloggers from different countries. Many fashion brands companies collaborate with these bloggers to boost their brand on social media

In the following, we’ll be talking about the best fashion bloggers in Utah. 

#1 Stephanie Nielson – @Nieniedialogues

As one of the most famous fashion bloggers in Utah, Stephanie Nielson started blogging in 2006. In the same year, she was in a terrible airplane crash with her husband in which over 80% of her body was burnt. 

She was in a coma for three months and underwent many surgeries and treatments. It was a painful and frustrating process, but she didn’t lose hope. Today, she’s one of the most influential bloggers in the world.

With 100k followers on Instagram, she inspires her audience every day and shares her daily life. In 2009, she won the prize of Blogluxe’s Most Inspiring Blog.

Stephanie Nielson is known for her positive approach to life, brave personality, and love for her family and motherhood. She also published her first book called ‘Heaven is Here’ in 2012.

Unfortunately, in 2021, she suddenly deleted all the posts on her blog and stated that she was going to give up blogging. But she is still active on Instagram. 

#2 Christy Dawn – @Christydawn

With over 320k followers on Instagram, Christy Dawn is one of the best fashion bloggers in Utah. In addition to sharing fashion tips and style inspirations, she’s also a great photographer who shares her photos with the world.

She also owns an online clothing store where she sells dresses, footwear, etc. Most of her clothes are made with natural colors, organic fabrics, and other eco-friendly materials. 

Christy Dawn makes boho-chic and timeless dresses for women and children from upcycled fabrics and is a great choice for people who care about nature. Click here to visit her website!

#3 Lauryn Hock – @Lauryncakes

This blogger posts about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty tips. She describes her clothing style as a mix of ‘urban sophisticate’ and ‘boho edge.’ According to Lauryn, Stevie Nicks is someone whose fashion inspires her a lot. 

After graduating Cum Laude with two Bachelor’s degrees in education, Lauryn taught at a low-income school in a high-needs area for four years. During her teaching career, she continued to update her blog and social media, gaining an audience of over 60,000 followers across all channels. 

In 2019, she decided to take a career leap and pursue blogging full-time. She’s been invited to and attended New York Fashion Week, has been featured in numerous online and print publications, and has appeared on segments on local news stations.

In addition to her fashion blogging, she also owns a website that provides insights into her preferred shopping destinations for clothing.

#4 Amber Fillerup Clark – @Amberfillerup

She is a fashion and lifestyle influencer known for her relatable content and unique style. Through her blog and social media platforms, she shares her personal style, beauty tips, and insights into her everyday life. 

According to The Atlantic, bloggers on the same level as Amber Fillerup make $1 million to $6 million a year. With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, that’s no surprise!

Amber Fillerup owns a website called ‘Barefoot Blonde’, and she’s also the founder of ‘BFB Hair’. With over 125,000 happy customers, she offers no-show hair extensions for all types of hair. All the hairs are 100% human, and her aim is to boost the confidence of her clients, regardless of age and hair type.

She also runs a hair care line, ‘Dae Hair’, in Arizona. Dae stands for ‘Dawn, Afternoon, Evening’, and is a great representation of their cause, which is to be there for their customers throughout the day.

 #5 Araceli Bindrup – @Arybindrup

With over 100k followers on Instagram, Araceli Bindrup is a well-known fashion blogger in Utah. She’s from Peru and loves to wear Utah outfits and shares her love for fashion through blogs.

Araceli is also a lifestyle blogger and shares tips about beauty, fitness, and home decor. 

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She started her online career by reaching out to brands or people who would pay her to post photos in exchange for money. It was a difficult path, but she managed to overcome the obstacles and become a famous fashion influencer.

Today, many brands reach out to her to promote their brand and increase their brand engagement.

# 6 Stephanie Brinkerhoff – @Hairandmakeupbysteph

If you love learning new hairstyles, then Stephanie is a must-follow for you. She’s a professional hairstylist who travels the world and attends weddings, events, and workshops.

In addition to that, she also teaches her unique techniques to participants. With more than 500k followers on Instagram, she’s considered one of the best influencers in Utah. 

Stephanie Brinkerhoff has also worked with many celebrities for different events. Celebrities like Millicent Simmonds, Rhea Seehorn, and Rhianne Barreto.

According to her, the key to success in the beauty industry is taking risks and challenging yourself.

#7 Angie Harrington – @AngieHarrington

Let’s not forget about one of the best fashion bloggers in Utah who also starred in the TV show Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Angie Harrington is a loving mom, wife, and fashion influencer.

She has 135k followers on Instagram who love her warm attitude and trendy style. In addition to that, she owns a successful blog, ‘The Fashion Ruse’, where she posts about fashion and lifestyle.

In an interview, she was asked why she started her blog, to which she answered: ‘The goal of the website is to help others to look and feel their best to become their best at any price point.’

Angie is also a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

#8 Rachel Parcell – @Rachparcell

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Rachel Parcell is a well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger who started her blogging career in 2016.

She also launched her own line of clothing in 2016 under her own name ‘Rachel Parcel’. Her clothes represent her own style and are often feminine, elegant, and timeless.

After her wedding pictures were featured on the cover of Utah Valley Bride magazine, new audiences began to notice her, and many of them were interested in her sense of style.

As a talented jewelry designer, Rachel also launched a successful line of jewelry called ‘Pink Peonies’. In 2018, she was named Utah’s social media influencer of the year, and she continues to inspire many people.

Rach is also a member of ‘The Hayes Tough Foundation’ which helps families with young children who have cancer.

#9 Emily Meyers – @Thefreckledfox

As a single mother of 6, Emily manages her family and work life in the best way possible. She’s best known for her blog called ‘Freckled Fox’.

Emily is a well-known fashion and mom blogger whose blogs are about fashion, beauty tips, hair, and parenting. She’s a great inspiration for many mothers around the world.

She has over 250k followers on Instagram and her main source of income is her Instagram posts. Emily is a great example of a successful influencer and blogger.

Unfortunately, she lost her husband almost 8 years ago due to illness, but Emily still shares her love for her husband with the world and comforts those who have lost a loved one.

#10 Cara Loren – @Caraloren

And last but not least, we’re gonna introduce you to one of the most famous fashion bloggers and business owners of Utah. 

Cara is a 27-year-old mother who was born and raised in Utah. She got married to Brody Van Brocklin in 2009 and has a beautiful family. She loves to share her passion with the world, and that’s what led her to create a blog in 2012.

With almost 2 million followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise that she has many devoted fans from all around the world who love her sense of style. She also founded her own online shop, ‘Cara Loren’. 

Now that you’re familiar with the best fashion bloggers in Utah, let’s see how you can collaborate with them!

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1. How Can I Become the Best Fashion Blogger in Utah? 

For starters, you should be familiar with the new fashion trends, and be able to create engaging and original content. You should also develop a personal style that matches your personality.
Then, you should find your target audience and engage with them. To attract more followers, you can collaborate with other bloggers, join fashion communities, and be consistent with your content creation.

2. How Much Money Do Fashion Bloggers Make in Utah?

There is no simple answer to this question. Fashion bloggers have different incomes based on different factors. Fashion bloggers make a national average of $37,767 or $18.16 an hour. In general, entry-level bloggers make around $25,000 every year, and senior-level bloggers make $41,000 a year.


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