Viralyft Review in 2024 – *Is It Safe To Use?*

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As a social media marketing company, Viralyft claims to help you grow and improve your social media accounts on different platforms. Apparently, you can buy YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram likes, followers, and views with Viralyft. But can you?

Maybe you want to grow your followers and sign up for an Influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer to start making money as a micro-influencer. It’s very common these days. Or you just want to have more followers and enjoy sharing your content with a larger audience.

In either case, in this comprehensive Viralyft review, we’ll discuss whether it’s safe to use Viralyft for your social media accounts.

What Is Viralyft

It’s a social media growth platform that claims to help you grow your social media accounts. You can buy followers, likes, comments, and views with Viralyft. But what platforms does this social media engagement provider cover?

Viralyft Homepage
Viralyft Homepage

Viralyft offers its features for almost all social media platforms most notably Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Clubhouse.

Although it may initially appear favorable that Viralyft encompasses the entirety of social media, it means that its coverage is merely superficial and lacks depth. From the very beginning, this platform seems like spam.

Needless to say, there are some easy ways to get followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. And buying real followers can be one of them. However, there are very few things real about Viralyft.

But, before getting to whether is Viralyft legit or not, let’s take a look at its features.

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What are Viralyft’s Features

As a social media growth platform, Viralyft’s features are limited to selling likes comments, followers, shares, and views. You can buy Facebook likes with Viralyft, buy Youtube subscriptions and views, or you can buy Instagram followers and other such things with Viralift.

But unfortunately, they can not keep their promises. This gives us enough incentive to write Viralift review. So, let’s answer the most important question about Viralift.

Is Viralyft Legit

Considering the number of dissatisfied users and negative Viralift reviews on different websites, we don’t believe it’s safe to trust a platform like Viralift.

In the case of Instagram, this platform claims to give hundreds of real active followers with a small fee. But in fact, they are spammy bot-like followers that do more harm than good. Instagram algorithms can easily track unusual activity around your account which might result in getting your Instagram account banned.

Even if you don’t get banned, what is the point of having followers that bring you zero impressions? Imagine you are a beauty influencer trying to promote a makeup brand, why should the brand pay you when all you have is fake followers?

But before all of this, you should be worried that whether they give you whatever you paid for. In many cases, customers purchased from them but nothing happened. They didn’t get any new followers, likes, or views. And forget about contacting their customer service because it’s almost impossible to contact anyone from the Viralyft. 

Furthermore, the situation isn’t any better for other social media platforms. If you are considering buying Facebook likes and followers through Viralyft, You should know that they are all fake.

Even though Viralyft has a legitimate website, the quality and ROI they are offering are very low. Reading some of the Viralift reviews might help you understand the situation better. 

Viralyft Reviews

Users were not satisfied with Viralyft’s services at all. On review platforms such as Trustpilot and Reddit, you can see people’s frustration with this platform. These negative reviews were the main reason for most users to question the Viralyft’s legitimacy.

Let’s examine some of the Viralyft reviews here:

Viralyft Review on Reddit
Viralyft Review on Reddit

This customer made a purchase to increase Instagram engagement and followers, but nothing happened. And the worst part is, he couldn’t find anybody to report the issue. Pretty scammy right?

The next image is a Viralyft review on Trustpilot:

Viralyft Review on Trustpilot
Viralyft Review on Trustpilot

Here you can see that the customer ordered a package and paid for it but didn’t receive anything from Viralyft. Let’s view another dissatisfied user’s review:

Viralyft Review
Viralyft Review

The list of negative Viralyft reviews is too long to be covered in this section. And there are very few satisfied customers. But, the Viralyft website’s review section is full of five-star reviews from satisfied customers!

The fact that there are lots of negative reviews on the third-party platforms about them but on their website, everything seems perfect is another reason to consider Verityft a scam.

While we cannot definitively prove that the reviews on the Verityft website are fabricated, we have a strong conviction that they selectively screen the reviews prior to making them public. Our certainty stems from the fact that we attempted to submit a review on the platform and discovered that it required approval before being published.

writing reviews
Writing Reviews

Now that we investigated the reviews, it’s time to discuss how much Viralyfit costs.

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Viralyft Pricing

Although we don’t recommend you collaborate with Viralyft, we are going to observe its prices for different platforms. The pricing packages of Viralyft are very broad. And we have to be honest, their prices are affordable. However, there is almost no ROI!

We’ll cover some of the prices here.

Facebook Prices

You have to pay $18 to buy 500 high-quality Facebook likes on Viralyft. And for the premium quality likes you have to pay $25. We still don’t know what the differences are between high-quality and premium quality in Viralyft packages. I believe nobody does!

To buy Facebook followers with Viralyft, the pricing starts at $6.99 for 250 followers. Additionally, you can acquire fake views for your posts, starting at $6.99 for 500 views.

Instagram Prices

You can buy Instagram (fake) followers, likes, story views, reel views, and comments through Viralyft. And how much is it going to cost?

  • Instagram followers start at: 100 followers/$4.89,
  • Instagram likes start at: 100 likes/ $5.89,
  • Instagram views start at: 500 views/ $3.99,
  • Instagram comments start at: 5 comments/$15.99. 

We tried to mention the most popular Viralyft packages in this section.

Pros & Cons of Viralyft

Let’s take a look at Viralyft’s advantages and disadvantages before concluding on this social media growth platform.

Viralyft Pros

  • Covering 8 different social media platforms,
  • Accepting crypto for payment.

Viralyft Cons

  • No customer service.
  • No refunding.
  • Scammy behavior.
  • Giving fake followers and likes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.
  • Increasing the chance of getting banned.
  • There is a very high chance that after paying them nothing happens and you don’t get what you have ordered.

Viralyft Final Verdict

After testing this platform and reading hundreds of reviews about Viralyft, we can state that this platform is not legit and we don’t recommend anybody to use it.

It’s very common for this platform to do nothing for you after you have paid them. And even if they give you what you have ordered, you might get banned from Instagram, Facebook, etc. Because you will receive only fake followers which bring you no impression.

And when you try to reach out to  Viralyft customer support to report the issue and ask for a refund, there is nobody to answer you.

All in All, it’s better to avoid A platform Like Viralyft and look for other alternatives such as Aigrow.

Best Viralyft Alternative: AiGrow

AiGrow is a complete Instagram growth and engagement solution that generates real-human followers. Businesses and influencers can use this platform to increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

Viralyft alternative - Aigrow

Getting real followers, managing growth and DMs, and mass unfollowing are only a small part of AiGrow features. And there is a 14-day money-back guarantee if you weren’t satisfied with the results. It’s a perfect Viralyft alternative.

Signing up on AiGrow only takes two seconds and is completely free. So, sign up on AiGrow and see everything for yourself.


Ainfluencer is not an Instagram growth service but it’s an Instagram influencer marketplace. Actually, Ainfluencer is the first free DIY influencer marketing platform in the world. Brands and influencers can sign up for it and start collaborating.

Ainfluencer homepage

There are more than 500,000 influencers on Ainfluencer ready to collaborate with you. So, if you are looking for a way to promote your brand on Instagram and TikTok, Ainfuencer is the answer. Sign up and Skyrocket your sales through social media.

Make Money With Ainfluencer

Having an Instagram account with more than 5,000 followers is enough to be considered as an nano influencer. Therefore, with that number of followers, you can sign up on Ainfluencer and start making money.

You can publish your daily content and at the same time collaborate with brands for promoting their products. And during this process everything is free. Making money through social media has never been easier! 

So, what are you waiting for! Sign up on Ainfluener and start collaborating with brands.


Viralyft is a social media growth platform that claims to help you improve your social media presence.

Therefore, in this article, we investigated Viralyft reviews on different websites and discussed whether it’s a legitimate platform. Unfortunately, we realized that this platform might not be safe to use and it’s better to search for some alternatives. And we introduce AiGrow as the best alternative for Viralyft. 


Can You Trust Viralyft With Your Social Media?

Although the platform and its website are safe, their services might not be worth it. Because they use fake followers to grow your account which might result in getting your account banned.

Are The Followers That Viralyft Delivers Authentic?

They are mostly bots and fake accounts that harm you more than good. You get almost no impression from the accounts that followed you through Viralyft. So, we don’t recommend you to use this platform.

How Long Does It Take Viralyft To Deliver Your Orders?

They have guaranteed that you will get your orders between 24 to 72 hours after the purchase. However, according to Viralify reviews, you might never receive anything from them. In fact, they might never give you any likes, followers, or subscribers. And in most cases, they would never answer your emails about refunding.


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