How to Fix Instagram Sign-Up Error?

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When creating a new Instagram account, you can get this error, which says” Signup Blocked.” That would be annoying when facing such an error after installing the Instagram app.

Instagram signup error

In this way, if you keep trying, you will get nowhere, and nothing special would happen even if you wait for a few minutes or hours.  Here the problem is with the number of Instagram accounts you created or added before.

Notice that before checking, make sure you are trying to create the Instagram account on the official Instagram app.

This article will share some important solutions or tips to better help you fix Instagram sign up error.  

Error when trying to sign up for Instagram might happen for two main reasons:

1- If you have signed up for many Instagram accounts with your own device


2- If you have added the maximum amount of accounts to your Instagram app

Also, there can be another problem with Instagram itself that caused this error when banning your account.

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Instagram sign up error solutions

  • Solution 1: Change your network connection
    Internet connection is the first item you need to check when accessing your Instagram account. After you assurance that your Internet connection is established, it is time to turn off and turn it on to restart your network connection to notice whether your Instagram issue is fixed or not.
    It would also work best if you try to change your network connection from wifi to mobile data or vice versa.
  • Solution 2: Change your email address or phone number
    It might several times occurs that creating an Instagram account would not be successfully done unless you change your email address or phone number to sign up to a new Instagram account.
    If you come across this situation, Instagram definitely has blocked your email address or phone number. So I recommend you create your new Instagram account with another email address or phone number using another device.
  • Solution3: Use a VPN
    If the first solution did not work for you, download a free version of the VPN, turn it on and then create a new Instagram account; if signing up for a new account is solved now, you can disconnect the VPN and go with other stuff.
  • Solution 4: Switch to different browsers
    Suppose you see the signup error on a mobile device; the third effective way is using  Desktop for the Instagram extension to sign up successfully. If you use Google Chrome and again receive the signup error, try to run Instagram on other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari. and click on sign up.
  • Solution 5: Test on another device
    As I mentioned above, if you make multiple Instagram accounts with one device, you will be unable to sign up for a new Instagram account. It means Instagram has blocked your device’s Ip address; even if you try to sign up for a new account from your browser, you will get no result. In this way, it would be better to change your device. Whenever you could create a new Instagram account from any device, then it is possible to access the newly created Instagram account from your previous device.
  • Solution 6: log out of your Facebook account
    The Instagram signup issue is bound to happen when you already have a login to your Instagram account with Facebook in the past and that Facebook is signed-in on the device. So, facing sign up error is typical now sign out of Facebook and then create a new Instagram account may solve the problem.
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Put it all together; you need to check these solutions step by step to fix your Instagram sign up issue. And if you have a problem with managing multiple accounts, remember that  Instagram allows  adding up to 5 accounts that you can manage from your profile.