How to Create a Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign in 2023

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Instagram has proven to stand tall amidst old and new social platforms. It is still one of the most used applications because of its features and opportunities. Today, in 2023, many businesses and brands use this platform to create a successful Instagram marketing campaign

However, only a few know how to go about the process of completing a successful Instagram campaign. That is why we have this blog – to facilitate readers with the entire drill – from the introduction to how to foster results after the completion of the marketing campaigns.

Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign in 2023 

Instagram marketing is a way to exhibit your business or brand in a subtle way to get a real breakthrough in sales. With the help of marketing campaigns on Instagram, anyone can leverage existing sales, leads, and revenues. 

It means if you start working on it today, all your tomorrows (after completing the essential areas of a campaign) will serve bounties. The best way to start a successful marketing campaign on Instagram is to keep an eye on the increasing number of Instagram likes.  

However, an understanding of “content creation” and “Instagram algorithms” is essential to reach the maximum reach and visibility. In this blog, we have mentioned those areas and some tips that will help complete a successful Instagram marketing campaign. 

But before we move on to the actual discussion on how to reach the most bountiful level of success. The most crucial step to kickstart a marketing campaign on Instagram is creating a business account.

Rules of thumb that you must bear in mind while creating Instagram marketing in 2023 include;

  • Focus on engagement metrics so that the profile has the potential to augment easily. If you think it is not doable in the given timeframe, don’t worry. There are several third-party websites that can assist you in this matter. You will need to rely on the best one and buy Instagram followers
  • Understanding the dynamics of increasing reach and visibility is the second most crucial element for a successful Instagram marketing campaign. 

Start an Instagram Marketing Campaign with a Business Account 

For a successful marketing campaign, it is imperative to create a business account. To do so, all you will need is a good internet connection. Everything else, which includes instructions, is very easy to follow. 

However, it is possible to skip this step now and complete it in the end. Since running advertisements on Instagram is essential, we suggest completing it as the first step of your influencer marketing strategy

Procedure to Create a Business Account on Instagram 

Step #1: Choose a handle and username to create an Instagram account for business. 

Step #2: Go to “Settings” and select “Account” from the drop-down menu. 

Step #3: Scroll till the end to find “Switch to Business/Professional Account.”

Procedure to Create a Business Account on Instagram 
Procedure to Create a Business Account on Instagram 

Further Steps to Complete a Business Account on Instagram 

After creating a business account, you have to personalize it according to the brand’s needs. For that, the following areas must be covered. 

  • Instagram Handle and Name 
  • Select the Category 
  • Complete Instagram Bio 
  • Add the Logo of the Brand 

Instagram Handle and Name

To determine the best handle and username, choosing a brand name will help. After that, you can quickly check its availability in the search bar. If the handle is already taken, you can try luck in getting it through one of the following ways. 

#1: Approach the person who owns the handle and try getting it under your name. 

#2: To avoid any negative situation, offer to purchase the handle. 

Note: Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the username – multiple accounts can take it. Also, choose the most alluring IG handle so that you build an audience with massive Instagram followers. People generally relate to the brands quickly when the handle is selected wisely.

Select the Category

Check and analyze the category of your brand. It will help personalize, optimize, and boost the business profile. 

Complete Instagram Bio

It is a compulsion to use the “bio” field so that the profile sounds legit and trustworthy. Remember, there are only 150 characters (not words) to use. Craft characters wisely to ensure enticement and spice in the first look. 

We suggest you use a business slogan to make the bio look professional. However, adding appropriate hashtags will do the trick of getting excellent engagement metrics. The use of emojis in bio is trending. So, use them wherever needed. 

Add the Logo of the Brand

Last but not least, use a picture that tells everything about the profile. Placing a profile picture with 180 PX into 180 PX would work if you use a desktop. Otherwise, the profile picture on your mobile or tab should have 110 PX into 110 PX. Avoid using pixelated pictures and always opt for quality pictures to get maximum results. 

Finally: Take a Step Deeper and Initiate the Campaign 

Wow! Everything related to creating and optimizing a business account is done, right? Now is the time to develop a strategy for Instagram marketing. Let’s get into it without wasting time. 

At the end of the roadmap to your Instagram influencer marketing, you will be able to achieve the following areas: 

  • A list of competitors and create a benchmark. 
  • Content strategy with complete details and calendar. 
  • Names of the Instagram creators and collaborators.

4 Steps of Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign

Without further ado, here are the 4 main steps you need to go through when creating a marketing campaign on Instagram:

4 Steps of Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign
4 Steps of Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign

Step #1: Determine Your Targeted Audience 

First thing first, you have to dive deeper and know the basics. Questioning yourself about the product or service you sell in alliance with the buyer will help in many ways. 

For example, the entire phase in which you create content strategy will have a perspective. With that, we are sure you will reach the true potential of influencer marketing. 

However, if you need more clarification about the questions to ask, worry not. We have given some examples below. You will have clarity and vision after knowing the answers to these questions. 

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Question #1: Who can relate to your service or product? Is it Gen Z or X, the boomers, millennials, etc.? 

Question #2: What is the geolocation of the targeted audience? 

Question #3: Which type of content does the targeted audience prefer? 

Question #4: How to build a connection with the targeted audience? 

Step #2: Understand Competition Around the Category

The second step of starting a successful Instagram marketing campaign is to delve deeper into the competitive market. Bring on the elements to search for the profiles with a massive fan following and traction. Check the profiles that use hashtags similar to yours. Once you know about the same niche, analyze the profile inside out. 

Step #3: Give Time to Know Instagram Algorithms

Another highlighted aspect of checking the roadmap to becoming an Instagram influencer is understanding the possible dynamics. Although these algorithms are rarely debunked, experts with experience still find the best way to rank the profile. 

According to them, you should ignore certain elements while following others religiously. 

What to Avoid? 

  • You should avoid non-attractive pictorials and images. 
  • Adding too much text in the video is another big NO. 
  • Instagram will consider using more than ten hashtags in 2023 spamming. 

What to use Instead?

  • Less than five hashtags to remain away from shadowbanning. 
  • Pictorials are used with a maximum of 5 words.
  • Extremely high-quality images. 

Please know that using hashtags from shadowbanned profiles can be extremely risky. But determining which are the banned ones needs some research or perhaps understanding. 

Instagram bans a hashtag when a violation is carried out using these hashtags. You can quickly know if Instagram has restricted the hashtag by placing them in the search bar. You can see the hidden hashtags, which means the used hashtag is actually banned. 

Step #4: Create a Content Strategy that Speaks Volume 

This is the most crucial area around Instagram influencers or marketing games. In the following, we have mentioned what you have to focus on in detail. 

  • Regular posts: those which are more informational and less of creating a hook to buy whatever you sell. 
  • Promotional posts: These are the posts that revolve around sales pitches through CTA to get solid conversion leads. 

Regular Posts on Instagram for Marketing and Campaign in 2023 

Initially, Instagram was more of a square-shaped app that only allowed an iconic ratio of 1:1 for images. Later, in 2023, there are more options for the format. Yes, it is quite a treat to see flexibility in the sizes of images and videos. 

Interestingly, you can opt for conventional as well as modern ways of sharing content. But keep in mind that, as of now, in 2023, Instagram algorithm don’t really push old ways of publishing content. It means your conventional, old posting methods might need more time to get viral. 

Regular posts include areas where you must follow specific ways to start Instagram marketing campaigns. 

Instagram Reels

In 2023, your videos won’t get published or posted on Instagram as videos. They automatically change into “Reels”. Instagram introduced this new feature (Reels) in 2020 after taking inspiration from TikTok – obviously for one reason – to rule out TikTok’s hype. 

The try was pretty good on Instagram’s part. But there were times when TikTok showed much more presence. So, in 2023, Instagram is high on Reels, so the competition with TikTok can be handled well. 

Another reason Instagram uses videos as Reels is to single out its presence. Instagram reels and stories are the same ratio size – 9:16 and 1080 into 1920 PX. However, specific changes are made in reels that appear in the feed. They are shortened to a 4:5 ratio – the frame stays small until you enlarge it by clicking Reels.

You can easily edit and format Reels as an Instagram influencer and marketer. What you have to do for that is simple – add sound, filters, and effects. Today, as of 2023, you can post up to 90-second reels.

Instagram Live Streaming/Videos 

One of the best influencer marketplaces, Instagram started the feature of live streaming (obviously in the video form) in 2016. This has served many marketers to augment their game of getting started with campaigns. 

Live streaming is used in different ways. For example, some Instagrammers go live to answer the frequently asked questions. Others prefer to take the audience behind the scenes, introduce their team members, reveal new items in their catalog, announce the giveaway winners, etc. 

All such happenings are done live in front of an audience to get more engagement metrics. You, being the marketer, can try out anything as long as the idea doesn’t violate terms and policies. 

However, if you want to get massive traction and engagement rate, it is best to announce your live sessions beforehand. It will help the audience to know when to join the broadcast.

Instagram Stories & Highlights

Last but not least, stories on Instagram have their own stature. Likewise, highlights that appear on the profile’s top section come with many perks. Two things happen when we talk about stories: they appear for a short period and only stay for a while like any of the other posts. 

Stories remain for 24 hours. On the other hand, highlights stay on your profile for as long as you want – they don’t disappear until you delete them. 

Instagram campaigns are made considering all such concerns where the stories are shared after saving them as highlighted content (only some crucial stories are shared in the highlights).

Bonus: What Else to Remember for a Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign? 

If you are not sure about the campaign on Instagram, worry not. We are here to sort things out for you! 

Undermining the value of branding will cost a lot of money, effort, and trials to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Keeping that in mind, let us guide you on how to go about it, shall we?

#1: Logo of the Brand 

The logo of the brand goes in the display picture of your account. Using nothing but your logo will help people to get enticed, which increases the potential of getting more likes, followers, etc. 

#2: Aesthetical Value in the Content 

Knowing the color combination, fonts, styles, and such things will give an identity to your profile. It requires time, and you should provide all the time to ensure a successful marketing campaign. 

#3: Maintain the Voice 

Being yourself is one aspect, and maintaining a voice in the brand is another. It would be best if you made a guideline or a booklet to follow while posting and commenting. 

#4: Implement Features in the Profile 

Several new and old Instagram features need your attention. Use them wisely and do the magic.


Crafting a successful Instagram marketing campaign in 2023 demands a strategic approach that encompasses various facets of the platform. Establishing a business account serves as the pivotal starting point, with careful attention given to aspects like profile personalization and audience engagement.

The journey then progresses through understanding target demographics, delving into competitive analysis, and grasping Instagram algorithms. The heart of the campaign lies in a comprehensive content strategy that embraces a variety of formats, including Reels, Live Streaming, and Stories while adhering to aesthetic consistency and branding principles.

With a dedicated focus on maintaining a distinctive brand voice and exploiting platform features, businesses can unlock the potential for elevated engagement, growth in followers, and impactful marketing outcomes.

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