Social Viral Review (2024) – *Is It A Scam?*

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Buying followers is one of the shortcuts social media users take to gain more followers, and Social Viral is one of the platforms that offers such a service. Not only does Social Viral offer followers, but it also provides likes, comments, and views on various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Some people have the dream of acquiring a large number of followers quickly. Who wouldn’t want to gain 1K followers in just 5 minutes? With Social Viral’s promises, it seems remarkably easy. However, is it safe to buy followers and other services from them?

In this Social-Viral review, we will examine their legitimacy and assess whether it is safe to engage with them. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Social-Viral?

Social Viral is a platform that offers social media growth services, primarily targeting Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, and Reviews.


They claim to provide real and exclusive followers, likes, and views for these platforms. Social Viral positions itself as a website that can help boost your Instagram account by offering genuine engagement from real people. They emphasize affordability, taking into consideration the needs and wants of their users and providing Instagram engagement at competitive prices.

However, it is important to approach Social Viral with caution due to concerns raised by users. Questions regarding the legitimacy of the platform and issues like the platform not working have been reported.

But don’t worry, we are going to slice and dice everything on this Social-Viral review. Just keep reading. Vs What Is the Difference?

Before going deeper into this review, let’s clear the air between these two social media growth services.

Both of the services help you get more followers on Instagram and other social media platforms by selling followers, likes, comments, views, etc. They don’t offer organic methods like other social media marketing services to grow your crowd on the internet.

Social Viral cc

And in this article, we’ll discuss everything about, not If you’re interested in learning more about the former, continue reading this article. However, if you’re looking for information about SocialViral, you can find it in the article written by Socialpros.

Is Social Viral Legit?

Social Viral doesn’t hide that they are actually selling likes, comments, etc. and we all know how buying this stuff might not be the best idea to grow your social media.

Upon evaluating the information provided, it is essential to approach Social Viral with caution. While the website claims to offer real and exclusive followers, likes, and views for various social media platforms, there are several red flags and concerns raised by users.

Social Viral Credibility

Firstly, the website’s credibility is questionable. Although Social-Viral mentions are being featured on reputable platforms such as Men’s Journal, HeraldNet, and Digital Trends, there is no evidence to support these claims. This lack of substantiation raises doubts about the legitimacy of the service.

Furthermore, it has been pointed out that Social Viral appears to have directly copied content from Twicsy without obtaining permission. This kind of action reflects poorly on their integrity and raises concerns about their overall business practices.

Social Viral Services

In terms of the service itself, the promises made by Social-Viral, including genuine engagement, affordable prices, quick delivery, and quality support, have been called into question.

After analyzing Social-Viral reviews we found out that users have reported experiencing issues such as fake engagement, slow delivery, and minimal customer support. These inconsistencies undermine the trustworthiness of the service.

While Social Viral claims to assist in increasing brand presence and revenue, it is advisable to explore alternative services that provide real engagement and have established reputations. Conducting thorough research and reading unbiased reviews can help make an informed decision about whether to utilize Social Viral or opt for more reliable alternatives.

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Social Viral’s credibility, questionable marketing tactics, and reports of unsatisfactory user experiences warrant caution. It is advisable to approach the service with skepticism and consider exploring other reputable options that can provide genuine engagement and reliable support.

Social Viral Pricing

While we don’t recommend buying followers to boost your Instagram follower count, we will still discuss the pricing offered by Social Viral.

Social-Viral offers a range of services for different social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Spotify. Now, let us delve into their package options to gain insight into the pricing structure of Social-Viral’s services.

Social Viral Instagram

Here is the list of this platform for Instagram:

Buy Instagram Followers

  • 50 followers: $1.99,
  • 100 followers: $2.97,
  • 250 followers: $4.98,
  • 500 followers: $6.98,
  • 1000 followers: $10.99,
  • 2500 followers: $25.99,
  • 5000 followers: $38.

Buy Instagram Likes

  • 100 likes: $2.98,
  • 250 likes: $4.99,
  • 500 likes: $7,
  • 1000 likes: $11,
  • 2500 likes: $24.99,
  • 5000 likes: $44.99.

Buy Instagram Views

  • 500 views: $1.99,
  • 1000 views: $3.98,
  • 2500 views: $7,
  • 5000 views: $14.99,
  • 10000 views: $24.99,
  • 15000 views: $37.44.
  • 20000 views: $49.97,
  • 30000 views: $52.5,
  • 50000 views: $74.99,

Buy Instagram Comments

  • 10 comments: $2.25,
  • 25 comments: $4.5,
  • 50 comments: $7.5,
  • 100 comments: $13.5.

Social Viral Twitter

Now that Instagram packages are explained, let’s discuss Social Viral packages for Twitter:

Buy Twitter Followers

  • 50 followers: $1.98,
  • 100 followers: $3,
  • 500 followers: $14.52,
  • 1000 followers: $28.6,
  • 2500 followers: $70.4,
  • 5000 followers: $138.6.

Buy Twitter Likes & Retweets 

As of this moment, buying Social Viral Twitter likes and reviews are temporarily unavailable. So, this unavailability can be considered as one of the negative points of Social Viral. Next is TikTok services.

Social Viral TikTok

Here are the services for TikTok.

Buy TikTok Followers

  • 50 followers: $1.53,
  • 100 followers: $2.96,
  • 250 followers: $6.17,
  • 500 followers: $7.5,
  • 1000 followers: $15,
  • 1500 followers: $22.5,
  • 2000 followers: $34.5,
  • 3000 followers: $45,
  • 5000 followers: $75.

Buy TikTok Likes

  • 50 likes: $1.25,
  • 100 likes: $1,64,
  • 250 likes: $4.1,
  • 500 likes: $7.5,
  • 1000 likes: $13.5,
  • 1500 likes: $21,
  • 2000 likes: $26.5,
  • 3000 likes: $39.3,
  • 5000 likes: $65.5.

Buy TikTok Views

  • 5000 views: $2.25,
  • 10000 views: $3.75,
  • 15000 views: $6,
  • 20000 views: $9,
  • 30000 views: $11.25,
  • 50000 views: $37.5,

Social Viral Spotify

After successfully introducing Social-Viral services for various social media platforms, it is now time to delve into their services tailored for the e-commerce platform, Spotify.

Buy Spotify Followers

  • 50 followers: $1.05,
  • 100 followers: $2.25,
  • 200 followers: $3.76,
  • 500 followers: $5.25,
  • 1000 followers: $10.5,
  • 2000 followers: $17.25,
  • 5000 followers: $33,
  • 10000 followers: $42,
  • 50000 followers: $206.25.

Buy Spotify Plays

  • 1000 plays: $4.5,
  • 2000 plays: $9,
  • 3000 plays: $12.
  • 5000 plays: $21.
  • 7000 plays: $30,
  • 10000 plays: $39,

Social Viral Pros and Cons

Let’s continue this Social-Viral review with the advantages and disadvantages of this social media growth platform.

Social-Viral Pros

  • Flexible plans

Social-Viral Cons

  • No organic growth,
  • No free trial,
  • Limited customer support,

Social Viral Final Verdict

This platform sells likes, followers, comments, and views on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. There were some negative Social-Viral reviews that made us question their legitimacy. People questioned the quality of their services and even called them ‘scammers’.

So, we do not recommend you to trust their platform, because they might not be safe to use. However, if you are looking for a way to improve your social media presence, there are many organic and safer ways than buying followers. And one of the best ones is using influencer marketplaces.

Ainfluencer: Best Social Viral Alternative

Ainfluencer is the first DIY free influencer marketing platform in the world. Both users and brands can sign up for free on this platform and start collaborating with each other. 

Ainfluencer homepage

Regardless of your niche, Ainfluencer always has a free spot waiting for you.

Ainfluencer Pros

  • Free to use,
  • Massive database,
  • Advanced search filters,
  • Responsive customer service.

Ainfluencer Cons

  • No web app on the influencer side.

Ainfluencer is a completely safe platform to use, ensuring that you won’t face any issues with your Instagram account being suspended. It has already attracted over 500,000 influencers, and the number of brands joining the platform continues to grow each day.

So waste no more seconds and sign up on Ainfluencer and grow your social media accounts with a few simple clicks!


Social-Viral offers social media growth services but raises concerns about legitimacy and functionality. Users have reported issues with fake engagement and poor customer support.
It is advisable to approach the platform with caution and consider alternative options for genuine engagement, such as influencer marketplaces like Ainfluencer. This platform is free and helps you grow the number of your followers organically.


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