Top 40 Asian Fitness Influencers On Instagram To Grow Your Brand (June 2023 Update)

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In 2023, a plethora of new Asian fitness influencers will be leading the charge in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.ย 

This is due to the increasing popularity of fitness and healthy living among these countries’ populations. These Instagram fitness influencers are known for their creative content and motivating messages, which has made them some of the most famous Asian influencers.

How to Find Top Asian Fitness Influencers on Instagram?

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Top 40 Asian fitness influencers on Instagram

Hereโ€™s a list of the top Asian fitness influencers you should follow in 2023:

1. Disha Jain – @disha_jain6

Disha is among the Asian fitness models who are very popular on Instagram, with 117k followers.ย 

She is an ACSM-certified nutritionist and fitness coach based in India. 

On her Instagram page, you can see her posting her daily workouts, promoting health and fitness-related products, and her lifestyle as well.

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2. Jane Surin – @jane_surin

Jane is one of the inspiring Asian fitness models and inspiration from Singapore. You may not believe that she is a mom of two. She works with many fitness brands and shares her daily life as a mom as well. Currently, she has 44k followers on her Instagram account.

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3. Jin Young Lee – @mowgli.j

Jin Young Lee is one of the top Asian fitness influencers with 335k followers. This South Korean influencer has over 2.3M fans on TikTok. He posts daily workouts and challenges and promotes fitness brands. He also works as a top Asian fitness model.ย ย 

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4. Tejas bhalekar – @bhalekartejas

Tejas is a professional bodybuilder with 26.3K followers on his Instagram. He is one of the inspirational male fitness influencers. His natural, fit body can encourage you to build a healthy body and lifestyle.

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5. Aditi Yadav – @aditi.yadav222

Aditi is one of the macro fitness influencers with 230K followers. She is also a national-level pistol shooter based in India.  

Sharing her fitness lifestyle and workout routines makes her account useful for fitness enthusiasts. 

Aditi can be a good fit for those looking for a chance to collaborate with micro Asian Instagram influencers.

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6. Jakir Saifi – @coach_jakirsaifi

Jakir is one of the Asian Instagram influencers who can help you get inspired on your way to becoming fit. He is a “๐—ž11” Certified trainer with over 8K followers on his Instagram. He was also Mr, Teen 2019 finalist.

This fitness trainer shares his workout videos and photos on his Instagram account.

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7. Ruth – @ruthisrandom

Ruth is a top Asian fitness model based in Singapore. Her Instagram account has 108K followers.ย 

Her account is filled with inspiring photos of her working out, styles, and promoting fitness and fashion-related brands.

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8. Yash Kashyap – @yash_kash_yap_

Yash is an Asian fitness influencer based in India. In 2021, IBBF honored him with the title of Mr. Delhi.

He shares his workout videos with his 71.6K followers on his Instagram account and gives healthy tips to help others achieve their goals.

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9. Saksham Rathore – @saksham.rathore

Saksham is a local influencer based in Indore, India. He is a gym owner, fitness coach, and one of the best Asian fitness influencers in the area. On his Instagram account, he posts his athletesโ€™ transformations and their journey to reach their fitness goals. Now, he has 38.7K followers on his Instagram.

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10. Parisa Bong – @parisabong

Parisa Bong is a passionate individual with a keen interest in skincare, fitness, and fashion. Born between the 7th and 23rd of July. If you are looking for a micro-influencer, Parisa is the best choice.

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11. Deborah Earlyta Putri – @_deboraputri

Deborah is on the list of teen fitness models and influencers from Indonesia.

She is a nano Asian fitness influencer & Diet Enthusiast. 

Sharing fitness tips and diet recipes is what she uploads most days on her IG page. Getting healthy and stronger every day is Deborahโ€™s motto in life.

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12. Ailex Nomii – @ailexnomii

Ailex is a fit Asian influencer who is an expert in calisthenics, yoga, and nutrition. He has over 36K followers on his Instagram.

He works as an online personal trainer and posts short, helpful videos for fitness enthusiasts on his Instagram.ย 

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13. Jay Shah – @jayshah.97

Jay is an Indian track and field Athlete. He is among the other Indian nano fitness and wellness influencers with over 24K followers.

He shares his workouts on his account and tries to promote healthy living.

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14. Ritik Batham – @fit_with_bathamji

Ritikโ€™s account is full of positive vibes where he posts pictures and videos of his body and workouts to inspire others to have a healthy lifestyle.

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15. Deepika Lalwani – @stayfitwithdeepika

Deepika is among the Asian fitness influencers on Instagram, with over 40k followers. She shares healthy recipes as well as photos and videos of her everyday routine and yoga tutorials.

She is also a yoga teacher providing tips to help others improve their physical and mental well-being.

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16. Aniket Jadhav – @aniketjadhav11

The Indian national football team player, Aniket, shares his workout routines as a football player. This fit Asian influencer works with local and international fitness and sports brands. He has 129K followers on his Instagram account.

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17. Kuljeet Talwar – @kuljeettalwar

Kuljeet is open to working in areas like fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. On his Instagram, he shares weightlifting and fitness workouts while he is exercising with his 62.8K followers. 

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18. Akshata Panchal – @axataa

Akshata is one of the female fitness influencers on our list, with 18.3K followers. She is a Reps-certified personal trainer based in the UAE. She posts her workouts and inspirational content on her Instagram account.

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19. Bhavya Thareja – @thegymratmedico

Bhavya is a fitness coach and a fit Asian model who is also a nutritionist. She uses her Instagram account to share food reviews, fitness workouts, lifestyle posts, and Stories with her 19.1K followers.

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20. Ayush Raj – @frisk.with.ayush

Ayush is one of the nano Asian fitness influencers on Instagram. He is also a CPD-accredited fitness coach. His Instagram account is filled with inspiring photos and helpful fitness tips.

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21. Mustafa Tarwala – @fit.mst

Mustafa is an Asian fitness influencer and trekker. This fitness enthusiast is a personal trainer who usually shares photos and videos of himself exercising with his 13.4K followers.

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22. Nikhil pedia – @nikk_pedia

Nikhil is a professional fitness coach and influencer with 15.8K followers on Instagram. He is also a personal trainer who shares his daily gym routine on Instagram.

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23. Raj Mishra – @Aestheticboy_raj

Raj is an Asian fitness model and an experienced bodybuilder. He is also a local and online trainer based in India. He was born on 26 April. Now, he has 10.4K followers on his Instagram.

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24. Jugraj Singh Sidhu – @Musclemistri

Jugraj is one of the best Asian Instagram influencers. He is a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, as well as a professional yoga instructor, who promotes a healthy lifestyle through his photos and videos on his Instagram account.

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25. Shikha – @Fitwith_shikha

Shikha is a micro Asian fitness influencer from India with 15.2K followers. She is a personal trainer giving home and gym programs.

She has recently started collaborating with various health and fitness brands on her IG.

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26. Shreta Chandni – @shreyacsaroj

Shreya is one of the Asian fitness influencers on Instagram who is also a national deadlift record holder and national gold medalist. Her Instagram page is all about fitness and style.ย At this moment, she has 207K followers on her IG.

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27. Kamal chauhan – @the kamalchauhan_

Kamal is another good nano Asian fitness influencer to follow on Instagram. This Indian influencer shares his physical pictures and has recently started collaborating with various brands on his account.

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28. Karanvir Atri -@karanvir.atri

Karanvir is a fitness educator and national-level swimmer. You can send him a DM for training.

Although he has less than 5k followers, he has a high engagement rate and is an excellent choice of collaboration for small business advertising.

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29. Mukul Nagpaul – @mukulnagpaulfitness

Mukul is an Asian fitness influencer on Instagram who is also an expert in the keto diet. He posts fat loss tips every day on his account.ย 

His goal is to empower people to lose fat and gain confidence.

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30. Bebe Thanchanok – @thisisbebe

Bebe Thanchanok is an ACE-certified personal trainer skilled in aerial, pilates, and boxing with 2.5M followers. 

She is one of the most famous Asian influencers who keeps her followers updated with a daily dose of fitness routines. She also has her own YouTube channel where she uploads fun home workout routines to help you stay in shape and move toward a healthier lifestyle.

31. Alita Virajahntorn – @alita_pear

Alita Pear was voted Health & Fitness Influencer by Influence Asia in both 2015 and 2017. If you’ve already followed the GNC Thailand ambassador, youโ€™ll know she has rock-solid muscles. Follow her for inspiration and motivation for hardcore exercise. She even has her own fitness clothing brand. Now, she has 338K followers on her IG.

32. Euddeum shim – @euudeume

Euddeum frequents the gym, does pilates, models for high-end magazines, and often creates content for YouTube and Instagram. She does anything fitness-related, from playing golf and running in marathons to swimming.

Not only that, but she is also a talented dancer! Euddeum caught the eyes of 754K followers because of her skills, determination, and, of course, her cute and appealing face.

33. Chloe Ting – @chloe_t

Born in Brunei, Chloe Ting is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is best known for her YouTube channel, which posts popular at-home workouts and other health-related videos. Her videos have racked up tens of millions of views on YouTube, making her one of the most popular fitness gurus on the platform.ย 

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34. Joe Yoon – @joetherapy

Joe Yoon is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, author of his own fitness book โ€œBetter Stretchingโ€, and founder of his fitness training business, JoeTherapy. 

His Instagram page features educational material aimed at the goal of creating greater mobility, better functionality, and enhanced performance. He has videos about stretching targeted areas, movements to create more mobility, and specific massages to do on yourself for recovery.ย 

35. Thoma Gustin – @lathoma3

As a doctor of physical therapy, Gustin knows movement is essential, especially for those who spend long hours in a chair while working from home.ย 

Before kickstarting your work laptop, take slower breaths and โ€œwake upโ€ your body with some stretches to get the blood flowing. Then, follow with some intense high-intensity tactical training (HIIT) moves. We love Gustinโ€™s easy-to-follow workouts and her simple approach to home workouts.

36. Nana Al Haleq – @_nanamohd_

Nana Mohd, previously known as Nana Al Haleq, is another public figure on our list. She shares her experiences about wellness and beauty lifestyle with her 226K Instagram followers.

37. Cassey Ho – @blogilates

Cassy is an LA-based social media fitness entrepreneur who founded Blogilates in 2009.

Since then, Blogilates has become the top female fitness channel on YouTube, with nearly 5M subscribers. The workout videos posted on her YouTube channel are fun and easy to follow and guaranteed to give your endorphins pumping. 

Her Instagram page features quick guides for at-home workouts.

38. Remi Ishizuka – @rrayyme

Remi Ishizuka is an LA-based fitness and wellness blogger. She is well known for her Instagram, where she posts about fitness, fashion, makeup, and self-care. Currently, she is also hosting live workouts every day at 9 a.m. PST.ย  If you canโ€™t make it, donโ€™t fret, as she also has a host of saved IGTV workouts, many of which are done with her partner, Nate Pontious or @nates_beard. She also has a YouTube channel where she gets more personal with her life through vlogs showing her everyday life.

39. Naefit – @squatcouplethai

The SquatCouple is a popular fitness-focused YouTube channel run by a couple who are passionate about strength training and exercise.

On their YouTube channel, the SquatCouple shares a wide range of fitness content, specifically focusing on different squat variations and techniques. Their Instagram account has 95.8K followers.

40. Booky HealthyWorld – @bookyheakthyworld

Booky is one of the best fitness influencers on Instagram. She is not just an ACE-certified personal trainer but also shares easy-to-follow workout routines on her Instagram page. More importantly, she shares easy recipes to help followers stay in shape.


There are many Asian fitness influencers on Instagram who are inspiring others to be healthy, active, and fit. By following these accounts, you can get great tips and motivation for living a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

It is evident that there are many inspiring Asian fitness influencers on Instagram who are breaking boundaries and redefining the conventional notion of health and fitness. 

These individuals are not only physically fit but also promote a healthy and positive body image, which is an invaluable message to send to their followers. If you are looking for motivation to get fit or simply want to be inspired by amazing individuals, then be sure to check out some of the accounts listed in this article.

1- How much does a fitness model make?

Models are usually paid on a per-job basis, so a model who books more clients will earn more money. Depending on their modeling schedule, fitness models can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

2- Who is the best fitness YouTuber?

Chloe Ting
Yoga with Adriene
Pamela Reif
Cassey Ho
MadFit โ€“ Maddie Lymburner