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As your enterprise expands, you might find Shopify Plus to be an essential upgrade.  If you’re a business owner wondering when to switch to Shopify Plus, we’ve compiled a summary of the pricing and key features to help you decide.

Shopify Plus is designed for large e-commerce marketing enterprises and has existed since 2014. What makes it special? In this article, we’ll check out what Shopify Plus pricing is, what it offers, and how it compares to Shopify.

Let’s get started with some basics!

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a special online store platform for big businesses selling on Shopify. In 2014, Shopify noticed that many small and medium-sized online stores, which initially used basic Shopify plans, were growing quickly. This growth led to changes in their requirements. When combined with regular Shopify, Shopify Plus becomes a good choice for online shops of any size.

Shopify Plus Homepage
Shopify Plus Homepage

It goes beyond basic systems by giving you:

  • More options to customize and control your store.
  • Better automation to save time.
  • Improved ways to sell on different channels (Omnichannel commerce).
  • Faster website speeds.
  • The ability to handle a lot of visitors and sales without any issues.

It’s a good choice for companies wanting to grow fast and have strong brand awareness. Now, let’s explore Shopify Plus features at a glance!

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Shopify Plus Key Features

Shopify Plus has some important features that make it stand out from the Shopify alternatives. Now, let’s look at each of the features more in-depth.

#1 Handling High Traffic

Shopify Plus is designed to handle substantial website traffic without crashing. It can withstand massive demands, such as simultaneous visits by over 200,000 people during events like pop-ups or flash sales.

#2 Global Expansion

Shopify Plus supports global expansion by allowing up to 11 different storefronts, each with its own languages, currencies, and payment options. This enables businesses to cater to international markets effectively.

#3 Full Store Customization

Unlike basic platforms, Shopify Plus offers extensive customization options. Developers have full control over the website through editable CSS files and scripts, allowing for a tailored checkout process and overall site design.

#4 Automated Workflows

Shopify Plus includes features like Shopify Flow, enabling the automation of various tasks. This includes adding customer tags, identifying high-risk orders, reordering inventory, and managing other repetitive tasks efficiently.

#5 Advanced Multichannel Capabilities

Shopify Plus supports native social selling on platforms like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Kik. The platform allows seamless integration, enhancing customer engagement.

#6 Wholesale Online Store

For businesses involved in B2B e-commerce, Shopify Plus integrates B2B and B2C operations. This includes creating a branded B2B portal for wholesale customers and controlling discounts, pricing levels, and order amounts.

You may also consider how much Shopify Plus costs.

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus costs between $2,000 and $40,000 per month, and transaction costs are 0.25%. For the $2,000/month Shopify Plus plan, you get everything you need to run your business efficiently. 

This includes features like Shop Pay for higher conversions, built-in AR and video, customizable checkout, and the ability to have multiple stores with different currencies and languages.

You can have unlimited online stores under one contract, but each contract is for one brand. The main store and nine expansion stores are covered in the monthly fee. Additional stores cost $250 monthly or a revenue share across all stores. Fair pricing, right?

By now, you’ve found out how much Shopify Plus is. Let’s take a look at its advantages at a glance, shall we?

What Are Shopify Plus Benefits?

Let’s discuss why the Shopify Plus plan is better than the regular one.

Shopify Plus Benefits
Shopify Plus Benefits

1. Shopify Plus Support Manager

Instead of dealing with different people for help, Shopify Plus gives you a personal support manager. This person handles all your questions about running your Shopify shop, saving you time and making support more effective.

2. International Presence

With Shopify Plus, you can create up to 10 different stores. This helps you cater to various markets, customize languages, and set different payment methods. It’s a great way to boost your international presence and increase Shopify sales.

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3. Unlimited Employee Accounts

Unlike regular Shopify plans that allow only up to 15 accounts, Shopify Plus lets you create unlimited accounts. This is helpful for large companies, avoiding the inconvenience of sharing accounts.

4. High Capacity for Transactions

Shopify Plus allows up to 11,000 checkouts per minute. This is crucial for large companies and during peak times like Black Friday, ensuring you can handle a high sales volume.

5. Shopify Plus Scripts

Shopify Plus customers get access to Shopify Scripts, allowing customization for a personalized customer experience. It’s easy to use directly in the Shopify environment, simplifying automation and customization.

6. Checkout Process Customization

You can tweak details during checkout, but be cautious, as Shopify’s default settings are likely the best unless your product is an exception.

7. Shopify Flow

Similar to Shopify Scripts, Shopify Flow lets online merchants set up automation easily without expert help. For example, you can automate marking customers as VIPs if they spend more than a certain amount.

8. Shopify Launchpad

This feature lets you schedule the automatic (de)activation of themes on your online store. It’s useful for planned promotions and events, allowing you to set up and execute actions in advance.

9. Lower Transaction Costs

Shopify Plus reduces transaction costs compared to standard plans, especially when using payment methods other than Shopify Payments. This can be a significant factor for many e-commerce companies.

Here’s a detailed run-down of a comparison between Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Key Differences

Shopify and Shopify Plus share basic features, but Shopify Plus offers more advanced features, integrations, and support. Here’s a quick Shopify vs. Shopify Plus comparison table to start with:

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Key Differences
Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Key Differences

The big question is: How To Decide Between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

In short, Shopify is great for small to medium-sized businesses that want eCommerce features like managing inventory, shipping, and secure payment processing. If your online business has several locations, Shopify is a good choice.

Suppose you run an enterprise business selling on many platforms, and you need fancy features like shipping globally, handling payments in different currencies and languages, checking real-time sales data from various sources, creating 3D models for your online products, and using automated workflows. In that case, Shopify Plus, even though it costs more, is the right choice for you.

To Wrap Things Up

Shopify is an easy-to-use platform for all kinds of online businesses, whether small startups or big brands with multiple stores. As businesses grow, they may need to upgrade their Shopify plans, and moving up to Shopify Plus is a significant step. It’s not just a pricier version of the traditional Shopify plan; it offers advanced features and capabilities. If your business isn’t making millions yearly, it’s best to stick with a regular Shopify plan until things improve.


1. What Is the Difference Between Shopify And Shopify Plus?

Well, Shopify is a platform for running an online store, and it comes in different pricing levels. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is meant for big businesses with many sales.

2. When Should I Upgrade to Shopify Plus?

If your annual online income goes beyond a million dollars, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade. Shopify Plus provides more flexibility and support for businesses that are growing rapidly. It also gives you more control over your store’s code.

3. Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to whether Shopify is worth it. It depends on your specific situation.

If you have multiple online stores, a big business, or specific needs for functionality, security, or support, then yes, you should consider the Shopify Plus plan. This plan is suitable for enterprises and companies with particular requirements. As your online business grows, you might need more features that the Shopify Basic and Shopify Advanced plans need to offer.

On the other hand, if you have a single e-commerce website or you’re just starting out, the standard Shopify plans are a better fit. For startups, the Starter plan allows you to create product pages and sell through various channels. 

Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from the Basic Shopify and Shopify plans, offering features like a shopping cart, product pages, discount codes, flash sales, and SEO optimization. The Plus plan might be too expensive for most small to medium-sized businesses.

4. How to Upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Firstly, if you don’t have a Shopify account, visit the Shopify Plus Login page. After you complete the form, a Shopify team member will contact you. If you already have a Shopify account, here’s how you can change your plan:

Go to Settings,
Choose Plan,
Scroll down to Plan Details,
Click Change Plan,
Pick your preferred billing cycle (make sure to read the charge agreement),
Click Start Plan.

That’s it!

5. How Does Shopify Plus Work?

Shopify Plus helps start a new online store or move an existing one to Shopify. It gives unlimited staff accounts, extra features, and settings, allowing Shopify Plus users to have more control over their online store.


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