Stripe Affiliate Program: Partnership, Payment Details & The Full Guide in 2024

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Would you like to create a Stripe affiliate program? Recently, Stripe introduced new features to support business owners, including a partner program and enhanced affiliate linking capabilities. These updates are designed to facilitate better collaboration and integration for businesses leveraging Stripe’s payment processing services.

Stripe isn’t just about fast payments; it also offers extra services for businesses. Integrating an affiliate marketing program with Stripe in WordPress could be what businesses need to make payment processing easier and better track affiliate commissions.

In this guide, we’ll provide all the necessary information about Stripe’s referral program and how to create an affiliate program with Stripe. So, if you’re interested in getting more from Stripe, you can find out about their partner programs, connect with affiliate programs, payments, and more below!

 Let’s get started!

Does Stripe Have an Affiliate Program?

Nope, Stripe doesn’t have regular affiliate websites and programs. Instead, they offer a different option where you can integrate affiliate programs with your Stripe payments and team up with other affiliates.

What Is Stripe Partner Program?

Stripe has a program where businesses team up with other companies using Stripe to grow better together. They call it the Stripe Partner Ecosystem. It’s a win-win for everyone involved! 

In this program, Stripe users can connect with various partners for help. Whether they’re building a new part of their website or refining their marketing plan, they can get assistance. The aim is to improve all Stripe users’ platforms. This way, customers using Stripe for payments have a great and up-to-date digital experience.

As your business grows, you need smart eCommerce marketing strategies to attract customers in today’s digital world. Affiliate marketing is one of the great strategies for boosting sales and increasing your brand awareness. When you connect your affiliate program with Stripe, you can reward your affiliates with a commission for bringing in new customers. This makes affiliates even more excited to spread the word about your business. Amazing, right? But you may wonder: 

What Does the Stripe Affiliate Program Pay?

As for payment, Stripe doesn’t directly pay affiliates. Instead, they provide various resources and tools to help you use their payment system. You can get creative with your marketing and recommend Stripe to your audience while earning affiliate commissions.

If you want to join Stripe as an affiliate, you may ask:

How Stripe Partners Make Money?

Stripe partners don’t directly earn money from being a partner with the Stripe referral program. Because Stripe does not hire them but is part of a community where they share knowledge and help each other.

Indirectly, being a Stripe partner can help you make more money because you gain access to business resources and industry experts. However, Stripe won’t pay you for being a partner or for any advice or technology you share within the partner community.

Is Stripe Partner Program Free to Use?

Yes, joining the Stripe partner program is completely free. You don’t have to use Stripe’s services to join. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to many helpful resources from Stripe and its partners. These resources cover everything from marketing tips to solving coding problems and more.

Now, you can unlock the potential of your affiliate program by connecting with Stripe and rewarding your affiliates for their efforts!

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How Is the Stripe Partner Program Helpful For Businesses?

The Stripe Partner Program might not offer the exact same perks as other services with affiliate programs, but it can still help you run your business more smoothly, share information with partners, and find chances for growth.

Here are some ways the partner program can benefit your business:

How Is the Stripe Partner Program Helpful
How Is the Stripe Partner Program Helpful
  • Global Expansion: If you’re considering expanding your business internationally, connecting with Stripe partners from other countries can greatly help. They can guide you through entering new markets and adding payment options that suit customers abroad.
  • Innovative Solutions: Many Stripe partners are tech experts who are always devising new ways to improve online shopping. Instead of hiring your own developers, you can work with these partners to upgrade your website and make it more efficient.
  • Faster Operations: If you want to speed up your financial processes or launch a new feature on your website, Stripe partners can assist you. They use technology to make tasks quicker and easier, like accepting payments online or setting up subscriptions.
  • Simplified Infrastructure: Managing different platforms can get complicated, especially for newer businesses. Stripe partners can help you streamline your operations by integrating Stripe with your existing systems, automating tasks, and making everything run more smoothly.
  • Sharing Knowledge: One of the most significant benefits of the Stripe Partner Program is the opportunity to learn from others. You can exchange ideas and expertise with partners, helping each other to succeed.

How Does Stripe Work With Affiliates?

Stripe’s Partner Program is made for three kinds of partners:

  • Platform Partners: These are for people and businesses who want to add Stripe payments to their platforms so they can accept payments from customers.
  • Extension Partners: These are for people with some technical know-how who can think up new features that would be useful on the Stripe platform to help businesses even more.
  • Plugin Partners: Again, for tech-savvy developers, plugin partners create plugins for platforms like WordPress or other open-source platforms.

Now, let’s explore the top affiliate software that integrates effortlessly with Stripe.

Which Affiliate Software Works With Stripe?

To earn money through affiliate management software using Stripe, you’ll need to connect the software with the Stripe setup. While you can use these affiliate programs on their own, integrating them with the Stripe affiliate program means you’ll have fewer separate programs to handle.

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Many affiliate software can link up with Stripe, but not all of them. Check out the list below for the top affiliate software that integrates well with Stripe:

1. AffiliateWP

This software is the top choice for managing affiliates on WordPress. It’s easy to set up, especially for those who aren’t tech whizzes.

With its WP Simple Pay integration, AffiliateWP can quickly link to your Stripe account. Its focus on simplicity makes it the most straightforward option for syncing with Stripe.

2. Rewardful

Rewardful is excellent for making your Stripe partner program run smoothly and meeting your needs efficiently.

It offers a wide range of features and is adaptable. It works well with Stripe and integrates with other payment platforms.

3. LinkMink

LinkMink is explicitly designed for affiliate tracking and works seamlessly with Stripe. Its integration is fast and seamless, directly connecting to your Stripe account to handle and track affiliate payments, leaving you free to focus on other tasks.

How to Join the Stripe Affiliate Program?

Ready to join the Stripe Partner Program? Take these simple steps to access exclusive perks and resources! Here’s how you can join the Stripe Partner Program:

  • Fill in Your Details: Start by filling out a form with your name, company website, email, company size, and country.
  • Wait for Contact: Stripe will email you more info about the program and what’s required.
  • Sign Agreement: They’ll send you a simple agreement to read, sign, and send back.
  • Make a Stripe Account: You’ll need to create a free one if you don’t already have one.
  • Meet Requirements: Work on meeting the partner requirements within six months.
  • Enjoy the Perks: Once you’re in, you can enjoy all the benefits and resources the Stripe referral program offers.

What Are the Different Tracks in the Stripe Partner Ecosystem?

The Stripe Partner Ecosystem includes four tracks: apps, embedded payments, services, and technology. When you become verified in a track, you unlock extra perks and opportunities.

1. Apps track

In the apps track, partners focus on creating Stripe Apps or integrating Stripe with other systems to improve its functionality. They can list their apps on the Stripe App Marketplace for businesses to discover. Partners in this track have two milestones: build and growth, with additional benefits unlocked at the growth stage.

2. Embedded Payments Track

The embedded payments track is for partners who integrate payments and other Stripe products into their platforms, opening up new revenue opportunities for customers. Verified partners in this track may also qualify for revenue sharing and marketing advisory funds.

3. Services Track

For partners offering advisory, implementation, or deployment services related to the Stripe affiliate program, the services track provides access to technical training and marketing resources to help build their services practice.

4. Technology Track

The technology track is for partners developing products and solutions seamlessly integrating with Stripe. These partners receive technical training and marketing support to enhance their offerings.

Partners in the technology track can also offer services supporting Stripe implementations and integrations, potentially falling under the services and apps tracks as well.

Stripe Affiliate Program Pros & Cons

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of joining the Stripe Partner Program to figure out if it’s right for your affiliate marketing goals.

Stripe Affiliate Program Pros

  • Learning Opportunities: The program offers various resources for education and consultation, including community engagement, marketing support, and training sessions.
  • Free to Join: There are no fees associated with joining the program, making it accessible to all.
  • Easy Integration: With its user-friendly tools, you can quickly integrate Stripe’s payment processing system onto your website.
  • Visibility: Becoming a verified partner puts your company in the spotlight, among many others, and can help you connect with potential business partners.
  • Continuous Improvement: Stripe regularly updates its features and products, ensuring you have access to the latest tools to enhance your business.

Stripe Affiliate Program Cons

  • No Direct Compensation: While learning opportunities exist, there are no avenues for earning direct compensation from Stripe.
  • Not for DIY Payment Systems: If you’re looking to build your own payment processing system from scratch, Stripe might not be the best fit as it’s for those needing an existing system.
  • Cost Consideration: The basic Stripe account may only suffice for some needs, and upgrading to a more advanced plan comes with a yearly fee, which might be burdensome for startups.
  • No Revenue Sharing: Unlike some other affiliate programs, Stripe doesn’t offer revenue sharing, meaning you won’t earn commissions for promoting their services.
  • Partner Requirements: You must meet certain criteria to become a partner, which might limit participation for some individuals or businesses.

So, there is a big question:

Does Stripe Affiliate Program Worth It?

Definitely! It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s like being part of a helpful community for business owners and innovators. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • More Visitors and Sales: Every marketer wants targeted traffic, which can lead to more sales if your sales funnel is set up well.
  • Ready Buyers: People are more likely to buy from you if a friend refers them.
  • Better Customer Retention: Customers from referral programs tend to stick around longer than those from other sources.
  • Expanded Marketing Reach: By participating in affiliate marketing, you can not only increase sales but also raise awareness about your brand and its values.

To Wrap Things Up

Stripe wants to make online transactions easy for everyone. If you own a business, using the Stripe affiliate program can increase your sales. This is because affiliate marketing targets specific groups effectively. People trust recommendations more than ads. So, adding an affiliate program with Stripe to your business strategy can help you sell more and boost brand awareness. You might want to consider turning your customers into affiliates to reach even more people.


1. Does Stripe Offer a Referral Program?

Stripe doesn’t have a referral program, but it does allow partners to sign up, meet requirements, and earn rewards for referrals.

2. How to Create an Affiliate Link on Stripe?

To create an affiliate link with Stripe:
Install and set up an affiliate software such as AffiliateWP.
Install and configure the WP SimplePay Plugin.
Then, Stripe integration will be enabled in the affiliate software.
Customize and manage the affiliate area.
Track affiliate performance and process payouts.

3. Does Stripe Pay Daily?

Stripe provides various payout schedule options, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also set a custom schedule by choosing manual payouts and setting up a custom schedule in your Stripe integration backend.

4. Who Are Stripe Affiliates?

Stripe affiliates are other entities helping to provide services to Stripe’s business users.


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