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Have you ever faced the most annoying bug on Instagram? The one that all users hate, avoid, and instantly report? Instagram bots are something everyone tries to avoid. Unfortunately, this issue is still around, and Instagram hasn’t fully fixed it yet.

Instagram bots are automated tools that seem to help users grow their follower base and boost engagement by liking posts, following accounts, and commenting. However, these bots go against Instagram’s algorithm and privacy policy. In this article, we will talk about what Instagram bots are, how they work, and why you should avoid them.

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What Are Instagram Bots?

As we mentioned earlier, bots on Instagram are completely against its privacy policy. Any accounts that seem to be bots will immediately get reported by both Instagram and its users. But what are Instagram bots?

Instagram bots have been around for a while, though they break Instagram’s rules and its terms of service and often get shut down without notice. These bots automate actions like liking, commenting, and following in hopes of increasing Instagram followers. While they can be effective with well-curated feeds and precise targeting, they remain controversial. 

Many users find Instagram bots annoying, though it’s not Instagram’s fault. Managing an Instagram account is already challenging, and bots add to the frustration. However, Instagram is actively trying to fix this issue by shutting down bots and reporting accounts as soon as they are detected.

Understanding the Behavior of Instagram Bots

The only question remaining is: how do you recognize an Instagram bot? How can you tell if an Instagram account is automated? There are multiple methods to detect robotic behavior. Let’s delve into them.

Understanding the Behavior of Instagram Bots
Understanding the Behavior of Instagram Bots
  • Early Engagement: When you get that first like on a new Instagram post, it feels great, right? Even though we know social media can be addictive, that validation still feels good. But if a stranger’s account likes your new posts and your old posts right away, it’s likely a bot. Business accounts on Instagram can check their Post Insights to see the real engagement numbers. Remember, Instagram bots like first.
  • New Comments on Older Posts: If you suddenly receive new comments on older posts, chances are it’s from an Instagram bot. Most bot users begin by targeting a wide range of posts, so you might receive unexpected comments on older content.
  • Follow/Unfollow Tactic: When a charming local Instagram account with 3,000 followers starts engaging with your new brand, it can be flattering. But before you get too excited, check their following balance. If they’re following way more people than are following them, they’re likely just using the follow/unfollow tactic to get your attention, not genuinely interested in your brand.
  • Inhumane Interactions/Comments: Instagram receives numerous generic comments and emojis, often from bots. Ignoring these can damage your account’s reputation. Each unanswered comment could be from a genuine fan, so it’s important to address them. Swiftly identify spam and eliminate bot activity. 
  • Following Too Many Accounts: It’s easy to follow lots of accounts, but realistically, we can’t genuinely engage with thousands of them. Following over 1,500 accounts is likely just a follow-for-follow tactic. Even with 1,500 followers, it would take over 30 days of non-stop interaction to spend just 10 minutes with each person.
  • Misfit Followers on Instagram: When you’re regularly followed by business coaches, marketing firms, and entrepreneurs, you might be followed by Instagram bots. If someone follows you but doesn’t match your usual audience, they’re probably using badly programmed bots.

The Dangers of Robotic Engagement on Social Media

Lots of people on Instagram use bots to get more likes and followers to increase their engagement on Instagram. But doing this can cause big problems and might even get you kicked off Instagram. 

  • Awkward Situations and Insensitive Comments: Bots leave comments based solely on hashtags, without taking into account the context or captions, often leading to inappropriate remarks.
  • No Real Engagement: Bot comments are easily recognized by people, leading to low engagement, as they cannot replace human interaction.
  • Messy Instagram Feed: When you follow thousands of accounts, your feed becomes chaotic, burying relevant posts and affecting genuine connections.
  • Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use: Bots accessing Instagram’s API without permission violate terms, which include unauthorized API access, storing login credentials, and spamming. Users risk being banned for using bots that breach these terms.
  • Daily and Hourly Limits: Instagram sets limits on likes, comments, and follows depending on account activity, typically restricting users to 150 likes, 60 comments, and 60 follows/unfollows per hour.
  • Instagram Shadow Banning: Engaging in unnatural activity on Instagram can result in shadow banning, where your content becomes invisible to non-followers. While you can still interact with your current followers, you’ll struggle to attract new ones.
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Alternatives to Instagram Bots

However, some people resort to robotic interactions out of necessity. Making money on Instagram isn’t easy. Now that we’ve discussed the risks of using Instagram bots, let’s explore alternatives so you won’t feel compelled to use them.

Alternatives to Instagram Bots
Alternatives to Instagram Bots

1. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Would you rather have followers who genuinely love your brand and make frequent purchases, or bots that don’t engage at all? Although Instagram bots might increase your follower count, the followers they attract often need to be more genuine.

 Instead of ending up with worthless bots, prioritize quality over quantity and make sure that your followers are genuinely interested in your content and more likely to support your brand.

2. Instagram Ads

Instagram ads, similar to Facebook marketing and its ads, can assist people in your niche in discovering your profile and services. They are cost-effective for your Instagram marketing efforts and enable you to reach a new audience without the need for direct engagement.

3. Employing A Virtual Assistant

Though hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) or Social Media Manager is more costly than using a bot, the benefits are substantial. A VA will post genuine comments, engage with followers, and help your brand connect with real people.

 This personal touch ensures that interactions are sincere and valuable, unlike the generic and often awkward comments bots leave. Furthermore, a VA is less likely to make inappropriate comments, protecting your brand’s reputation.

4. Consistent Personal Interaction

How can you effectively build brand supporters? Establishing real connections with your audience is essential. If hiring a Virtual Assistant isn’t possible, setting aside just a few minutes daily to engage with your followers personally can produce significant results. Even though it takes time, this method will build loyal followers and improve your brand’s reputation.

Influencer Marketing

Have you ever wondered why influencer marketing is so effective? This type of social media marketing involves influencers—people with dedicated followers and seen as experts in their field—promoting products. It works well because followers trust these influencers, and their recommendations act as social proof for potential customers.

If you find it very difficult to manage on your own or hire an assistant, consider using influencer marketing platforms as another solution to organically increase your follower numbers. 

Ainfluencer: Your Ultimate Alternative to Instagram Bots

One of the best influencer marketing platforms that connects you with millions of influencers for secure and safe collaborations is Ainfluencer. It helps you achieve your goals, such as increasing your follower numbers and growing your brand on social media.

Ainfluencer provides a free end-to-end marketplace connecting you directly with over 2 million influencers relevant to your niche and brand. This platform enables your business to:

Ainfluencer is completely free for businesses, with no subscription fees.  Additionally, it offers features such as holding influencers’ fees in Trust/Escrow to safeguard your funds, ensuring influencers stick to their commitments, and providing reviews and ratings after collaborations.

Ainfluencer has so many great filters like choosing the right influencer and making your own campaigns. If you want to know more about this platform, sign up on Ainfluencer first so you can secure collaborations and start increasing followers on social media.


Using Instagram bots might seem like a fast way to get more followers and interaction, but they can cause serious problems. They can damage your account’s reputation by making fake interactions and can also break Instagram’s rules, which could lead to your account being hidden or even banned.  

 To build a safe and engaged following, it’s important to put in the time and effort to connect with real people. By avoiding bots and focusing on real interactions, users can create a loyal community and find lasting success on Instagram.


1. How to Stop Bots from Following You on Instagram?

If you want to stop bots from following you on Instagram, follow these steps to block their account immediately.
1. Go to the ‘Followers’ section to see your followers. 
2. Find bot accounts and open their profiles. 
3. Tap the three dots at the top of their profile, then tap ‘Block’ and confirm.

2. Why Are Bots Following Me on Instagram?

Instagram spam bots come in different types, but they all have one goal: to benefit their owner. One common type is follow bots, which automatically follow other accounts to boost their follower numbers artificially.

3. How Do Instagram Bots Work?

Instagram bots are automated accounts designed to perform tasks like liking posts, commenting, following/unfollowing accounts, and sending direct messages.

4. Are Instagram Bots Dangerous?

 Yes, Instagram bots can be very dangerous. In addition to artificially boosting engagement, spam bots can also be used for more malicious purposes, such as promoting scams and phishing attacks. Fake accounts are often used to send direct messages containing malicious links.


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