Why Instanavigation Might Not Be The Best Choice In 2024?

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It has happened to many of us that we wanted to check someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing. Instanavigation claims to be a safe tool that can help you in such situations. But what does this tool offer, and is it safe to use?

If you are looking for Instagram story ideas, you can check top creators’ content and download them to your device. In this case, Instanavigation might be helpful for you. But make sure to read this guide to know everything about this service before using it. 

What Is Instanavigation?

There are lots of third-party tools related to Instagram that try to provide additional features. Instanavigation is an online free tool that helps you view and save Instagram stories of other users anonymously. Currently, this service doesn’t offer many tools, but according to their website, we can expect new features in 2024. 

Instanavigation can be great for those who want to avoid installing the Instagram app on their phone and spend so much time on this platform. However, they want to keep track of an account and its posts.

Instanavigation Features

To answer the question of ‘Does Instanavigation work,’ we need to check its features first. Here is what this service offers. 

1. View Stories Anonymously

Have you ever wanted to view someone’s stories without appearing on the viewers’ list? Well, Instanavigation can help you. The tool allows you to check and download the stories of Instagram accounts without them noticing. 

View Stories With Instanavigation
View Stories With Instanavigation

However, this feature only works for public accounts, and in the case of private profiles, there is no way to view their stories; even if you follow them! 

2. Story Downloader

The next feature that this platform offers is an IG story downloader. While you can always screen-record the videos and save them, you might need to improve the quality of the content. Instanavigation anonymous tool allows you to easily search for a username and download their stories/highlights with a click. 

While this feature might look cool, it’s important to consider respecting a user’s privacy and never save one’s content without their permission. 

Download Instagram Stories
Download Instagram Stories

3. View Private Accounts

The last feature of the Instanavigation Instagram tool is for viewing private accounts. The feature is not available yet, but they promise to provide it soon. With this service, you can also check and save posts and stories of private accounts. 

Instanavigation Pros And Cons

Want to use the Instanavigation anonymous tool? Here is a quick look at its pros and cons. 


  • It doesn’t require your login information. You can check and save Instagram stories without logging into your Instagram account.
  • Since it’s free, you can use both features without paying a penny. 
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • You can access this service on any phone and device.
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  • There are no reviews of this tool.
  • Multiple domains with the same name; Well, how you can trust a tool that regularly gets down? So, they need to use multiple domains. 
  • It has limited features.
  • For public accounts that share lots of stories daily, it takes several minutes for Intanavigation to load. 
  • There isn’t any customer support or contact information on the Instanavigation website. 

Instanavigation Alternative

In the previous parts, we’ve discussed why it’s not a great option to use the Instanavigation viewer tool since there is no information about its creators and privacy concerns. But if you really like to check someone’s stories anonymously, you can try some safe alternatives. 

1. Insta Stories Viewer

Similar to the Instanavigation Instagram tool, you don’t need to provide your account username and password to use this service. By adding a username, you can view their stories in a few seconds. But unlike Instanavigation, this platform has a support team and contact information showing that it’s safe and secure. 


2. IgAnony

If you are also looking for a TikTok video downloader, you can use IgAnony for Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter in one place. IgAnont seems to be a safe video viewer and downloader tool that works for multiple social media platforms. Again, you don’t need to add your account information, and in case of any issues, you can contact their team using the contact info provided on their website. 


3. MollyGram

The last Instanavigation alternative is MollyGram, which allows you to save Instagram Reels, IGTV videos, stories, and highlights. Similar to previous tools, you can easily write a public username, access their shared content, and download them with the best quality. 


4. StoriesDown

Another free tool that supports iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC devices is StoriesDown. With this service, you don’t need to be worried about disappearing Instagram stories after 24 hours. You can easily download and save stories of public accounts by providing their usernames. 


5. GreatFon

The last tool on our list is similar to the previous ones, but it comes with an additional feature that helps you track Instagram hashtags. With GreatFon, you can check public accounts for free, download their posts and stories, view posts of hashtags, and save them. 



In conclusion, while Instanavigation might seem like an effective tool for anonymously viewing and downloading Instagram stories, it has several drawbacks and potential privacy concerns. The service lacks customer support and has limited features, and its multiple domains raise questions about its reliability. 

In this article, we reviewed this service and took a look at its pros and cons to help you make up your mind. Other than this, we introduced some better alternatives to check and try.


1. Is Instanavigation Really Anonymous?

Yes! This service helps you watch stories of people and download them without appearing on the viewer list. However, it only works for public accounts. 

2. How Can I Watch Private Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Instanavigation and similar tools. If a platform claims to provide such a service, you need to remember that this is against Instagram privacy guidelines, and your account might get banned or shadowbanned


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