What is Instagram Audio Downloader? + 5 Best Downloaders

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Have you ever heard of an Instagram audio downloader? Maybe not! There have been times when you have scrolled down on your Instagram feed and heard trending audio that you liked. You either save the audio, take a screenshot, or save the whole post into your collections just to have the audio name.

However, Instagram audio downloaders are here to help you download any audio within minutes. You can convert your favorite video to a specific audio format and download the file to your device.

On top of that, using an Instagram Reel audio downloader allows you to access each audio uploaded on Instagram Reels. In addition, you can also download Instagram Reels with some of these tools.

Jump into this article where we’ll dive deep into Instagram audio downloaders’ world, learn more about them, and how to use them.

Can You Download Audio from Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can download audio from Instagram reels. However, you need to use a third-party app to do so. Because, Instagram doesn’t have a feature for downloading audio from videos. Yet, downloading audios from Instagram only takes a few seconds and it’s much simpler than what you might think.

You just need an IG audio downloader to get the job done.

What are instagram audio savers?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, Instagram audio downloaders are apps or web apps that help us download audios from Instagram reels or video posts. These audio downloaders easily convert reels and video posts to mp3 files or other audio formats. After converting, you can download it on your mobile, tablets, laptops, and computers.

As we all know, Instagram video content, especially reels, is among the most-viewed content worldwide. Most of these short videos use trending and well-known audio to gain more viewers and increase their content engagement. You can download these using an audio downloader for Instagram.

Download the most viral music and songs that well-known bloggers or influencers use in content production with Instagram audio download. These active users use trending audio for its relevance, popularity, virality, shareability, engagement, and searchability. Using this helps them advertise and promote content to increase brand awareness.

With Instagram audio download apps, you can easily download audio from music influencers’ content on Instagram.

Here are some of the best Instagram reel audio downloaders for you:

1. Instavideosave.net

If you want to download content from Instagram, you can use Instavideosave.net and effortlessly receive the media you want.

Instavideosave.net is a web app Instagram to mp3 converter and downloader, allowing users to download audio online directly from Instagram.

InstaVideoSave.net Homepage
InstaVideoSave.net Landing Page And Features

It is a free application where you can copy the video link and paste it into the search box available on the instavideosave.net website to convert and download the original audio. Easy and simple, the Instagram audio downloader provides the mp3-format song and music.

Despite the convenience of extracting audio from this popular platform, you have to be aware of the drawbacks that it might have. The audio quality may decrease after downloading compared to the original content. You should also consider security risks, legal issues, and Instagram’s terms of service.

So, don’t lose your account just for trending audio.

2. Reelsdownloader.io

If you are looking for an easy way to download Instagram music, you can use reelsdownloader.io, with a simple online downloading feature without limitations.

Reelsdownloader.io: Instagram Reels Audio Downloader
Reelsdownloader.io Landing Page And Aspects

Reelsdownloader.io is another free audio downloader for Instagram where you can have your favorite tracks and songs on your device. They claim they have a user-friendly interface and provide high-quality audio formats.

However, you should consider security risks and Instagram policies and check the music quality for assurance.

By copying the video link, you can paste it on the reelsdownloader.io website, convert it, and download the final audio file effortlessly.

In addition, the website offers more aspects for downloading other types of content from Instagram. You can also download their mini app (1 MB only) on Android and iOS.

3. Insta.savetube.me

Paste the link, convert the file, and download, three simple steps to have what you crave! Another plain application to download Instagram audio.

Insta.savetube.me is a free Instagram to mp3 converter and downloader with an easy-to-use interface. They claim they are one of the best free tools with no download limits, an easy and simple website with no ads, multiple file formats, and a fully secured system.

Insta.savetube.me: Instagram Audio Downloader
Insta.savetube.me Landing Page

Similar to the previous Instagram reel audio downloader apps, there is a search box on the website where you can copy the specific content link and paste it for conversion and download.

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Furthermore, you can also benefit from the website’s other downloading features, such as reels downloader, profile picture downloader, story downloader, carousel downloader, etc.

4. Reelsaver.net

Save yourself some time and start downloading effortlessly with the best Instagram audio downloader available.

Reelsaver.net is a professional converter and downloader tool for Instagram. You can pick your favorite music, copy the video link, paste it on the website, convert it, and download it.

Reelsaver.net: Instagram Audio Downloader
Reelsaver.net User Interface

In addition to Instagram audio download, you can download videos and pictures with reelsaver.net.

The Instagram video and audio downloader offer some key advantages as mentioned below:

– No installation is required,

– Original content quality without any differences,

– Always free,

– No registration or sign-in is required.

Despite its benefits, you should consider the legal issues, Instagram rules, and malware and security risks.

5. SSSGram

Want to have everything you want from Instagram? SSSGram, the free downloading tool, helps you download stories, photos, videos, audio, and more from Instagram.

SSSGram: Easy-to-use tool
SSSGram Landing Page

It is free with unlimited downloads, works with all devices, and offers a convenient user interface. The Instagram reels audio downloader allows you to paste the video content’s link, converts it to mp3, and provides a downloadable audio file.

SSSGram has an application for iOS and Android. They claim they are the easiest and fastest tool with no quality reduction among other downloading apps.

Before using SSSGram, consider Instagram copyright regulations and the Instagram audio download website’s security.

How to Convert Instagram Reels to Audio and Download It?

Most of the audio downloaders for Instagram have a converting feature to change the file format.

First, you should simply copy the exact video link from Instagram and paste it into the Instagram video and audio downloader webpage, application, or an Instagram audio downloader Chrome addon. On the Instagram Reels audio downloader app, page, or addon, a search box is available exclusively for the links.

Then, paste the link into the box. After that, there will be a download or convert button where you can click to convert the file and then download it. (Both buttons convert the file first)

Finally, you have the audio file you wanted. Good luck using an audio downloader from Instagram!

Why Instagram Audio Downloader?

People often love the songs and music they hear on Instagram Reels and posts. They are so attracted to the sound that they might watch other video content sharing the same music just for the audio.

Trending music is satisfying and grabs lots of viewers. You can download audio from Instagram and add it to your content to get more viewers and engagement. Instagram audio downloader helps you achieve this goal.

By following the mentioned steps on Instagram audio reels downloader, you can have the most viral songs on your device.

Ready to level up your Instagram reels to another level? Use these Instagram audio downloaders to get trendy music for your content.

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In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the best platforms to publish engaging and captivating content and achieve top results. One way to keep having the best possible content is good music. Using trending audio on your video content can help you have a good potential reach and increase your followers.

Instagram Reel audio downloaders are apps or web apps that can download songs and music from this platform. With easy steps to follow, you can have the desired audio on your device effortlessly.

Although Instagram to mp3 app has certain benefits, you must also consider the drawbacks before using them. We want you to follow the Instagram terms and conditions not to get banned from the social media platform.


1. Do Instagram Audio Downloaders Download Other Types of Media?

Yes, most Instagram audio downloaders offer other features, including reels downloader, profile picture downloader, post downloader, carousel downloader, story downloader, and more.

2. Is It Safe To Use Audio Downloaders For Instagram?

No, we do not recommend using them. But if you are willing to, consider the security of the website and then start using it.

3. Does Instagram Downloader Audio Have The Same Quality?

Not all downloaded music and songs have the same quality as the original one. This depends on the Instagram audio downloader app you use.

4. Why Should I Use Instagram Audio Downloader?

Instagram to mp3 downloaders helps you download the specific audio you like, online and free. By receiving the music you want, you can promote your content with the following audio and get more engagement.

5. Can I Change The Audio Format With Audio Downloaders For Instagram?

Not all Instagram video and audio downloaders have this feature to change the file format to other types. Most of these have an mp3-only format.

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