How to Make Unboxing Videos + Best Examples in 2024

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Unboxing videos offer companies and influencers a powerful way to promote their products and boost sales. They also help convince potential buyers by showing off the product in action, encouraging customers to share their experiences, and staying relevant to what’s popular in the market.

As a business owner, leveraging unboxing content produced by influencers is a reliable and cost-effective marketing approach to boost sales. So, if you’re an influencer, you can make creative unboxing videos to attract viewers and make money on YouTube or any other platforms from advertisements or collaborations with brands. But how to make unboxing videos? 🤔

Well, in this article, we will explore how to film unboxing videos, why they are popular, and some important tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get started!

What Are Unboxing Videos?

Unboxing videos show a YouTube influencer unpacking and displaying products they’ve bought, offering viewers a firsthand look at the experience. These videos typically feature close-ups of the items being used or worn by the owner, along with commentary. 

Good unboxing videos help brands increase brand awareness and build trust with customers by giving them a preview of what they’ll receive, including the packaging and usage instructions. Additionally, unboxing videos can persuade potential customers by showcasing the product’s quality and functionality in action. 

Just a simple question for you all: Have any of you ever watched an unboxing video on YouTube? If so, what made you interested in watching it? Why are they so popular?

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Why Are Unboxing Videos Popular?

It’s hard to ignore how much people enjoy the sounds and sights of unboxing, from the knife cutting through the foil to peeling off stickers and opening boxes. 😍But there’s more to the popularity of unboxing videos.

Many are interested in it because they’re curious about what’s inside a package, especially if they’re considering buying it. These videos give them a clear, honest look at the product, helping them decide if it’s right for them.

Watching unboxing videos also taps into our emotions. Even if we’re not the ones getting the new item, we can feel the thrill of unpacking through the screen. And let’s not forget the value of entertainment. Creators often inject their personality and humor into these videos, making them fun to watch.

For potential buyers, these videos serve as inspiration for new purchases or a chance to see products in action. Creators benefit from increased customer engagement, while brands get a boost in brand awareness and sales.

Now, let’s discuss precisely how to create unboxing videos!

How to Make Good Unboxing Videos?

If you want to make a creative unboxing video, here are some steps to make the one.

how to make unboxing videos
How to Make Unboxing Videos

#1 Selecting the Right Product for Unboxing

When planning your unboxing video, the first thing to do is pick a product that interests you and fits your audience’s interests. Make sure it’s something you can talk about in an engaging way. For instance, if you’re into beauty, you might choose to unbox and review the latest makeup. If you’re more into tech, you could go for gadgets and electronics.

#2 Setting Goals for Your Video

Before filming, decide what you want to achieve with your video. Do you want to promote the product or provide an unbiased review? Are you aiming to entertain or educate your audience? Knowing your goals will help you make a more focused video.

#3 Researching Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key. Figure out what content they enjoy and customize your video according to their preferences. If your audience is young adults, add humor and pop culture references. For a professional audience, focus on practical uses and benefits.

#4 Preparing for Filming

Unboxing videos have been popular for a while now. To get ready, gather your equipment, whether it’s a camera, lighting, microphone, or tripod. If you’re just starting out, a smartphone or webcam can work fine. If you’re serious about it, consider investing in better gear later.

#5 Setting Up Your Space

Find a well-lit area with minimal distractions for filming. Consider adding relevant props or a backdrop to enhance the video’s appeal. Test lighting and camera angles beforehand to ensure everything looks good.

#6 Creating a Shot List and Script

Plan what you’ll show in your video, from the product to camera angles and any commentary. Balance informativeness with entertainment to keep viewers engaged.

#7 Filming Your Unboxing

Experiment with different camera angles and techniques to make your video interesting. Consider using slow-motion shots for products with intricate details. Make sure you have good lighting and sound quality to capture high-quality footage. If you want to make an unboxing video for YouTube, then remember to choose the best thumbnail size!

#8 Engaging with Your Audience

Interact with your viewers during the video by asking for their opinions or responding to comments. This helps build a connection with your audience.

#9 Editing the Video

After filming, edit your video to trim unnecessary parts and fix any issues with sound or visuals. This step is essential for a polished final product.

The Best Unboxing Videos Examples

Unboxing videos can be found for all types of products, whether gadgets, toys, or even snacks. Let’s check out some of the top unboxing videos ever made.

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1. Marques Brownlee

He is famous for his straightforward reviews of various tech products from big brands like Apple, Google, and Tesla. One key to Marques Brownlee’s success is his early adoption of YouTube, where he is one of the old YouTubers who started posting videos, including unboxing videos, back in 2008.

Here are some lessons we can learn from Brownlee’s approach:

  • Understand your audience: Brownlee listens to his audience’s feedback and only reviews products he knows they’ll be interested in.
  • Timeliness: He often publishes his reviews shortly after a product is released, giving viewers early insights.
  • Be honest: Brownlee doesn’t shy away from giving critical reviews, even if he receives exclusive access from tech companies. This honesty builds trust with his audience.

2. Unbox Therapy

Lewis Hilsenteger, a Canadian YouTuber, specializes in unpacking and reviewing the newest and most popular gadgets from around the globe. He spices things up by creating a series called ‘Does It Suck?’ where he puts less flashy or less hyped gadgets to the test to determine if they’re worth purchasing.

What makes him special:

  • Use Music: Incorporating music into your unboxing videos can enhance the overall experience and add fluidity. Look for royalty-free or stock music options online to avoid copyright issues.
  • Keep it Lighthearted: Instead of presenting your review in a strict, formal manner, consider injecting humor, similar to what Unbox Therapy does.
  • Use Multiple Cameras: Use different camera angles and shots to record unboxing videos. Incorporate overhead and frontal shots and close-up ‘glamour’ shots of the products. Additionally, consider employing a live camera that dynamically zooms in to capture reactions and details as you discuss them.

If you’re a brand owner, it’s worth noting that creating an unboxing video might feel overwhelming and take up a lot of time. However, teaming up with an experienced influencer and dedicated followers can ease the process. They can do every step, from filming to editing, and even boost your sales.

Getting an influencer for your unboxing video offers several advantages. Not only will you have someone with the knowledge to deliver high-quality videos, but their large following also means more eyes on your content. But how do you find the best influencer? How do you trust them and spend money on them? Let’s explore the answer in the next section!

Besides, if you’re an influencer who wants to work with brands to make money by creating unboxing videos, you can check out a platform called Ainfluencer. It’s a free platform where you can find brands to collaborate with. Look at the details below to learn more about how it works.

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To Wrap Things Up

By turning your fun unboxing videos into interactive shopping adventures, you can grab your viewers’ attention and make it easy for them to buy the products they’re interested in. Moreover, as an influencer, you can team up with brands and earn money by sharing your unboxing content. If you post these videos on YouTube, you can also benefit from the platform’s payment system.  Sign up for ainfluencer, collaborate with a brand, and earn money!


1. How Can Unboxing Videos Benefit Businesses?

Unboxing videos, whether created in-house or in collaboration with content creators, can boost brand visibility and engagement, increasing sales over time.

2. What Products Are Suitable for Unboxing Videos?

Ideal products for unboxing videos include tech gadgets, beauty items, subscription boxes, limited edition products, and surprise packages.

3. What Is the Recommended Length for an Unboxing Video?

Unboxing videos should balance providing valuable information and maintaining viewer interest. They typically last five to ten minutes.

4. Where Is the Best Platform to Share Unboxing Videos?

While YouTube is the primary platform for unboxing content, these videos also perform well on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Social media platforms are particularly suited for shorter videos.

5. What Equipment Is Required for Creating an Unboxing Video?

To create an unboxing video, you’ll need a recording device, such as a high-quality camera or a smartphone. Additionally, consider hiring a professional video editor to refine your content.

6. How Do Unboxing Videos Make Money?

Unboxing videos can generate income through YouTube’s payment system. Moreover, content creators can establish paid partnerships with brands for product endorsements.

7. What Should I Say In an Unboxing Video?

In an unboxing video, focus on showcasing the product by describing packaging quality, highlighting product accessories, demonstrating key features, discussing any drawbacks, and concluding with an overall rating.


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