Top 12 AI Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity: Text & Image AI Generator Tools

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What is your reaction when you hear that AI tools can do your job? It’s good news and a piece of bad news at the same time.

Some people might say “If an AI tool can do my job then why my boss would need me?” and others might look at it as a helping hand. The truth is, it’s too early for AI tools to take care of everything all by themselves. Therefore, we can leverage them to increase efficiency and save time.

Using AI in marketing, data analysis, and content writing is very common these days. But you need to know what tools should you use for maximizing your performance. Therefore, we are going to introduce the 12 best AI tools on the internet to you.

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And now, it’s time to introduce the trending AI tools on the internet.

AI Text Generator

These, AI tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create human-like text content. These tools allow users to input a topic or prompt and generate high-quality content quickly.

AI Text Generator tools are useful for businesses and organizations that need to create large amounts of content efficiently, such as for marketing campaigns, product descriptions, social media posts, and creative writing.

Here is the list of the best AI tools for text writing.

1. ChatGPT

This platform previsualized the AI tools world single-handedly. ChatGPT is a large language model trained by OpenAI, based on the GPT-3.5 architecture. Its main purpose is to generate human-like responses to natural language queries or prompts from users.

AI tools for text generation - Chat GPT

ChatGPT can understand and generate text on a wide range of topics, including general knowledge, current events, science, technology, and more. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, customer support, and educational tools. With its ability to understand and respond to natural language, ChatGPT is a powerful resource for anyone who needs to interact with users in a conversational manner.

Chat GPT Pricing

ChatGPT is available for free to everyone online. However, there is also a premium version called ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 per month.

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2. Jasper AI

This AI text generator tool helps you create content easily and quickly. It has many powerful features and has been around for a while, so it feels like a mature and experienced tool. With Jasper, you can make long-form content just by writing a sentence or a paragraph, and the tool will do the rest for you.

AI text generator tool - Jasper AI
Jasper AI

Jasper is really easy to use, and it makes high-quality content that people will like. All you have to do is tell it what you need, and it will do the rest for you, giving you shareable copies in no time.

Jasper AI Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $24/month,
  • Boss Mode: $49/month.

3. Copy AI

An innovative tool like Copy AI is a jem for content writers and bloggers. This AI tool is packed with advanced features and powered by an advanced AI language model. It’s designed to help businesses and bloggers create website content, social media captions, articles, and engaging content quickly and easily.

Copy AI - AI text generator
Copy AI

This platform is frequently updating its platform and trying to keep up with the latest trends on the internet.

Copy AI Pricing

This AI tool has a limited free plan and its premium plan costs $49/month.

4. ContentBot

AI tools like ContentBot are life saviors for all types of creators such as content marketers, copywriters, digital marketers, or even SEO specialists. This AI content generator can write for you in over 110 languages.

AI tools - ContentBot

One of the best features of ContentBot is its “Blog Shot” feature which enables you to write a full blog post with a few clicks. In addition, the ‘Discover’ feature can provide you with insights on how to create content that has a better chance of appearing as a featured snippet on Google search results.

ContentBot Pricing

  • Prepaid (once-off payment): $1/1000 words,
  • Starter: $19/month,
  • Premium: $59/month,
  • Premium+: $99/month.

5. WriteSonic

Another excellent AI text generator tool for creating top-notch social media captions, essays, reports, and blog posts is WriterSonic.

WriteSonic _ AI text generator

Some of the key features of WriteSonic include an AI writer that can generate content based on a few prompts or keywords, a content rephraser that can help avoid plagiarism, a content editor that allows users to review and edit their content, and a content improver that suggests ways to improve the quality of the writing.

WriteSonic Pricing

  • Free Trial: 10,000 words/month,
  • Pro: Starting from $12.67 for 100,000 words/month,
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team.

6. Kafkai

Kafkai is an AI content generator designed to create SEO-friendly content. Unlike typical templates, it uses a niche system and can write articles in 37 different categories. Besides, you can translate your work into seven other languages.

Kafkal - AI tool

This AI tool is ideal for crafting articles under 1000 words. And if you are planning to use it for blog post writing, there is a Kafkal plugin on WordPress that allows for a smoother workflow.

Kafkai Pricing

  • Writer plan: $29/month,
  • Newsroom plan: $49/month,
  • Printing Press plan: $129/month,
  • Industrial Printer plan: $199/month.

Note: All Kapkai plans to have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are lots of AI tools for writing content on the world wide web. And with advancing technology, we can expect even more sophisticated AI Text Generator tools in the future.

Now, we’ll discuss the top AI tools for generating images.

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Best AI Image Generator

Are you ready to explore the world of AI tools for image generation? An AI image generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to generate images based on user input and learned artistic styles. It can be a useful tool for designers looking for inspiration and a starting point for their creative endeavors. Therefore, we’ll be introducing the top AI tools for image generation here.

7. DALL·E 2

OpenAI is at the forefront of the AI industry with its remarkable AI tools such as DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

AI Image generator - DALLE.2

DALL.E 2 is an advanced AI image generator that creates multiple aesthetic and interesting images in a minute. You just need to describe an image and DALLE 2 will generate the exact image you described.

And the best part about DALL-E 2? You can edit and add details to the generated images.

DALL-E 2 Pricing

OpenAI designed a credit system for its text generator which we’ll explain as simply as possible.

DALL-E 2 is free but for each prompt, they are going to charge a small fee. For the first month, you get 50 free credits, and for every month after you get 15. Each credit corresponds to a prompt and for each prompt, DALL.E 2 generates 4 images.

So, with its 15 free credits, you can make 60 images each month. However, every prompt isn’t going to result in your desired response. And it is necessary to provide diverse text inputs. Therefore, the allocation of 15 free credits may prove insufficient, requiring the purchase of additional credits. 

Additional credit packs of DALL-E 2 contain 115 credits (460 images) for $15. You might be confused but here is a summary of DALL-E 2 Pricing to make everything clear for you:

  • First month: 50 free credits (200 images),
  • Every month after 15 free credits (60 images),
  • Additional credit packs: $15 for 115 credits (460 images).

8. Starry AI

One of the best text-to-picture AI art generator tools is Starry AI. This AI tool consists of two sections named Altair and Orion for designing abstract and fictional images.

Starry AI - AI image generator
Starry AI

Lots of NFT influencers use AI tools like Starry AI to turn images into NFT. And Starry AI gives full ownership of the created images to you so you can use them for personal or commercial purposes. 

This AI image generator is available on both the web app and the mobile app.

Starry AI Pricing

With the free plan, you can generate 5 images per day, and for more, you have to purchase credit starting at $15.99.

9. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is another amazing AI image generator that has gained immense popularity. This AI tool helps users to produce realistic images using the power of artificial intelligence.

Deep Dream Generator - AI image generator tool
Deep Dream Generator

Recognized as one of the leading AI art generators available today, Deep Dream Generator allows individuals to unleash their creativity and craft realistic artwork. Users can describe the picture they want and this online tool can convert it within seconds.

Deep Dream Generator Pricing

  • Advanced plan: $19/month, 
  • Professional plan: $39/month,
  • Ultra plan: $99/month.

10. Deep AI

This online tool is a free text-to-picture AI image generator tool that enables you to create unique images only by writing what is in your mind.

AI image generator - Deep AI
Deep AI

Users can interact with the DeepAI image generator tool by providing input in the form of keywords, descriptions, or specific image styles. The AI tool then leverages the trained model to generate images that match the given input. This can be useful in various applications, such as art, design, content creation, or even for generating visual representations in research or prototyping.

DeepAI Pricing

  • Free plan,
  • DeepAI Pro: $4.99/month.

11. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a unique AI image generator platform that utilizes a technique known as ‘generative adversarial networks’ (GANs) to create and explore new images by combining existing ones. It allows users to blend and evolve various visual elements from different source images to generate unique and often surreal artworks.

Artbreeder - AI Tool

Basically, you take a bunch of random images and throw them into the Artbreeder blender. Then, you twist some knobs and pull some levers to manipulate the colors, styles, and other features. The result? You can either create a masterpiece or a mishmash of visual chaos.

Regardless of the results, Artbreeder is definitely one of the most fascinating AI tools available that you can explore and derive pleasure from using.

Artbreeder Pricing

  • Free plan: 10 credits per month,
  • Starter plan: $8.99/100 credits per month,
  • Advanced plan: $18.99/275 credits per month,
  • Champion plan: $38.99/ 700 credits per month.

12. Bing Image Creator

Another free AI image generator tool in our list is Bing Image Creator. It is an innovative tool developed by Microsoft that allows users to create unique and visually appealing images.

Bing Image Creator
Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is completely free and very easy to use. With this tool, you can easily experiment with various parameters such as colors, shapes, styles, and themes to generate stunning visuals. Despite some ongoing issues with hand and finger designs, Bing image generator is among the AI tools you should have in your designing toolkit.

Bing Image Creator Pricing

It’s free.

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Why Should I Use AI Tools in My Working

There are several compelling reasons to use AI tools in your work. They are here to make our lives easier. Here are some key benefits:

1. Increased Efficiency

AI tools can automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort. They can handle data analysis, report generation, customer support, and more, allowing you to focus on higher-value work.

2. Improved Accuracy

AI algorithms can process vast amounts of data and make precise predictions or classifications. By leveraging AI tools, you can enhance the accuracy of tasks such as data interpretation, image recognition, and natural language processing.

3. Enhanced Decision Making

AI tools can analyze complex data sets, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights. This helps in making informed decisions, whether it’s related to resource allocation, product development, or strategic planning.

4. Personalization and Customer Experience

AI enables personalized experiences by analyzing customer data, preferences, and behavior. With AI tools, you can deliver customized recommendations, tailored marketing campaigns, and personalized customer support, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Scalability

AI tools can handle large-scale data processing and analysis, allowing your business to scale operations effectively. Therefore, they can adapt to increased workloads without significant infrastructure or resource investments, providing cost-effective solutions.

6. Innovation and Competitive Edge

Incorporating AI tools can help your business stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging AI for research, product development, and process optimization, you can drive innovation, introduce new products or services, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

7. Risk Mitigation

AI tools can assist in identifying potential risks or anomalies in various domains, such as finance, cybersecurity, and fraud detection. By leveraging AI’s capabilities, you can detect and mitigate risks more effectively, protecting your business and stakeholders.

8. Workflow Automation

AI tools can automate various workflows and streamline operations. From managing emails and scheduling appointments to automate document processing, AI can handle routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for more critical and creative work.

It’s important to note that while AI tools offer numerous benefits, they should be used in conjunction with human expertise. Combining the power of AI with human intelligence can lead to optimal results and maximize the potential of these tools.


AI tools have revolutionized numerous aspects of our lives, bringing forth significant advancements in various industries. These tools have demonstrated their potential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across diverse domains. With the AI text and image generator tools we mentioned here, you can improve your productivity and smoothen your workflow.


#1 What Is an AI Tool?

An AI tool is a software or program that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to perform a specific task or set of tasks. These tools can range from chatbots and virtual assistants to predictive analytics and image recognition software. Additionally, they often leverage machine learning techniques to improve their accuracy and effectiveness over time.

#2 What Are the Different Types of AI?

There are three main types of AI:
Narrow AI (Weak AI): This type of AI is designed to perform a specific task or set of tasks. It operates within a limited domain and lacks general intelligence. Examples include voice assistants, recommendation systems, and image recognition software.
General AI (Strong AI): General AI refers to highly autonomous systems that possess human-like intelligence and can perform any intellectual task that a human being can do. However, true general AI is still largely theoretical and not yet achieved.
Artificial Superintelligence: This refers to an AI system that surpasses human intelligence in virtually every aspect. It represents an advanced form of AI that is capable of outperforming humans across a wide range of tasks and has superior problem-solving abilities.
It’s worth noting that while narrow AI is widely used today, general AI and artificial superintelligence are still in the realm of ongoing research and development.


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