Shopify Partners: How Does It Work and How to Become One in2024

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If your plans of becoming a successful e-commerce marketer have worked out, but you still think some things still need to be added, consider collaborating with Shopify partners. Don’t know who they are? Well, Shopify partners work in different subjects, such as design, marketing, and development. 

No matter how long you started your e-commerce store on Shopify, joining a partnership program could always be a great choice. This article will explain everything about Shopify partners, how you can work with them, and how to become one.

What Is Shopify Partners?

Want to grow your business on Shopify? But don’t know how to start? To achieve that goal, you must hire expertise for different categories in your eCommerce store. Shopify partners are exactly what you need.

Shopify partners are members of the Shopify partnership program that aims to grow a merchant’s online business. They are a board community of experts in different fields that usually have contracts with Shopify to help store owners achieve more success in their Shopify stores.

The Shopify partner’s community comes in 7 categories: designers, marketers, developers, coders, influencers, photographers, and freelancers. But what do they provide for your brand? The services these Shopify partners offer range from building and designing Shopify themes and apps to sharing affiliate links and recommending Shopify to others.  

How Does The Shopify Partner Program Work?

If you are a talented designer or a skillful marketer, joining the Shopify partner program can help you earn a lot of money. The idea of these partnerships is to help the merchants to have a better online business. Shopify partners can earn money by doing any of the following services.

1. Development

What do you think development is? A developer will create different Shopify apps to help store owners improve their stores. The apps they create help merchants increase their bottom line in the short or long term. Developers can have 80% of Shopify’s total revenue by selling their apps to merchants.

2. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important parts of having an e-commerce business. Marketers offer their services, such as Shopify, in many ways. For example, if you need optimized content or streamlined marketing campaigns, you will need marketing expertise. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Using the right affiliate marketing strategies can bring you different audiences and customers. What Shopify Affiliate marketers do is pretty simple. They share affiliate referral links to get more people to use Shopify, and they get paid whenever a new person signs up to Shopify through their affiliate link.

4. Photography

How do you get attracted to a product? Usually, by looking at their images, how the store styles them, and who wears that product. Photographers are Shopify stores who know everything about the importance of high-quality product images. They offer photography skills to help Shopify store owners make their products look great and appealing to customers.

5. Design

Another Shopify partner you need to know about is designers. A designer’s job directly affects your brand management. They help the store owner handle design needs such as logos and graphic designs. Shopify designers usually work hand-in-hand with developers on projects like modifying Shopify themes and templates.

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How to Become a Shopify Partner

Now that you know everything about Shopify partners, you might wonder about becoming one. Being in the Shopify partner program will introduce you to a global community of experts and allow you to work with them on different projects. Here’s how to become a Shopify Partner:

1. Join The Program

To become a Shopify partner, go to the Shopify partner program page. You’ll see an empty bar right beside the ‘Join Now’ button. Type your email, complete the form, and join the program.

Join The Shopify Partner Program
Join The Shopify Partner Program

Once you have confirmed your password, hit the Create Shopify ID button and wait for your email to be verified.

2. Verify Your Email Address

To complete the process of becoming a Shopify partner, you need to use a valid email address. After creating your Shopify ID, Shopiy will notify you with a verification link to your email. The link will expire after 24 hours; be alert to use the verification code.

Verify Your Email Address
Verify Your Email Address

After getting a verification code, you will be directed to a page with a Confirm Email button. Once you confirm your email, you will be redirected to another page – the Shopify accounts page. On that page, choose Shopify Partners and then click Create ‘New Partner Account.’

3. Enter Required Information

Filling out the form is one of the most important steps in becoming a Shopify partner. Enter your information carefully and with details. You’ll have to fill all the fields except those noted as optional. After that, scroll down to the Business Goals section to choose your option.

When you scroll down more, you will see a list of the largest e-commerce platforms. This helps Shopify customize the tools and resources that best suit your business.

Next, go to the Partner Program Agreement. Use the embedded link at the bottom of your screen. Read the terms carefully and agree to them by checking the box at the bottom of the page. To get started, click the View Your Dashboard button.

4. Start The Program

Now that you are on the Shopify Partner dashboard, you can apply and find Shopify Partner programs available under the Get Started section. Choose the best program based on your skills and hit Apply Now. You’ll see a short form that requires you to explain why you want to get into the program.

Start The Program
Start The Program


Shopify is growing every day. If you have any relevant skills and a good understanding of how this popular platform works, you can become a Shopify Partner. Aside from the extra source of income, it gives you room to grow yourself and your business as a freelancer. It also allows you to work with the best experts in different categories, so you can learn from them and enjoy working with them.


1. How Much Do Shopify Partners Get Paid?

Shopify Partners get a 10% or 20% commission on the merchant’s monthly subscription fee based on their purchased Store Plan. The payment is much higher when it comes to selling themes and apps. Sometimes, the payment will increase even when a new customer signs up on Shopify.

2. Is Shopify Partners Worth It?

The answer is going to be Yes! It is worth becoming a Shopify partner. As a Shopify expert, you get paid whether you are a designer, photographer, affiliate marketer, or simply helping other businesses. A Shopify Expert helps other merchants while earning up to 20% in commission.


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