Top 10 Talent Agencies in NYC to Try in 2024

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Collaborating with well-known talent agencies in NYC can help you find jobs and grow your career in the entertainment industry. These agencies often work with casting directors and clients, giving you access to job opportunities that are hard to get on your own.

In the competitive environment of New York, working with a talent agency can give you the advantage you need. Partnering with NYC talent agencies, especially influencer marketing platforms, that specialize in connecting brands with creators can succeed in the competitive influencer landscape.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top talent agencies in NYC to help you choose the right one. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Best Talent Agencies in NYC

The best agencies know what you want, offer a group of skilled individuals, and can give you the perfect people for your business. If you are looking for talent agencies in NYC, you should check out our list for some of the top ones so you can make sure that you find the right one for your business. 

Let’s get started with a talent agency for influencer marketing that helps you find the top-skilled influencer!

1. Ainfluencer: The Best Influencer Talent Agency

Ainfluencer is a global talent agency that helps brands and businesses connect with influencers and content creators. They make it easy for you to find the perfect partner for your influencer marketing needs. They stand out by representing diverse talent from around the world, providing the tools and connections needed to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

For example, A beauty brand worked with Ainfluencer to boost its social media presence. The talent agency linked them with top beauty influencers on Instagram and TikTok, leading to improved brand awareness, increased online sales, and a significant rise in social media followers.


You can use its chat feature to negotiate deals, make payments, and discuss projects, keeping everything organized in one place. Additionally, you can check an influencer’s past collaborations, reviews, and audience details through their profile or chat inbox. Ainfluencer also ensures secure payments to influencers and provides past ratings and collaboration history.

 Watch this video to see how it works:

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Now, let’s introduce one of the boutique talent agencies in NYC!

2. Take 3 Talent Agency

Take 3 Talent Agency was established in 2007 with a size ranging from 2-10. As one of the most recognized talent agencies in New York City, Take 3 Talent Agency gives you a distinctive boutique experience distinguishing it in the entertainment world. 

Take 3 Talent Agency
Take 3 Talent Agency

They nurture and develop talents at various stages of growth starting from beginner child actors to mature performers; hence their expertise lies in personalization. The Take 3 Talent Agency has many talented people and they can pair you up with your perfect match.

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3. The Price Group 

The Price Group Talent Agency stands out as an authentic company that has been managing and representing influencers for over 15 years since its inception. They take pride in their commitment to diversity and inclusion by collaborating with both upcoming as well as established artists within the industry of Broadway, national tours, regional theaters, television programs (TV), motion pictures (film), and other related media outlets.

The Price Group 
The Price Group 

A studio can contact The Price Group to find actors for a TV series. Then the studio found the perfect actor, and the show became a huge success. Pretty straightforward, right?

Do you want to work with actors who have a lot of experience? If so, here is one of the best acting talent agencies in nyc!

4. Avalon Artists Group

Avalon Artists is an ideal agency for actors involved in New York theater, both on and off-Broadway, as well as those in film and television looking to broaden their work across the country. They’ve worked with many actors in shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, How to Get Away With Murder, Be More Chill, Hamilton, and Come from Away.

Avalon Artists Group
Avalon Artists Group

The agency regularly hosts workshops in NYC where actors can get feedback on their portfolios and monologues, and they have an open submissions page on their website. While they do offer representation for film and television, their main focus is on New York theater.

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5. Buchwald

Buchwald started in the 1970s, initially representing radio talent. Now, it handles clients in various fields including commercials, film, theater, TV, literature, feature film packaging, personal appearances, and digital media.


This talent agency in NYC is not accepting open submissions – you need a referral from someone they know to get connected with an agent. They represent or have represented well-known actors such as Howard Stern, Angela Lansbury, Bryan Cranston, and Robert Forster. This agency is highly respected, making casting directors take their clients seriously. They usually work with more established actors.

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So, if you’re just starting out, it’s better to look at smaller agencies first, especially since Buchwald requires referrals. Let’s take a look at the following organization that is best for starters and doesn’t need NYC talent agencies’ submissions.

6. Carson Kolker Organization

If you are a young performer with few credits, this is a good agency to think about. The Carson Kolker Organization is a middle-of-the-road agency that is continually searching for new talent, specifically children and teenagers who have not been represented by anyone else. They focus on movies, television shows, and plays. They also represent adults.

Carson Kolker Organization
Carson Kolker Organization

They have represented well-known actors like Camila Mendes from ‘Riverdale,’ Ja’Siah Young from ‘Raising Dion,’ Ayla Schwartz from ‘Frozen’ on Broadway, and Jawan M. Jackson from ‘Ain’t Too Proud‘ on Broadway.

7. Stewart Talent

Stewart Talent is a large acting talent agency that usually signs actors through referrals rather than open submissions. They primarily focus on theater but also work with talent in film, television, commercials, and voiceovers. Some notable actors they’ve represented include Saycon Sengbloh (Respect), Brian McCaskill (Southern Gothic), Rondi Reed (August: Osage County), and Happy Anderson (The Tick). 

Stewart Talent
Stewart Talent

This is one of the best talent agencies in NYC for aspiring actors who have already had some representation. If you can get a referral, Stewart Talent can significantly advance your career, making them highly recommended.

8. United Talent Agency

It was established in 1991. UTA is a talent agency in New York City with clients who are artists, athletes, and writers, as well as brands in media companies, the entertainment industry, and commerce.

United Talent Agency
United Talent Agency

Their services are extensive, covering areas such as acting, music, sports, comedy, publishing, and gaming. UTA’s dedication to offering a full range of services, including corporate advice and television marketing, makes it a leading force in the talent representation industry.

9. ICM Partners

In September 2021, it was announced that Creative Artists Agency (CAA) would buy ICM. The deal was completed in June 2022, with a value of $750 million.This large talent agency typically doesn’t accept other NYC talent agencies’ submissions. They sign actors only through referrals. Their specialty is widespread, and it includes film, television, theater, commercials, music, sports, digital media, and marketing.

ICM Partners
ICM Partners

Some of the actors who have been represented by their firm include famous movie stars such as Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster, and Christopher Walken. Since ICM Partners doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions and mainly represents very famous actors, you should first work with 2-3 smaller agencies to build your resume and acting reel before considering approaching them.

Here’s one of the small talent agencies in NYC.

10. SW-Artists

SW-ARTISTS is a small agency that is actively looking for new talent. They always welcome new actors and have an open submissions policy on their website. They specialize in film, television, theater, commercials, digital media, and voiceover work. 


The agency primarily represents actors based in New York. You may know agents like Valerie Adami and Margaret Emory at SW-Artists. It’s one of the best NYC talent agencies for new actors. They do a lot to support and advance acting careers, and we recommend them.

To Wrap Things Up

The good talent agencies in NYC can boost your chances of success by connecting you with important people and giving you useful advice. This guide is here to help you pick the agency that fits best with what you want to achieve and what matters to you. In NYC, where there’s so much going on, knowing your stuff is crucial for making it big.


1. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Talent Agency in NYC?

When searching for a talent agency, focus on their proven success, good feedback from clients, and how well they communicate with you.

2. Which Acting Talent Agencies in NYC Are Good for Beginners?

For beginners, it’s tough to get into big agencies unless you’re talented. Instead, try smaller agencies like SW-ARTISTS, which actively seek new talent.

3. Do I Have to Pay a fee for an Acting Agent?

Yes, you’ll pay a percentage of what you earn from jobs the agent finds for you. But if you find work on your own, you won’t owe them anything.

5. How Much Do Acting Talent Agencies in NYC Charge?

They usually take 10-12% of your earnings, but some can go as high as 25-30%. That might be too much, leaving you with less money in the end.

6. Can a Talent Agency Guarantee My Success?

No agency can promise success, but the right one can open doors and offer valuable career guidance.


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