10 Best Mormon Influencers To Follow On Social Media

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If you are active on social media platforms, you have probably noticed how the number of Mormon influencers is increasing, and we can see them everywhere. These content creators are active in different niches, such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, etc.  

In the following, we will introduce you to some Christian influencers from the Mormon branch who are active on social media. By following these LDS influencers, you can learn more about their cultures and beliefs. 

Who Are Mormon Influencers?

Before talking about Mormon or LDS influencers, we first need to know who they are. The Mormons are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), founded by Joseph Smith in the early 19th century in the U.S. 

Other than the Bible, they believe in the Book of Mormon (That’s where their name comes from), and other sacred texts, and have unique beliefs such as continuing revelation and the eternal nature of families. 

Joseph Smith claims that his book is the most correct of any book on earth which focuses on family values, missionary work, and community involvement. 

Top 10 Mormon Influencers To Follow

Many Mormon influencers like to share their lives on social media platforms. In the following, we will get to know some of these creators. 

1. Garrett and Jessica Gee

Let’s start the list with one of the Mormon mom influencers with three kids. Jessica Gee and her husband, Garrett, decided to sell everything they had and travel around the world with their kids in 2015. These influencers traveled to 65 countries in 3 years to finally find the place they love to live. 

As travel influencers, they were active on Instagram and YouTube to share their journey. These Mormon influencers on Instagram have around 2.9M followers and live in Hawaii. Their YouTube channel, ‘The Bucket List Family’, has 1.5M subscribers, but it’s not been updated since June 2022. 

2. Brooklyn and Bailey

Undoubtedly, Brooklyn and Bailey are the most well-known Mormon influencers on Instagram and TikTok. Brooklyn Victoria McKnight and Bailey Marné McKnight-Howard are two American twin sisters born in 1999.

McKnight’s sisters created their YouTube channel in 2013 to create content about fashion, beauty, and teen interests. 

In 2017, they appeared on Forbes’ list of top teen influencers to follow. These Mormon female influencers have 6.6M followers on TikTok, 9.4M followers on Instagram, and 7.1M subscribers on YouTube, 

3. Taylor Paul

One of the top Mormon mom influencers who is open about her life and religion and speaks about it with her audience is Taylor Paul. Taylor Frankie Paul is an American mom of two babies, born in 1995. 

On her TikTok page, she shares GRWM videos, talks about the ups and downs of her relationship, and creates content about her life.

As one of the Mormon social media influencers, she has over 4M followers on TikTok and more than 300K followers on Instagram. 

4. Tanner Mann

If you are looking for Mormon influencers with great taste in fashion and beauty, you better check out Tanner Mann. Tanner is a fashion and beauty influencer with two Instagram accounts: one for beauty and one for lifestyle. She has 330k followers on Instagram and more than 250K followers on TikTok. 

5. Shay Butler

Now, it’s time to check out male Mormon influencers, and Shay Butler is on top of the list. Shay Carl Butler is an American YouTuber born in 1980 who owns two different YouTube channels.

He created his YouTube channels in 2008 and since then has grown his community to over 4.8M subscribers on the ‘Shaytards’ channel and around 1.6M subscribers on the ‘Shaycarl’ channel. 

He regularly shares videos about his family life and travel vlogs and collaborates with celebrities such as Charles Barkley and Bas Rutten. 

6. Natasha Pehrson

Now, it’s time for one of the Mormon influencers on Instagram who is passionate about fitness to share it with her audience. Natasha Pehrson is an online fitness coach and lifestyle influencer who has helped many women worldwide create the body they like.  

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Until 2012, Natasha was always overweight, but that year, she decided to eat healthy and change her lifestyle to become fit.

By sharing this journey on Instagram, she could grow her audience and help her followers with meal recipes, workout methods, etc. 

As one of the top Mormon Instagram influencers, she has 800K followers on Instagram and 1.7M on TikTok. 

7. Amber Fillerup Clark

Another star on the list of Mormon influencers who love fashion is Amber Fillerup Clark. Amber is a fashion influencer and hairstylist. She is also the mom of four kids and, as an influencer mom, she has been active online for over a decade. Amber has 1.3M followers on Instagram and shares videos of her life, fashion tips, and hair tutorials.

8. Al Carraway

The beautiful author, Al Carraway, is one of the top Mormon influencers who is famous for writing some of the best-selling books such as ‘Finding Yourself in the New Testament,’ ‘Wildly Optimistic,’ ‘More Than the Tattooed Mormon’, and ‘Cheers to Eternity’. 

This American influencer likes to talk about Jesus on her Instagram page and also shares LDS Church history tours. As one of the Mormon social media influencers, she has 250K followers and around 40K subscribers on YouTube. 

9. Kailee Wright

One thing we can see in all LDS influencers is that they love having kids, and Kailee Wright is another example. Kailee is a housewife and mom of five beautiful kids. She likes to share family adventures, beauty and hair tips videos, and home organization and design on her Instagram page. 

As one of the most active Mormon influencers, she has around 250K followers on Instagram. Also, Kailee is a Pinterest influencer with 20K followers.

10. Rachel Parcell

The last influencer on the list of Mormon influencers is Rachel Parcell, a mom of three kids. Rachel is a fashion designer and the founder of the ‘RP’ clothing line. She has 1.1M followers on Instagram and also runs her fashion blog, ‘RachelParcell’.

How To Work With Mormon Influencers?

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The rise of Mormon influencers on social media platforms has provided many opportunities for people to learn more about the LDS culture and beliefs. These influencers are active in various niches, such as beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle, and they have established a large following on social media. 

In this article, we’ve introduced you to some Mormon social media influencers you can check out and follow. Also, if you would like to collaborate with them, you can sign up on Ainfluencer for free now!


1. What Makes Mormon Influencers So Popular?

The answer to this question is Mormon culture. They value faith, family, and human communication. Through their social media channels, they try to be friendly with their audience, inspire them, and build friendly relationships, which makes Mormon influencers popular among users. 

2. What Influencers Are Mormons?

Here are some of the famous and most followed Mormon influencers across Instagram and TikTok:
Garrett and Jessica Gee,
Brooklyn and Bailey,
Tanner Mann,
Taylor Paul,
Shay Butler,
Natasha Pehrson.


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