A Quick Guide to Instagram Metrics

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When 80% of Instagram users are business accounts, knowing Instagram metrics plays an internal role in getting the best marketing results.

The Instagram impression is as important as reach on Instagram because these two metrics are crucial to every business’s success on Instagram. Separate from Instagram, every social media platform works with these two effective items to measure social media engagement to reach the right marketing strategy through covering the weak points and maximize their marketing attempts in this way.

Now, this article aims to help you with different Instagram metrics that might be difficult at a glance but would be really essential to keep track of your Instagram business page.

Important Instagram metrics for posts

Reach and impressions are important but with a different meaning on every social media platform; however, Instagram is the main platform we are going to talk about.

Reach vs. Impressions
  • Instagram impression:

An Instagram impression refers to the number of times your Instagram content has been displayed; for example, an Instagram user can see your content twice or more. So, the higher impression you get, the high engaging content you have made.  

Generally considering the impression is the first and most important metrics that every business can discover which kinds of posts are more valuable to attract users’ attention and increase the number of views this called post impressions, directly impacting your Instagram engagement rate.

  • Instagram Reach:

Reach says the total number of unique people who come across your content. Reach is the second Instagram main metrics that you can measure by dividing the total reach of a post by your total number of followers. If one user sees your post three times, it means three impressions but, that user only considers it as one reach. So Each particular Instagram user count as one reach.

  • Engagement rate by followers:

 Followers are your business wealth because they build the fundamental of your Instagram engagement, and you will maximize your Instagram engagement by compelling, engaging content.

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Instagram accounts with millions of followers should have thousands of likes to prove their Instagram performance as well as possible.

Also, if brands execute their marketing efforts with a well-organized plan, they should see gradual growth in the number of their followers, which  says they are taking the right marketing route

Total Engagements / Follower Count * 100 = Engagement Rate

  • Saved Posts:  The number of users who saved your Instagram posts.
  • Comments: evaluating Instagram performance metrics comments are the most effective way to determine how your customers are interacting with your content. Gaining many likes on Instagram is easier than receiving more Instagram comments because comments come from a great impression and sense from your post content strategy. Having good comments on Instagram is a strong factor in building fanbase community around your brand.

Instagram stories important metrics

Instagram stories are another way of developing a rich, engaging content marketing strategy on Instagram. They are the most common attention-grabbing way of increasing the Instagram engagement rate that is organic and interactive, and engaging.

Tracking and measuring your Instagram story performance is absolutely essential to improve your Instagram story strategy. It gives you more chance and flexibility to boost your impression through different audience needs and tastes when your stories’ nature lasts until 24 hours.

Taps Forward: The number of times your users tapped forward to jump to the next story

Taps Backward: The number of times your users tapped back to see the previous story

Replies: The number of times a user replies to your story

Exits: The number of times a user swipes down to exit out your story and go back to the previous screen

Over to you

Now, when you figure out the differences between Instagram stories and posts metrics, you can plan out multiple great Instagram marketing strategies to make the most of story features and the visual storytelling posts to achieve the best Instagram engagement.

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