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Undoubtedly, you are full of ambition when you take up influencing as a career despite the fact that you are aware of how competitive it could be if you would like to turn it into your full-time job, and how puzzling you might feel when trying to collect information and broaden your experience single-handedly.

Influencer Academy

The Influencer Academy programs will help you build a presence, make a light shine on your strategic plan and turn your social media brand into a business.

How Does The Influencer Academy work?

TIA provides you with its varied programs developed by PhDs, market researchers, and highly successful influencers who are already outstanding in their professional careers so that you can take your places by learning what they all did to meet with success.

One of the many advantages of TIA is its flexibility. The programs will not demand that you should travel to a particular place or dedicate your time which you have set out on your other priorities as the courses are held online and there are no deadlines to meet or miss.

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Another benefit to gain from TIA programs is to grow in a collaborative and motivational community while working alongside other content creators.

In order to fully answer this question that how TIA works, it is of considerable importance to say these programs understand your needs in the world of online marketing and social media platforms that are unceasingly evolving. TIA updates its lessons on a regular basis with the assistance of its leading market researchers and guarantees the relevancy of its contents that are contained within the lessons.

TIA programs

Why The Influencer Academy?

TIA is claimed to be a trailblazer in the field of online marketing under experts’ supervision with state-of-the-art methods, real-time tools, and effective techniques perfectly suitable for the real world of today’s social media platforms. Here is why you should enroll in TIA programs if you would like to be an influencer.

  1. Lifetime access to updated materials
    Once in a TIA program, you will always have the full support of your community from anywhere in the world – no matter that you are stuck in traditional schooling, a nine-to-five job, or living to a very tight schedule.
  2. College level curriculum designed by expert strategists
    Taking a look at the advisory board members, you will easily place your trust in TIA.
  • Randy Cox – Co-Founder and Co-CEO
    With twenty-five years of experience in business development as a senior executive, chief executive officer, and the president of both private and public companies, he sees technology as the route to bring about sweeping changes in education.
  • Dan Kriznic – Co-Founder and Co-CEO
    Responsible for over $600 million worth of listings in nine companies, Dan recognizes the need for financial services in fast growing sectors better than the majority of his peers.

The list of all experts who are there for you to ensure that you are on the right path is worth taking a look at.

  • Natasha Collins
  • Mimi Bouchard
  • Carrie Morris
  • Vinod Varma
  • Chris Cunningham
  • David Daniels
  • Andi Davids
  • Dr. Amanda Lynne Smith
  • Natalie Friedman
  • Marlon Webb
  • Brandi Taylor
  • Isabel Palacios
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Above all else, TIA and their supportive community will prepare you for such independence that makes you your own boss and leaves your aspiring future in your own hands.

3. A unique coursework

Over 45 hours of coursework with free expert assessment is created for you in which you can also receive more than 90 videos from successful influencers, innumerable templates, worksheets, and checklists while you can customize it based on your needs and interests.

4. Check their daily tips on Instagram

TIA (@theinfluenceracademy) shares informative tips, inspiring guidance, and innovative ideas on its Instagram account for anyone who is interested to gain an insight into TIA’s philosophy of educating and influencer marketing.

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Who Is The Influencer Academy for?

Whether you are a beginner or you already own a business wishing to develop it, TIA has particular programs for you.

If you are above the age of 13 and you feel the passion for becoming an influencer then just enroll in the courses and achieve it. It will take you one to three months in order to complete each program, however, you will have lifetime access to their contents, and private networking community.

Do not worry about this area of work being too saturated for you since more and more young people are trying to become an influencer. Social media is definitely growing and the opportunity to market your niche is growing with it.

Keep in mind that TIA will save you time and ease the way so that you will not have to spend priceless years of experience to work out the rules by yourself.

This means that there are no terms and conditions imposed on your age, your personal schedule, or the spot you live in anywhere across the globe. all you are required is the dream of building a career in online marketing.  

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What Are the Syllabuses for The Influencer Academy Programs?

There are three courses for you in TIA that broaden your horizons in influencer marketing.

Course 1

In the first course, you will learn to understand the foundations of social media marketing and how to build a presence.  There are 5 modules in each course to help you fulfill the objective.

  • Module 1
    Studies the growth of social media and teaches you how to monetize your content.
  • Module 2
    Familiarizes you with the art of persuasion, communication models, and best ways to develop your brand.
  • Module 3
    Places more focus on developing your brand by examining brand positioning, brand purpose, brand value, and brand narrative.
  • Module 4
    Helps you find your target audience and tells you how to build a rapport.
  • Module 5
    Digs into different types of media and media strategies.
Course 1 in TIA

Course 2

Through the second course, you will explore what your message is, why your audience should trust you and how to develop a creative platform and partnership with thorough knowledge of legal regulations.

  • Module 1
    Shows you what mood boards and photography style is and teaches you how to develop a logo. Keep in mind that your visual identity is a key factor to define you.
  • Module 2
    Outlines your approaches to creating promotional contents.
  • Module 3
    Tells you what a media kit is and why you need one. It also focuses on its role in collaborations, agencies, monetization and brand partnerships.
  • Module 4
    Explores your legal rights to own a brand, and looks at elements of regulatory landscape, the advertising criteria and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
  • Module 5
    Shows you how to work with transparency and accountability, and the importance of trust in growing a loyal audience.
Course 2 in TIA

Course 3

The final course is called influencer entrepreneurship which aims at sales tools and opportunities and teaches you to think outside the box.

  • Module 1
    Helps you adopt the right mindset for your dream job.
  • Module 2
    Guides you through the expansion of your business.
  • Module 3
    Dives deeper into sales strategies and the art of negotiation.
  • Module 4
    Makes as much use as possible of the ideas, experience, and knowledge to boost your creativity alongside your confidence while pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  • Module 5
    Plans your way to success by looking at key learning outcomes.

Course 3 in TIA


Should you have longed for a program that is not in conflict with your hectic way of life and has everything you need to learn in one place from a trusted source, you need to give The Influencer Academy a chance.

TIA has lots of free services and offers affordable educational packages to save you a huge amount of time and tremendous effort while it guarantees your success to become an influencer if you are prepared to tap into as much energy and innovation as it takes.  

Cyrus Nambakhsh

Cyrus is a serial entrepreneur, product-led-growth expert, a product visionary who launched 7 startups. He has built scalable platforms to help businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact: Cyrus@ainfluencer.com