25 Top Coffee Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

You are currently viewing 25 Top Coffee Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

More than 154 million Instagram posts are tagged with “#coffee” right now. 

One of the most widely consumed beverages, coffee is often the subject of posts on platforms such as Instagram.

If you are looking for some amazing coffee influencers on Instagram who enjoy coffee as much as you do, then check this blog out for sure. 

Despite being one of the most consumed beverages worldwide and an often discussed topic on the social media platform Instagram, coffee is so much more.

You should follow these coffee influencers on Instagram if you share our passion for the beverage.

How to find coffee influencers on Instagram?

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Here are a few other ways to find coffee influencers that might work for you to get what you want:

  1.  Using influencer marketplaces such as Ainfluencer as mentioned above.
  1. Take a look at the most popular coffee-related hashtags like #coffee, #coffeeaddict, #coffeetime, #coffeelover, and more.
  1.  Browsing “Location” tags to look for coffee influencers or coffee shop Instagram ids’ in a specific location.
  1.  Googling for “coffee influencers Instagram id” or “top coffee influencers Instagram” may yield several results to select.
  1.  Using the “Suggested” feature of Instagram to search for similar coffee influencers to those you already have in mind.

Top 25 coffee Instagram influencers to follow right now

For your convenience, this blog contains the accounts of the top coffee influencers on Instagram in the coffee industry today.

1. Alex Moe (@themacrobarista) 

Alex Moe is a leading coffee influencer. To put it bluntly, he shares the most amazing and cool coffee posts on Instagram. He teaches about preparing a wide range of flavored coffee models. As of now, he has over 1M followers. Need to know which top coffee influencer to follow on Instagram if you’re a coffee aficionado? There is NO CHOICE except to follow him.

Tap to contact Alex now

2. Zenbunni (@zenbunni)

Zenbunni is committed to Biodynamic and Regenerative agriculture, and as a result, they are able to produce some truly extraordinary coffee for its customers. 

You may learn more about the coffees they provide and join their more than 15K Instagram followers by visiting their website. They are among the few truly original coffee influencers today.

Get in touch with Zenbunni

3. Johnny Eastman (@thetattooedhusband)

Just like you, Johnny Eastman is a huge coffee fan. Many of his Instagram and Tiktok posts and videos feature him making or pouring coffee into a mug. 

He’s gained over 44K Instagram followers; if you’re keen on following well-liked black coffee Instagram accounts, you should follow him.

Reach Johnny now!

4. Rad Coffee (@radcoffee)

Radcoffee is the place to go if you’re seeking an original coffee influencer. 

Across the United States, they run three cafés. One of the hippest American cafe influences, Radcoffee is always coming up with innovative new ways to improve the coffee-drinking experience. 

They have gained more than 128K followers since they first joined Instagram.

Connect to Rad Coffee now!

5. Bandit Coffee Co. (@banditcoffeeco)

Bandit coffee co. is yet another American cafe influencer that has made an impact internationally. Customers can be found from all over the world at their cafe, which is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Their Instagram feed is one of the most interesting of its kind for coffee shops. Presently, they have a social media following of around 22K people.

They have so many unique preferences for coffee that they are major coffee influencers in the industry. 

Contact Bandit coffee

6. Aubrey Johansen (@thatswhatsheeats)

If you’re looking for a new coffee influencer to follow, Aubrey Johansen is another great option. Also, she has many incredible healthy recipes on her profile for you to check out. Being verified on Instagram, she has over 127K followers. Her coffee Instagram account is part of the best ones you can find.

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7. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee (@stansdonutschicago)

If you’re looking for a good American cafe influencer, look no further than Stan’s donuts & coffee, which has an Instagram page dedicated to their coffee shop.

They offer delicious donuts in addition to coffee. They’ve gained over 69.6K Instagram followers. 

It’s worth noting that they’re also coffee influencers because they grow and brew their own delicious coffee. They have 15 cafes around the United States.

Text Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

8. Temple Coffee (@templecoffee) 

As with many of the other American cafe influencers here, Temple Coffee is one of the best coffee influencers on Instagram. 

They’ve gathered over 58K dedicated fans and operate out of eight convenient locations. 

If you want to follow a coffee influencer on Instagram who regularly shares high-quality and cool coffee pictures, look no further. 

You should buy a sample of a variety of their coffees because of the wide choices of flavors.

Partner with Temple Coffee

9. Christopher (@co.nfused)

Christopher is currently regarded as one of the top coffee influencers on Instagram for the coffee industry. Although he often shares photos with a dark academic feel, he occasionally sprinkles posts of tasty cool coffee pictures. Now, he has over 167K Instagram followers, and that number keeps rising. 

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10. Coffee Bean (@thecoffeebean)

A major American cafe influencer, the Coffee Bean has been around since 1963. They have focused completely on coffee and tea production for years. 

In terms of the best coffee Instagram accounts, they are among the very finest. They are known as one of the greatest coffee influencers as well. The number of people that follow them has surpassed 121K, and it continues to rise. 

They’ve opened more than eight cafes around the United States.

Contact The Coffee Bean

11. We Are Little (@wearelittles) 

Wearelittle is one of the top coffee shop’s Instagram accounts in the UK. According to their Instagram bio, all of their beverages include only four calories, have no added sugar, are cruelty-free, and are vegan. The Instagram page also features some cool coffee pictures. As evidenced by their Instagram feed, they create a wide variety of flavored coffees in addition to the classic black coffee and are known as coffee influencers. The number of their current followers is 24K.

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Get in touch with We Are Littles

12. Bold Bean Coffee (@boldbeancoffee)  

The Bold Bean Coffee is one of the best coffee shop’s Instagram accounts in the United States and another American cafe influencer worth mentioning. Their Instagram is full of creative and cool coffee pictures. They have 25K current followers right now. You may check out their cafes in various cities by visiting their webpage. They are known as another one of the greatest coffee influencers among their peers.

Reach Bold Bean Coffee

13. Mila Clarke (@thehangrywoman)

Mila Clarke is mostly a recipe creator, but she also provides extensive tutorials on preparing various coffee beverages. At the present moment, she has over 45K followers. Lots of the videos on her Instagram page are coffee Instagram posts.

Text Mila Clarke now

14. Alfred (@alfred) 

Their Instagram bio reads, ” but first, coffee.” because brewing a cup of coffee is always step one. There are now more than 149K people who follow Alfred. Alfred is a major player in the coffee industry and a top coffee influencer on Instagram. They also brew and sell pre-packaged coffee. They also operate cafés in countries other than the United States. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the coffee industry, you should follow one of the best coffee Instagram accounts there.

Contact Alfred

15. Birch Coffee (@birchcoffee)   

Birch Coffee is a great example of a New York City café and an American cafe influencer. More than 28K people follow them on Instagram. On their Instagram accounts, they share some amazing cool coffee pictures. In terms of coffee shop Instagram accounts, they are also among the best. Pre-packaged coffee is also available for purchase there. They are a major player in the New York coffee influencer culture, so check them out.

Talk to Birch Coffee now

16. Nick (@dailyspro) 

Nick has joined the coffee influencers as their newcomer. Since he is a coffee enthusiast, his feeds are filled with posts of cool coffee pictures he has created. Viewers of his videos will not be disappointed. He has 8.7K followers now, and that number will grow.

Collaborate with Nick now

17. Chameleon Coffe (@chameleoncoffee) 

Chameleon Coffee is a top coffee influencer on Instagram because they only utilize organic beans. They share some really cool coffee pictures. Their specialty is making cold brew coffee, but they offer many different flavors. They’ve gathered a total of 74.8K Instagram followers at this time.

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18. Bones Coffee Company (@bonescoffeecompany)

Bones Coffee Company has a presence that is unlike any other coffee shop on Instagram. Their package and design are awesome. Their feeds are full of hilarious coffee memes and cool coffee pictures. As of this writing, they have 324K followers. They’re successful both nationally and internationally.

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19. Fluffy Cow Coffee (@fluffy_cow_coffee) 

Wish you could support rescue groups while drinking coffee? Then consider what this coffee influencer does. The sale of even a single bag contributes to the organization’s ability to save the lives of mistreated and neglected animals. You should check out their Instagram postings if you’re looking for a dose of warmth in the form of coffee photos. As of right now, they’ve built a following of 37.9K people. Really, their Instagram is wonderful.

Text Fluffy Cow Coffee

20. MoonGoat Coffee (@moongoatcoffee) 

This American cafe influencer is a hidden gem. Right now, they have two cafes in California. They have a unique logo, and their coffee is sold in very cool packaging. To be frank They could be the next top coffee shop Instagram account. Currently, they have 13K followers, but their feed is filled with cool coffee pictures to blow you away. Watch out for this new coffee influencer on the market.

Contact Moon Goat Coffee

21. Tanner (@tannercolsoncoffee) 

Tanner is THE coffee influencer to go to if you want to know everything about the equipment, even what flavor to try and how to brew it; he has information about everything. He has 159K followers at the moment. As he tries out new roasts and accessories, he produces some of the most interesting and informative coffee Instagram posts around.

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22. Ethan Rode (@ethanrode) 

He might not be a top coffee influencer on Instagram just yet, but he has over 400K followers on TikTok and is growing his Instagram account by the minute. Currently, he has 7.8K followers on Instagram. He could be the next best coffee Instagram account out there in the upcoming days.

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23. Emilee Bryant (@emstagrim) 

Emilee Bryant is a 2X Latte Art World Champion, and so she is one of the best coffee influencers in the market to keep an eye on. It’s safe to mention Emilee has one of the top coffee influencers’ accounts on Instagram. She currently has 62.7K followers. She also has a youtube channel, and she has 35.6K subscribers there as well.

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24. Balzac’s Coffee Roasters (@balzacscoffee) 

One of the top coffee influencers on Instagram in the Canadian market is Balzac’s Coffee Roasters. They have been selling freshly roasted coffee for thirty years. They presently have 30K followers. Check out their feed as well; they have some cool coffee pictures that shouldn’t be ignored.

Collab with Balzac’s Coffee

25. Zach Johnson (@180gramcoffee) 

If you’re new to the industry, Zach Johnston is one of the coffee influencers you should look up to because he knows all the ins and outs and the ideal coffees for you. He tests many products and provides you with an honest reviews. He is undoubtedly among the top Instagram accounts for coffee. Currently, he has 18.9K followers right now, and that number is rising.

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2- Who is the number 1 influencer on Instagram? 

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