How to use the invite system on Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer is an ad marketplace that enables brands to find, connect, and collaborate with influencers. Brands can post ads and search over 700,000 qualified influencers to achieve their Instagram influencer marketing goals.

It all starts with creating an ad. Brands can create free ads on Ainfluencer’s ad marketplace to attract top Instagram influencers, collaborate on branded content deals, and generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Here’s how to start on Ainfluencer and use the invite system as a Brand.

How to make an account on Ainfluencer?

First, visit the to make an account

Enter a name, last name, email, and password to register. A verification code will be sent to your email address for account verification.

Once you’ve verified your account, a welcome page will appear to get you started with creating an ad. Click Let’s Get Started.

Complete your company profile on the next screen. Enter your brand’s information in the fields provided, and click Next.

Now it’s time to create your ad. Enter a title, description and select the type of sample creative you want to include from Feed or Story.

If you select a sample creative, add an image or video to your ad. Click the Add New Image button to upload.

An editor tool will show up. Adjust your ad image, and when you’re finished click Done.

The next step is to check over your ad preview. If it looks good, write a caption for your sample post then click Save & Use This Content

Step 3 is your Marketplace Display Preferences. You can set a preferred posting date, time, and duration for your ad, or not.

If you choose to add a fixed date and time for your ad, a window will pop up for you to select them.

If you want your ad to remain on the influencer’s Instagram for a specific duration, set the start date/time and end date/time in the box that appears and click Add.

Your ad is complete! Click next to discover or invite influencers. Use Ainfluencer’s search engine to find top influencers. Tip: enter hashtags to filter influencers.

Congratulations! Your Ainfluencer account has been created and your first ad is complete! You can easily manage influencer marketing right in the app. Here’s a quick tutorial on the Ainfluencer dashboard to get you started:


Your Ainfluencer dashboard provides a complete view of your brand’s activities, such as ads, offers, and invitations.

  • Ads show the total number of ads you’ve created, and the campaigns you’ve joined.
  • Offers show the number of influencers who’ve made an offer on your ads.
  • Invitations show the number of influencers you’ve invited to collaborate on your ads.

How to send an invitation to influencers

  • Click on the Find Influencers section in the dashboard.
find influencer on Ainfluencer
  • Discover and invite influencers through Ainfluencer’s custom search. Filter influencers by keyword, hashtags, categories, location, and number of followers.
  • Once you’ve found a relevant influencer, invite them to collaborate by clicking the invite button.
invite influencer on Ainfluencer
  • After you’ve clicked Invite, click on Next to see the ads you’ve created and select the ad you want to invite the influencer to collaborate on.
send ads to influencer on Ainfluencer
  • Nice job! Your invitation has been sent successfully. Keep an eye on your notifications for their response.

How to see the collaboration invitations you’ve sent

To see the invitations you’ve sent to influencers, go to the Ads section in your app and click on the invited influencer.

Here you can see the Date, Ad, Type and Status for the selected invitation.

see the invitation on Ainfluencer

From here you can also cancel the invitation or see the profile of the influencer.

Inviting influencers to collaborate on ads through the Ainfluencer platform is easy! Get started today and start reaching your marketing goals.

Learn how to find the right influencers for your next influencer marketing campaign.

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