How Much Is a Galaxy on TikTok? The Best Answer in 2024

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As one of the most popular platforms, TikTok continues to surprise us by adding new features. Have you ever seen the Galaxy Gift on live streams? Do you know how they work, and how much is a galaxy on tiktok?

Followers send galaxies on TikTok to their favorite influencer and content creator as a sign of gratitude for creating unique and enjoyable content. This article will show how this cool feature works on TikTok. Can they be on TikTok trending videos? Stay with us to know everything about this gift.

What Is a Galaxy on TikTok?

Sending gifts to your favorite TikTok influencer and content creator is an act of donation and gratitude. This gift comes in different themes, and the galaxy gift, also known as a diamond, is only one of them. There are other gifts like the lion’s Gift and the Rose, but the Galaxy is more well-known and popular.

How Much Is a Galaxy on TikTok?

Wondering how much is a galaxy on TikTok? The Galaxy gift starts from 1000 TikTok coins, costing around $13.50. Keep in mind that the Galaxy gift is one of many expensive gifts on TikTok. The lion’s gift is worth more than $400, which is expensive. With over 100 items on TikTok, users can support their favorite TikToker in many ways.

How Can You Send a Galaxy Gift on TikTok?

Sending a galaxy is quite easy; you have to pay attention to the payment process on TikTok. Users can select the gift icon next to the Add Comment feature during a live stream on TikTok to send any gifts. TikTok will allow you to choose from different gifts, each with beautiful visual effects and various values. 

However, TikTok will keep 50 percent of the money as its commission. To send your gift to your TikToker, you should have a PayPal account or a Venmo. 

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How Does TikTok Pay Creators Other Than The Galaxy Gift? 

How do you think creators make money on TikTok? The common way to make money as a creator is to collaborate with brands working in your niche. By having different collaborations, you’ll promote their brand in your content.

But have you heard anything about TikTok paying the creators? Besides receiving different gifts during the live streams, TikTok will pay TikTokers based on their views and likes. The more views you have for each video, the more TikTok funds you get.

How to Collaborate with These TikTokers as a Brand?

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TikTok offers a way for viewers to pay their favorite creators as a sign of gratitude. Therefore, it allows you to send different gifts during their livestream. The Galaxy gift is one of the most popular gifts among viewers. It’s cheaper than the other gifts and has a beautiful visual effect. 


1. How Much Are The Gifts Worth on TikTok?

TikTok has about 100 gifts available. The prices start from as low as $0.012, 5 TikTok coins, to as high as $500, 35,000 TikTok coins. These gifts are continuously being changed and updated. 

2. Are TikTok Gifts Real Money?

TikTok gifts will allow public viewers to tip their favorite creators for their content. The process works through in-app coin and digital gift-giving, which can become real cash.


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