10 Famous Family YouTubers to Subscribe in 2024

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If you want to enjoy countless videos about family games, challengers, lifestyle vlogs, cooking, adventures, and unboxing videos, then you should know the best family YouTubers. 

But who are these YouTubers, and why should you follow them? These YouTube influencers can make you enjoy their chaotic life and challenges. Read this article to know everything about these popular family YouTubers.

Top 10 Famous Family YouTubers

Want to be familiar with the most popular family YouTubers? Here are the top family influencers on YouTube. 

1. The ACE Family

Meet the ACE family, the most popular family blogger on YouTube. Their channel is run by two parents, Chathrerin and Austin. If you enjoy watching family games and challenges, this channel should be a must-have.

The ACE Family is an American YouTube family from Los Angeles, California. This family YouTuber occasionally uploads videos of challenges, family life, pranks, and vlogs. Their YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. In the early years of their success, they were among the most financially successful YouTubers of that time. 

They have more than 18 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. This family YouTuber’s most popular video, from 6 years ago, got 40 million views. How incredible! The video is about Austin’s decision to propose to Catherine.  

With three young children and housewife duties, this mama blogger is killing it!

2. The Daily Bumps

Let’s meet another famous family YouTuber, The Daily Bumps. They are a family of five, perhaps six, in a couple of months. Brayn and Melissa Lanning started their family in 2014 and now have three children: Oliver James Lanning, Finley Jay Lanning, and Brielle Louise Lanning.

Daily Bumps is an American family YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers. These family-friendly YouTubers used to post vlogs daily. However, after expecting another child, they don’t have time to post every day. Therefore, they upload vlogs almost three times a week. 

Unfortunately, Melissa has experienced two miscarriages. On November 8, 2013, Missy posted a video titled ‘Why I Lost My Two Babies’ on her channel. She revealed everything about what caused her pregnancy losses. Oliver was born after her two miscarriages, and their baby boy became a miracle in the family. These old YouTubers used to live in Murrieta, California, but later, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee. 

Their most viewed YouTube video is from 8 years ago, on Halloween. Their Toy Story Halloween video gained 130 million views and blew everyone’s minds on YouTube.

3.  The Onyx Family

If you enjoy watching family vlogs, you should check out the Onyx family. 

This family YouTuber started their career on YouTube in 2015 and gained more than 4 million subscribers ever since. This is a black YouTuber family of six, which consists of parents Mirthell and Rita Onyx, along with their four kids Shalom, Sinead, Sade (Shasha), and Shiloh, who would love to make you laugh through funny vlogs.

These funny YouTubers post every week, and guess how many views they got for their latest video? A few days ago, they posted a family game night that gained more than 50K views, which was quite impressive. 

In 2019, this Family YouTuber signed a contract with Pocket.watch to launch their 12-episode animated series, Onyx Monster Mysteries. Later, in October 2020, PocketWatch partnered with Shine Global to produce the Onyx Family Dinner show and a new YouTube Original talk show featuring the Onyx family, which hosts weekly dinner guests.

4. The Bee Family

Are they looking for the most popular family YouTubers from Canada? Meet the Bee family. The Bee Family, formerly known as the Eh Bee Family, is a popular Canadian internet celebrity best known for its channel on YouTube, which has over 10 million subscribers and over 2 billion total views.

If you are a family-centered audience looking to be entertained by prank videos, choose the Bee family! They are a family of four who live in Thornhill, Ontario. Now, let’s meet the family: the dad, Andrés Burgos; the mom, Rossana Burgos; and their kids, Roberto Burgos and Gabriela Rossana Burgos.

This family YouTuber decided to pursue social media as a career in January 2013 when their video became popular on Vine. Their social media accounts include Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. They have 33 million followers on all platforms and are still growing their business.

5. Family Fun Pack

Ready to meet another family on YouTube? Meet the Fun Pack family, one of the most popular family YouTubers. Family Fun Pack is an American family YouTuber channel with a mother, Kristine, sometimes their father, and her six children: Alyssa, David, twins Zac and Chris, Michael, and Owen. They also have a baby, Chloe, and their dog.

Their channel is known for uploading videos of Water parks, playgrounds, daily vlogs, adventures, toys, cooking, challenges, unboxing, stay-at-home, and family games. 

They have more than 10 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views. They post every two or three days, and their views are high.

In 2016, they published a video and told everyone about the Family Fun Pack. This family YouTuber explained their passions as a friendly family and made their audiences familiar with themselves. They became YouTubers 12 years ago, and their first video is titled ‘Twins Putting Themselves to Bed.’ It got 145 million views, which dropped everyone’s jaw on YouTube. 

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6. Ellie And Jared

Let’s check out the cutest couple on YouTube. You would never believe they are parents of three boys and one girl. Meet Ellie and Jared, an American vlogging family from Logan, Utah. You’ve already met the parents; it’s time to meet their three little boys, Jackson, Calvin, and Tommy, and their beautiful daughter, Jennifer. 

This Family YouTuber has struggled for nearly three years to have a baby without success. After they finally got pregnant, they decided to open their YouTube channel to help people with their pregnancy issues and started filming videos to document and help others with infertility.

This family YouTuber started their channel in 2013, and now they have more than 1 million subscribers and over one billion views. Though it might seem a little tricky to have 1 billion views while they have only 1 million subscribers, and you may think they’ve been buying YouTube subscribers, when you watch their content, you’ll understand everything.

7. The Pantons Squad

Let’s start with another popular family YouTuber, the Pantons. They are one of the most active family YouTubers, so if you are looking for endless content and beautiful YouTube shorts, this channel is a must-have.

The pantons include Don, Malinda, Yaya, DJ, Bryson, and Brielle. They started posting on YouTube in 2017 and now have nearly three million subscribers and more than 1.5 billion views. This family YouTuber loves sharing their family adventures and lifestyle moments along with many family games, challenges, heartwarming family videos, and day-to-day lifestyle vlogs.

This American family YouTuber recorded a music video three years ago, and it went insanely viral on YouTube. It has more than 9 million views, and they titled it ‘We Go Hard.’ 

8. Sam and Nia

Here’s another American family YouTuber: Sam and Nia, a family of six. They vlog about their daily lives as Christian family YouTubers. These Christian YouTubers have more than 2.50 million subscribers, while they only have 2K videos. They opened their channel 16 years ago and reached over 2 billion views.

This Christian family YouTuber went viral on YouTube when they posted a video of themselves lip-syncing to the song ‘Love Is an Open Door’ from Disney’s Frozen cartoon. The video, posted 10 years ago, has over 23 million views.

This cute couple has another viral video, which they released in August 2015. It’s a video of Sam surprising Nia with her pregnancy. However, a few days later, they announced that their pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. That video has 19 million views, which is incredible. They now have four beautiful children.

9. JesssFam

This family YouTuber is the most crowded family anybody could have. The Jessfam has seven children: two beautiful girls and five handsome boys. Jessica (the mother) started the channel as a pregnant teenager in 2006.

On their channel, you’ll find the most chaotic life, along with lifestyle vlogs, family games, and challenges. This family YouTuber has 1.78 million subscribers and more than one billion views. 

Jessica received the Shorty Award for Best in Parenting and Family in May 2019 and posted a vlog about it that gained 295K views.

10. Bratayley

Finally, here is the last YouTube family for you to complete the list of the best family YouTubers. Bratayley, or the LeBlanc family, is an American family YouTuber run by Jules LeBlanc, Hayley LeBlanc, Katie LeBlanc, Billy LeBlanc (formerly), and Caleb LeBlanc who unfortunately passed away in October 2015 at age 13 from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Even with all of those tragic moments of losing their little brother, they never stepped down. They posted a video that told everyone about the loss of their little son titled ‘Calbe Gone But Never Forgotten.’ It gained 23 million views. They continued posting four years later and stopped ever since. This family YouTuber now has over 7 million subscribers and over 4 billion views. 

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Family YouTubers have become so popular that they gained an influential presence on YouTube, showcasing their daily lives and creating content that audiences of all ages can watch. Many family YouTubers have successfully built strong connections with their viewers and have used their platform to spread positivity, entertainment, and valuable life lessons. 


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