Why I Can’t See the Number of my Followers on Instagram?

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While Instagram is rolling out updates, it might happen several times for users to come across such different intriguing issues within their Instagram profiles.

The truth is that there are many Instagram bugs while using the app, which is not a big problem to be worried about. What about  “can’t see their followers in their follower list.”?

The thing that makes bold this Instagram bug is that being unable to access the followers’ list means limiting your consistent interaction with them because they are looking for ways to get more followers.

Normally, there are two leading causes for each Instagram bug; first, Instagram is down. There is a problem with your internet connection, and the second is that something goes wrong with your Instagram app.

We are going to discuss why I can’t see the number of my followers on Instagram on how to fix this issue.

Ways to beat can’t see the number of my followers on Instagram

  1. Update your Instagram app
    First of all, the most important thing you can do to break through such a common Instagram issue is to check out whether there is an update for the Instagram app or not because there is always a solution for solving in the updated version of any app the user’s issue. You can develop the newest version of the Instagram app to solve your problem on the Google play store.
  2. Install and reinstall the app
    In some cases, you might have already updated your Instagram app, but still, nothing works. Now it is time to delete the current Instagram app on your mobile phone and reinstall it from a trusted source.
  3. Get your Instagram followers using the Instagram data
    Instagram data is one of the most effective ways to access the list of Instagram followers. The Data Download tool is now available to every user from the web, ios, and android. You can download a copy of your profile info such as photos, videos, your post, and the story also your followers’ usernames using Instagram data; after that, Instagram sends you a link to download it.
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How to see and download your Instagram followers?

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Tap on your Instagram profile
  • Tap the menu icon on the top right of the screen
  • Go to setting
  • Open the Security
  • In the data and history section, select Access data
  • Under the connections section, scroll down to see Accounts following you

4. Check out the followers’ count

It usually occurs when you are checking your followers’ list except for one or several followers. It is nothing odd because, in that case, the issue is not on behalf of you; the issue may happen around possible reasons.

  • The user might have temporarily disabled their accounts
  • Instagram might have banned or disabled the accounts due to violating the terms
  • Users may have deleted their account themselves

5. Leave it out for some hours

It can be no particular issue or problem with your followers’ list when you can’t see your followers’ number on Instagram. So, there is no need to do anything and wait for at least a few hours to see whether it is fixed.

6. Contact Instagram help center

This way is the more practical way that when none of the solutions above come true can work best. Contact the Instagram help center to report the Instagram bugs you have recently faced. There are three ways to get through the Instagram support center to solve your problem

7. Use Instagram Contact number and contact Email

Instagram’s contact phone number is 650-543-4800, and the contact email is support@instagram.com, but you should know that if you did not get any response to your inquiry through these two channels go on with the next recommended contact channel.

  • Contact Instagram support inside the Instagram app
  • Go to your profile and tap Menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Help > Report a Problem, then follow the on-screen instructions.

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