How To Buy TikTok Followers? Top Platforms In 2024

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With short-form videos, creative filters, and addictive challenges, TikTok is becoming a popular platform where everyone is trying to get followers. Some users prefer to buy TikTok followers instead of planning long-term growth plans and strategies. While this method might look simple, you need to know its pros and cons. 

If you are an influencer who is looking to know how to make money on TikTok or a brand that wants to increase your customers and followers is the first step. In this article, we will show you how to increase your followers and buy followers on TikTok from a trusted source. 

Why You Need To Buy TikTok Followers?

TikTok is the second most popular social media platform with more than one billion active users in a month. Many brands, businesses, and influencers use this platform to grow their audience and gain followers. Having more followers can help your page stand out and other professionals are more likely to contact you. 

While organic growth is the best way to increase TikTok followers, it can be challenging for many TikTokers. That’s when buying TikTok followers comes to mind. It can be a perfect strategy to kickstart your page as well as plan for organic growth. 

However, the number of followers is not the only thing that matters. You need interested users that interact with your content, so you can get a high engagement rate. Therefore,  if you decide to buy followers on TikTok, you need to make sure they are interested in your niche and industry. 

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Best Platforms To Buy TikTok Followers

As we mentioned in the previous part, if you decide to buy free TikTok followers, you need to make sure they are organic (not bot and fake accounts) and interested in your content. In the following, we will introduce you to some of the best platforms to buy real TikTok followers. 

1. Social Wick

We want to start the list with one of the most affordable options available. Social Wick offers real and targeted followers by only paying €0.13 per 10 followers. This platform has been in the industry since 2017 and is a safe platform that doesn’t ask for any personal data. 

SocialWick TikTok Followers Tool
SocialWick TikTok Followers Tool

Other than TikTok, Social Wick offers followers services for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, etc. After requesting your service and purchasing your package, it takes up to 24 hours to receive your followers. The best part is that they offer free refills for 60 days if you needed. 

Social Wick users can contact their support team 24*7 and they are always available. Also, you will receive followers with gradual and safe delivery, so your account is risk-free.

SocialWick Features

This app supports multiple social media platforms for those who want to grow their accounts. Here are its top features:

  • TikTok: Followers, Likes, and Views. 
  • Instagram: Likes, Comments, views, Followers, Impressions. 
  • YouTube: Views, Subscribers, Shares, Likes, Comments, Dislikes, etc.
  • Facebook: Likes, Comments, Views, Shares, Followers, Live stream views, Profile followers, etc.
  • Twitch: Views, Live stream views, Followers, Tax information.
  • Spotify: Followers, Playlist Followers, Plays, Playlist plays.
  • Twitter: Likes, Retweets, Votes, Views, Followers, Live video views. 

SocialWick Pricing

For those looking for an affordable option with customized plans to buy TikTok followers online, SocialWick is a good option. It charges €0.13 per 10 followers and you can easily type the number of users you need and make the payment. 

2. Bulkoid

Another best place to buy TikTok followers that are legit and real is Bulkoid. In Bulkoid, you can buy TikTok followers and likes and views for your top videos. By buying video views, you can make your videos reach the ‘for you’ page and it will be recommended to more users. 

BULKoid Homepage
BULKoid Homepage

This platform claims to provide organic users that interact with your content. It’s also available for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Telegram. With Bulkoid, it only takes four steps to buy followers: 

  • Select one of the platforms you’re on
  • Select the services you want to buy
  • Pay using Visa, Mastercard, Amex or others
  • Watch in real time as your brand grows!

Bulkoid Features

This platform supports almost all social media platforms. Here is a quick look at its TikTok Features

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Views

Note3: To receive the paid packages, you need to have a public account. 

Bulkoid Pricing

If you decide to buy real TikTok followers from Bulkoid, you can customize the pack you want. You can set the number of likes, views, and followers you want and pay for what you need. Here are their pricing packs:

  • TikTok: Staring from $7.80
  • Instagram: Starting from $2.40
  • YouTube: Starting from $7.20
  • Twitter: Starting from $5
  • Facebook: Starting from $3.30
  • Spotify: Starting from $5

3. Tokmatik

Want to quickly boost your TikTok exposure and authority with real followers? TokMatik is a perfect option. This platform understands TikTok guidelines for fake followers that’s why they insist on providing authentic follows from real accounts. 

TokMatik Homepage
TokMatik Homepage

With this tool, buying TikTok followers inexpensively only requires one simple step, making it accessible for everyone to grow their accounts effortlessly. TokMatick doesn’t ask for your account passwords and only needs your profile URL. It offers instant delivery of followers after purchase and in case of any issues, its support team is available 24*7. 

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Note: If you want to try the quality of followers before purchasing, you can use their free trial and receive 100 followers for free. 

Tokmatik Features

This platform is only focusing on providing TikTok services. With TokMatik you can:

  • Get instant TikTok followers,
  • Receive video views,
  • Buy TikTok likes.

Tokmatik Pricing

Now that you know everything about this platform, let’s take a look at its different packs of TikTok followers.

  • 100 Followers: $4.99
  • 200 Followers: $7.99
  • 500 Followers: $16.99
  • 750 Followers: $22.49
  • 1000 Followers: $26.99
  • 1500 Followers: $29.99
  • 2000 Followers: $34.99
  • 2500 Followers: $39.99

4. Social Boosting

Another fast delivery option to buy TikTok followers is Social Boosting which is also available for Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Sound Cloud. They claim to provide high-quality and safest followers without asking for passwords. You only need to provide your TikTok username and receive your followers. 

Social Boosting Homepage
Social Boosting Homepage

After purchasing the package you need, you will instantly start receiving your followers. However, it might last up to 24 hours, so your TikTok algorithm doesn’t detect spam actions. Social Boosting support team is available 24*7, and they provide a full money-back guarantee. 

Social Boosting Features

This platform is not only focusing on giving you followers. You can buy any type of interaction you need in Social Boosting. Here is what it offers:

  • TikTok: Followers, Likes, Views, Comments, Shares, and Saves.
  • Instagram: Followers, Likes, Views, Comments, Reels Likes, Reels Views. 
  • Spotify: Followers, Track Play, Monthly Listeners. 
  • YouTube: Subscribers, Likes, Views, Comments, and Shares. 
  • SoundCloud: Followers, Likes, and Plays.

Social Boosting Pricing

Want to know can you buy followers on TikTok? With Social Boosting it’s a piece of cake. Here is the pricing of different follower packs.

There are two types of followers on this platform: High-quality followers and Premium followers. 

For High-quality followers:

  • 1500 Followers: $35
  • 3000 Followers: $60
  • 4500 Followers: $70

And for premium users:

  • 1500 Followers: $50
  • 3000 Followers: $137
  • 4500 Followers: $195

5. FastPromo

Want to know how to buy TikTok followers with the minimum risk? FastPromo is another available option. This platform offers likes, followers, and views for different social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

FastPromo Homepage
FastPromo Homepage

They claim that all services offered by FastPromo are 100% handmade. They provide high-impact social cues from real people with active accounts, all done without the use of robots, or automation, and with a strict anti-spam policy. If they do not complete the work as promised, you will get a refund with the full purchase price.

FastPromo Features

If you run multiple accounts on different social media platforms, FastPromo can help you with all of them. Here is what it offers:

  • YouTube: Views, Subscribers, Likes, and Shares. 
  • Instagram: Followers, Likes, Comments, and Reels views. 
  • TikTok: Likes, Followers, and Views. 
  • Twitter: Likes and Followers. 
  • Telegram: Group members. 

Fast Promo Pricing

This service doesn’t provide a pricing pack. You can customize the pack you want (likes, followers, and views) and it will automatically generate the pack with pricing for you. 

How To Earn Money From Your TikTok Account?

Now that you know how to buy TikTok followers and increase your audience, you can become a TikTok influencer and collaborate with brands for earning money from your account. There are hundreds of brands looking fir influencers of all sizes every day but how to find them?

As you grow your TikTok following and hit the 5k followers mark, you can officially become a TikTok influencer and join Ainfluencer. Ainfluencer is a leading influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers of all sizes, providing a platform for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ainfluencer Homepage
Ainfluencer Homepage

By signing up on Ainfluencer for free and creating your influencer profile, you gain access to a wide range of brand collaboration opportunities. Brands from various industries seek influencers on Ainfluencer to promote their products and services to engaged and relevant audiences.


Having a large number of followers on TikTok can bring new opportunities for influencers and professional users.  While buying TikTok followers can give you a head start, remember that organic growth and authentic engagement are also important for long-term success.

In this article, we’ve introduced you to some of the best and safest platforms to buy TikTok followers and kickstart your page. Also, we showed you how to start earning money from your account on Ainfluencer. 


1. Is Buying TikTok Followers Safe?

Buying TikTok followers can be safe if you choose a reputable provider that delivers real followers. Avoid services that offer suspiciously low prices or make unrealistic claims. Always research the service provider’s reviews and reputation before making a purchase.

2. Will Buying Followers Guarantee Success On TikTok?

Buying followers is just one aspect of growing your TikTok presence. Success on TikTok also depends on creating engaging content and actively engaging with your audience. Genuine follower engagement and valuable content contribute to long-term success.

3. Can Buying TikTok Followers Lead To Account Suspension?

If you buy followers from low-quality providers using bots or fake accounts, your account could be at risk of suspension. To avoid this issue, choose trustworthy service providers who deliver real, active followers.

4. Are There Alternatives To Buying TikTok Followers?

Yes, there are alternatives to buying TikTok followers. You can grow your TikTok following organically by following best practices, such as creating valuable content, leveraging trends, and engaging with your audience.


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