ZARA Affiliate Program Overview in 2024: Is It Real or Fake?

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There’s been a lot of buzz online about the Zara Affiliate Program. But does Zara have an affiliate program? Go ahead and read our complete guide to figure it out!

Some sources suggest Zara has an affiliate marketing program for Rakuten Marketing, but we haven’t been able to confirm this. It’s still being determined if Zara ever had such a program or if the information online is accurate. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you should know about the Zara Affiliate Program in the USA and how you can get started as an affiliate.

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What Is the ZARA Affiliate Program?

You may ask: does Zara have an affiliate program? Zara claims to have an Affiliate Program for influencers that lets them partner with Zara to promote its products and earn money from successful referrals. Even though Zara doesn’t have its own official Affiliate Program right now, you can still promote their products through the Zara Ambassador program and other third-party affiliate programs.

Zara’s Ambassador program is specifically for social media influencers, also known as Zara Ambassadors. It’s aimed at online trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts rather than traditional affiliates, allowing you to earn commissions by leveraging your online influence for brand advertising.

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How Does the ZARA Affiliate Program Work?

After you join Zara’s affiliate program, you’ll get special links and promotional materials. When someone clicks on your link and buys something from Zara’s website, you’ll get a commission. This works through cookies, so you’ll always get credit for your referrals.

ZARA Affiliate Program Commission Rate

The Zara affiliate program offers a commission rate of up to %8 for each sale made through your affiliate links, depending on the type of product sold. These links have a short 24-hour tracking period, meaning you’ll earn a commission if someone clicks your link and makes a purchase within that time frame.

Zara pays Affiliates regularly, with payment schedules typically monthly or bi-monthly. Payment methods include PayPal, direct bank transfer, and other supported options.

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ZARA Affiliate Program Pros & Cons

Now, let’s take a look at this marketing program’s advantages and disadvantages:

ZARA Affiliate Program Pros

  • You can earn up to 8% commission by promoting Zara’s products.
  • Zara provides ad creative and resources for its Ambassadors.
  • If you’re a brand owner, Affiliating with Zara can boost your website’s credibility due to its global recognition.
  • Zara offers competitive commission rates, providing a significant income source.
  • Zara’s popular products attract broad appeal, increasing the likelihood of successful referrals.
  • Affiliates receive various marketing materials like banners and product images to enhance promotions.
  • Zara’s program uses cookies, allowing you to earn commissions on delayed purchases.

ZARA Affiliate Program Cons

  • The 24-hour cookie tracking period is too short.
  • Zara’s program is hosted on Captiv8, which lacks the reputation of more established networks.
  • The fashion industry is highly competitive, making it challenging to stand out.
  • Zara mainly offers clothing and accessories, potentially limiting relevance for non-fashion websites.
  • Zara may impose geographic limitations, hindering global audience targeting.
  • Zara may have strict guidelines impacting your promotional strategies.
  • Past complaints about Zara’s customer service could hurt affiliates’ reputations.

Still interested in joining this fashion affiliate program? Read the following section!

How to Join the ZARA Affiliate Program?

To start as a Zara affiliate, take the following simple steps:

Creating an Affiliate Account

Begin by creating an account on the Zara affiliate program sign-up page. Fill in all the necessary details and follow the program’s rules.

Creating Account on ZARA Affiliate Program
Creating an Account on the ZARA Affiliate Program

Application and Approval

After you’ve applied, Zara’s team will review your platform and content to see if it matches their brand. If approved, you’ll get access to your affiliate dashboard and special affiliate links.

Getting Affiliate Links & Marketing Materials

Your affiliate dashboard contains various marketing materials, such as banners, product images, and text links. These are intended to assist you in effectively promoting Zara products and boosting your sales.

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Tracking Your Performance

Your affiliate dashboard tracks clicks, conversions, and commissions in real-time. This helps you monitor your performance and adjust your marketing methods for better results.

How to Become a ZARA Ambassador?

In addition to the mentioned steps, there are many ways to apply for the Zara Ambassador Program passively. Zara often scouts for influencers who match their standards rather than waiting for applications. They’re like talents! 

Here are some tips: Start by showcasing Zara products in your content, make it original and interesting, maintain a consistent style, grow a dedicated following, and tag Zara in your posts. Plus, engaging actively with Zara’s social media content is essential. That means leaving comments on their posts regularly. 

Zara ambassadors are influencers or creators who collaborate with the brand, typically contacted directly by Zara reps, offering them perks to promote Zara’s products on their platforms.

Note: If you’re not satisfied with the Zara commission rate or can’t work for Zara due to where you live, there’s another option. Ainfluencer is a platform where you can earn money by working with different brands. Create an account there to collaborate with brands in any field. Keep reading to find out more!

Ainfluencer: ZARA Affiliate Program Alternatives

Ainfluencer is a platform where influencers can connect with brands to collaborate and earn money. It’s easy to use and doesn’t charge any fees. You can negotiate deals directly with brands without needing passwords, ensuring the security of your social media accounts. The app keeps you updated on your negotiations and offers analytics to help you find campaigns that suit you.

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You’ll receive regular payments and have access to a wide range of potential collaborations. Ainfluencer supports you in managing campaigns, tracking performance, and making secure payments. It’s a global marketplace so that you can connect with brands from around the world. There is no geographical limitation at all! 😍

Watch the following video to learn how you can get brand deals & sponsorships.

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Ainfluencer is open to influencers of all sizes. You can browse through deals, propose collaborations, and communicate directly with brands. The platform is free and offers diverse opportunities to your audience. Plus, there’s a supportive team ready to help you along the way. Why are you waiting?

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To Wrap Things Up

While Zara doesn’t have an official affiliate program, it remains a highly respected global brand with dedicated followers worldwide. As an affiliate marketer, it’s crucial to understand the rules and regulations governing your niche, such as those outlined by the FTC.

Alternatively, you might explore Ainfluencer, an influencer marketing tool that isn’t constrained by geographic guidelines and payment restrictions like Zara. With this platform, you can directly engage with brands and negotiate your own terms of payment. Sign up now for free to take advantage of the opportunities.


1. Is the Zara Affiliate Program Worth It?

Although Zara has no affiliate program, promoting its brand can still be worthwhile. Zara’s reputation for high-quality products and global recognition makes it popular among fashion affiliates. With competitive commission rates and a high conversion rate, Zara ambassadors can earn up to 8% commission on sales through their links.

2. What’s the Duration for Cookies in the Zara Affiliate Program?

In the Zara Affiliate Program, affiliates can earn a commission when someone clicks on their affiliate link and makes a purchase on within 24 hours. This suggests that there’s likely a 24-hour window for attributing sales to affiliates.

If a buyer clicks on multiple affiliate links before making a purchase, the most recent affiliate link clicked within 24 hours will receive credit for the sale. This further implies a 24-hour cookie for attribution. Details on whether the cookie refreshes on subsequent clicks or purchases within 24 hours or after the initial click aren’t provided.

Therefore, while the exact duration isn’t specified, the program uses at least a 24-hour window based on the attribution rules. Clicks or sales outside this period wouldn’t be credited according to the agreement’s language.

3. Are There Any Restrictions on the Usage of Marketing Assets?

Nope! Zara lets affiliates use them however they want. Just make sure it matches Zara’s style and rules.

4. Can I Promote the Zara Affiliate Program on My Facebook Page and YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can promote the Zara Affiliate Program on Facebook and YouTube. However, you need to know that deep links cannot be used for promotion.


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