Top 10 Hot Chess Players: Meet the Queens of the Board in 2024

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Intelligence is sexy, isn’t it? Nowadays, smart women are beating men in different fields, including chess. We can see many hot chess players are transforming this game. Because chess, this old and mental game, was known as a male-dominant game in the past. But now, women are ruling it! Let’s meet some female chess champions who are influential to young girls.

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Now, let’s meet the hot female chess players who have gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional skills in the game.

Top 10 Hot Chess Players in the World 

Here is the list of top female chess players. Most of them are active users on social media platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube. In most cases, they have personal blogs and share their lifestyle. By checking out their profiles, you can learn various things, ranging from chess strategies to fashion tips.

1-Alexandra Botez 

Born in 1995, Alexandra is an American-Canadian chess player who has several championships in her report. This young chess master has studied international relations at Stanford University and is now an advocate for gender diversity. 

Most people may think that chess is a boring game. But Alexandra can show them how exciting this game is. As a hot chess player, she has an Instagram account with 719K followers, where she shares her daily life. In her posts, you can see how a chess master can be intelligent and sexy simultaneously. 

Additionally, Alexandra is an active YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Unlike her Instagram, where she usually showcases her beauty, she shares her fun and cute side on her YouTube channel, which she has created with her sister, Andrea. She sometimes plays online chess and livestreams it with her 1.42M subscribers. 

2-Dorsa Derakhshani

The hot Iranian chess player, Dorsa Derakhshani is one of the most iconic figures on the list. She has three gold medals at the Asian Youth Chess Championships and played for the Iranian National team in the women’s division until 2017. But when she refused to wear a hijab in the Gibraltar Chess Festival, she was banned from playing chess for the Iranian national team.

Now, Dorsa is a well-known American-Iranian female chess master and participates in the matches as an American player. Like other hot chess players on the list, Dorsa has different dreams, too. She is now studying at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Furthermore, besides playing chess, she is a chess teacher at Saint Louise Chess Club.

Dorsa is not so into social media. However, she has an Instagram account with 28K followers. She usually shares her lifestyle, trips, and precious moments with her followers.

3-Tania Sachdev

The home of Bollywood now has one of the hottest female chess players in the world. Tania is an Indian who is not only the chess master in her country but also has one Asian women’s chess title in 2007.

Tania showed her interest in chess when she was only six years old. So, her parents decided to flourish her talent and provided her with professional training. And that worked well because Tania could enter her first international game at 8.

This beautiful chess master has an Instagram account with 162K followers. Redbull also sponsors her  so that she can be one of the most successful Indian influencers on Instagram.

4- Anna Muzychuk

Winner of the 2022 World Chess Olympiad and 3-time World Champion, Anna Muzychuk is a Ukrainian female chess player. Coming from a chess family, she has the gene to play chess because her parents are well-known chess coaches, and her younger sister is also a chess player. 

Anna boycotted the World Rapid and Blitz Championship that was held in Saudi Arabia at the end of 2017 due to the country’s discriminatory policies against women. It was one of the times that this hot chess player showed her advocacy for  women worldwide. 

Although Anna is not a social media influencer, she has an Instagram account where she shares her routine life with her 40.5K followers. 

5- Alisa Melekhina

Chess lover, dancer, and lawyer; they are all Alisa. Based in New York, this hot chess player, who is originally from Ukraine, shows the world that she can do different things at the same time. And that comes from her intelligence, too.

Alisa has participated in several games and won great titles. That’s why she is among the top ten best female chess players. She has an Instagram account with only 1K followers. It seems she is not very into social media activities.  

6- Cécile Haussernot

The French professional chess player and coach Cécile Haussernot is another beauty on the list who looks like a model. This hot chess player is known for holding the title of Woman International Master (WIM) and achieving the European Chess Champion title twice.

Cécile started playing chess at a very young age. She learned the basic rules of chess when she was six and won numerous championships at different ages from 8 to 16.  

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Like her competitors, Cécile has an Instagram account with 104K followers. Although she mostly likes to talk about chess on her account, she shares photos and videos of her daily life, especially her trips. If she wasn’t a chess player, she could definitely become one of the best travel influencers on Instagram.

7- Anna Rudolf

With a cute smile and a strategic mind, Anna Rudolf is another hot chess player on the list. The Hungarian chess player is a three-time women’s national champion winner in her own country and also has the title of International and Female Grandmaster.

Apart from playing chess, Anna loves social media. She is an active Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube user. On her Instagram account, she has 76K followers and shares her beautiful and lovely life with her fans.

Did you know that Anna is also a fan of cosmetics? Maybe one day, she can also become one of the best makeup influencers.

8- Alexandra Kosteniuk

Russia is definitely home to many well-known chess players. Alexandra is one of the hottest female chess players in this country. Born in 1984, she is a bit older than the girls on the list. But she’s still ruling the chess board. Alexandra has participated in many championships and won different titles.

Furthermore, Alexandra doesn’t just play chess; she is a member of the ‘Champions for Peace’ club, promoting peace through sport. She was also one of the top figures in Russia who signed an open letter protesting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The fun fact about Alexandra’s life is that she was a model and played a short role in a TV series. Therefore, she still has the potential to promote fashion products like models. However, she doesn’t do any promotion on her Instagram, where she has 38K followers. She calls herself the ‘ChessQueen.’ She usually shares cute photos of her personal life and family. 

If you have a product or service to promote in Russia, the Russian influencers on Instagram can help you reach your goal. 

9- Nazi Paikidze

The International Master of 2012, Nazi Pakidze is originally from Russia, but she has been playing under the US flag since 2013. Nazi also won the title for US Women’s Champion two times. She is noticed by her long black hair and pale skin, which sounds attractive to most people.

Like other hot chess players on the list, Nazi also has her own hobbies. She cares about what she eats and how she looks. Therefore, following a healthy life is one thing that matters to her. As can be seen, she introduces herself as a vegan bodybuilder on her Instagram.

She has almost 25K followers on Instagram and shares her personal life with them. Checking her Instagram account shows her love for traveling and colorful outfits.

10- Elizabeth Paehtz

Having the record of being Germany’s first female grandmaster, Elizabeth has engraved her name in the history of this country. She started playing chess when she was nine, and due to her talent, she was able to enter national and international chess games. 

She has an Instagram account with 14K followers. The blond hair and blue eyes are the traits of this hot chess player. 

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Bottom Line 

Chess has always been associated with intelligence, concentration, and great strategy. Generally, chess players are influential to most people, especially people who want to enter this game. But hot chess players are the ones that influence not only young girls but the world. They show that beautiful faces have clever minds and can separate their personal life, where they enjoy parties or traveling, from their professional life, where they focus on success.


1. Who Is the Highest Chess Rating Girl?

Based on recent reports, the Chinese chess player, Hou Yiefen has the highest FDI rating of 2632, higher than any other female chess player in history. 

2. Is There a Female Grandmaster in Chess?

Yes, at the moment, there are 41 female chess players who hold the title of Grandmaster (GM), the highest title awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

3. Who Is the World’s Youngest Woman Grandmaster?

As recorded on, the youngest female grandmaster in chess is Hou Yifan of China. She was 14 years and six months old when she achieved this title in 2008.