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A marketing presentation is a good way to convince business partners and individual clients to do business with you.

Not only do these presentations allow you to present yourself or your company in a professional manner, but they are also an opportunity to show clients what you do and how you can help them.

There is, however, a need to design such presentations effectively and follow best practices in order to convey these concepts and achieve the results you desire.

Keep reading if you find yourself in such a situation. We’re going to show you some of the best creative ways to make marketing presentations in this article.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Add graphs using a graph maker

graph maker


Creating a marketing presentation with the goal of convincing prospects to do business with you requires relevant data.

As well as presenting some statistics related to the market in which the potential client company operates, you may also want to share some statistics about the level of growth you’ve achieved with previous clients.

It is certainly not the best idea to present such statistics as numbers and percentages as they may look a bit dull to the audience.

Graphs are a better way to represent those numbers.

Drawing graphs from scratch can be quite time-consuming, in addition to not giving you the chance to show them in an attractive and styled way.

With today’s solutions, you can create outstanding graphs for your presentation with a few clicks using graph makers.

Click here to start creating stunning graphs with Piktochart’s graph maker.

2. Make good use of images

If you make a marketing presentation with only text, it is going to look rather boring, and recipients will discard it very quickly.

It is for this reason that almost all presentations have visual elements like images.

In addition to breaking up monotonous text, images can also help convey complex concepts visually that would otherwise require a lot of words to explain.

In this way, you can use images to enhance and make your marketing presentation more exciting and appealing to your audience.

Don’t overdo it with the images, particularly when they have little meaning.

3. Utilize your brand’s colors and style

Customizing your marketing presentation to your brand identity is another way to be creative.

By doing so, you can be sure you are making a unique work that your clients will appreciate.

So, for instance, you can use your brand’s colors, style, and typography on your website and social media graphics.

To put it differently, the people who receive your marketing presentation should be able to relate it immediately to your brand.

As well as creating something unique, this will enhance your brand’s visibility and make it stronger.

4. Include interactive elements in your presentation

Include interactive elements in your presentation


When there are a lot of slides involved and complex concepts being presented, presentations can become boring for the audience. 

If that’s the case, you can overcome these issues by incorporating interactive elements or parts into your presentation.

When presenting in person, you might want to incorporate interactive elements into your presentation, such as transitions and animations that rotate when clicked, or by asking questions and playing games (e.g., quizzes).

The more interactive elements you add to your presentation, the more memorable and engaging it will be for your audiences.

5. Make use of memes and GIFs

Another way to make your marketing presentation creative is to add a little humor to it to break up the seriousness of it.

A good example is adding memes and GIFs

Though these elements should be used with caution so they don’t overdo things and become ridiculous, they are still creative elements to add to your presentation to make it more memorable.

You can create your own memes and GIFs or you can take them from the internet. The most important thing to remember is that they should be placed in the right context and make sense.

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6. Add voiceover or music

If you send a marketing presentation or present in person, your audience or recipients may not appreciate reading only.

In this situation, you can add dynamic elements to your presentation, such as background music that plays while you speak or voiceover to make it more engaging and interesting.

Adding voiceover to your presentation enables your audience to listen while doing other activities and get to the end.

Today’s tools, powered by artificial intelligence, don’t require you to record your voice as they automatically convert text into human-sounding speech, and most of the time within seconds.

7. Play around with animations and transitions

A marketing presentation with static elements on every slide may annoy the audience.

This monotony can be broken up with a bit of variety. One way to do that is to incorporate transitions and animations.

It is possible to have a special effect execute every time a slide is changed or an element is clicked, for example.

Additionally, you may mix transitions and animations to make your content more dynamic and appealing.

You should not overdo it with the effects; otherwise, your presentation may muddle up and not look good.

8. Make use of visual metaphors

Studies show that combining pictures with text is one of the best ways to provide information and keep people interested. 

It is well known that text alone is not as memorable as images. Visual metaphors have become increasingly popular due to this reason.

Through the use of analogies and associations, a visual metaphor describes a person, place, thing, or idea.

Through the use of visual metaphors, a powerful message is conveyed in an unusual way.

Example of a visual metaphor

As an example, Diniz, the largest eyewear retailer in Brazil, uses tropical fruits in print ads to emphasize the freshness of a cold fruit during summer.

These fruits are also used to cast shadows in the form of different styles and models of eyewear. 

Each advertisement has a different message aligned with the specific fruit to create a stronger connection between the visual and copy.

Example of a visual metaphor

9. Demonstrate what you have done in the past (e.g., Instagram ads)

Clients will need to see how your previous work looked and what results it achieved in order to decide whether or not to work with you.

When pitching your Instagram marketing services, for example, you might want to show the Instagram ads you have previously run, as well as the data related to their success, including sales, impressions, follows, clicks, etc.

10. Summarize complex ideas with infographics

Summarize complex ideas with infographics


Using an infographic in your marketing presentation can help you simplify complicated concepts.

Graphs, text, and images come together to create an infographic, which presents information succinctly and clearly. 

In spite of the potential difficulties with reading the long-form versions, they can still add a degree of uniqueness to your presentation if adapted to the format of the slide deck.

11. Use storytelling engage your audience


You may annoy your recipients or audience by simply listing your capabilities and results so far.

Fortunately, storytelling can help you avoid this problem.

When your content is relevant and personal to them, your audience is more likely to engage with it. The act of telling a story helps you build a connection with your audience through characters (fictional or real) who have problems that you can solve.

Use real-life, practical examples throughout your presentation to link your points together.

In this way, you’ll make your point more compelling and engaging while entertaining your audience.

12. Keep it simple: don’t overdo it

Despite your desire to add a lot of creativity to your marketing presentation with the idea of making it as attractive as possible, you might actually create the opposite effects if you do so.

With lots of images, effects, memes, etc., on each slide, you could make your presentation look confusing and unprofessional to your audience, causing them to give up on your idea and choose your competitors instead.

To prevent this, make sure that your marketing presentation uses white space, provides essential text information, and has a manageable number of slides. Don’t mix too many colors and font styles, either.


A marketing presentation can be a powerful tool for convincing prospects and potential partners to do business with you.

Without following best practices, your presentation may seem boring to your audience’s eyes and not bring results as you expected.

In this blog post, we saw that there are a lot of actions you can take to make your presentation appeal, effective and memorable for your prospect. Adding graphs and dynamic elements are just a few examples.

For your marketing presentation, you can use the tactics you believe will yield the most profit.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Hopefully, it was informative and helpful to you.

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