9 Benefits Of Hiring A Micro Influencer For Your Brand

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So, you’ve decided to kickstart the project of your dreams. You got everything right, from research to the final results. Everything is ready and set to head off and find customers. Yet, you are unsure how to promote your services or products most effectively. 

You definitely need to get in touch with micro influencers to build your brand presence. How does it work? Will it work at all? 

Cooperating with micro influencers can be a saving grace for young entrepreneurs. If you start a business while at college, you don’t have that much budget or time to invest in big agencies. The best plan is to ease the burden of your homework with the help of EssayPro and look for working and effective strategies. One of such strategies is to take advantage of influencer marketing campaigns and cooperate with trustworthy influencers. 

Working with micro influencers

Why micro influencers?

Anyone can become an influencer. The main difference from traditional celebrities lies in the fact that more people and experiences become visible and represented. It’s a positive change that allows people of all ages and occupations to have an online niche. You can start by sharing your stories to further expand your goals and advocating for what you think is right. 

Every small influencer presents themselves as a brand. Small or large audiences are invested in engaging with their followers. A traditional celebrity is rarely as present and connected with their following. Hence, cooperating with micro influencers proves to be a more effective strategy for small businesses. 

If you are sure about your product quality and have a specific audience in mind, micro influencers can be the bridge to connect you with people. You don’t have to invest in creating a facade. Rather, you rely on authentic and genuine feedback. 

1- Authenticity is key

We are longing for traditional advertising techniques. Many A and B-list celebrities become faces of fashion houses or skincare lines to create a positive association in a customer mindset. Yet, these brands are well established and often don’t need any additional promotion or reinforcement. In comparison, small businesses that only begin building their services need to be more careful with their representation. 

Of course, you can hire a Hollywood darling, but it would hit differently. You might not find the audience for your product or miss the target audience completely. Therefore, micro influencers come to the rescue. They are more in touch with their audiences and work for the result. 

Many businesses have started switching to micro influencers representation specifically to speak directly to potential customers and increase their brand awareness. It’s all about focusing on values and sincerity without putting too much emphasis on who represents the brand. After all, it’s all about the way people interact with the product. 

2- Money-wise deals 

You can expect a micro influencer to agree on less expensive deals. Many small businesses don’t have the budget or desire to go into debt to pay celebrities to promote their services. Yet, you can support small creators and get the best advertisement out there. You can ensure long-term cooperation with a small influencer or invest in cooperating with several influencers at once.

3- Micro influencers have niche-audiences

It is crucial to reach out to your target audiences in the early stages of your product launch. That’s how you learn how you can improve and adjust your services or product without having to sacrifice your time. Many micro influencers build their brand around appealing to specific audiences. You can share the same values and interests, which creates the most precise audience targeting. 

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Niche audiences have special relationships with their favorite creators. Therefore, you don’t need a famous social media persona to widen your audience or promote the product. You focus on what’s already there. 

4- Higher trust

Niche audiences often imply a higher chance that micro influencer followers trust their opinions. If you are unsure how to convince people your product is the best, they will listen to their favorite creator’s review. You reach people through someone who can give them genuine advice on whether or not to use the product. 

5- Better audience feedback

Often, micro influencers audiences are not shy about sharing their experiences and opinions about the service or product. You can use it for your benefit and take notes. Be ready to receive criticism, praise, and everything that comes with real audiences and their engagement. On the bright side, you will know for sure that your product is seen by real people, not bots. 

6- Micro influencers are often better at cooperation

You have a chance to build a solid relationship with an influencer and have a personal connection with them. It facilitates more genuine communication and effective cooperation. It’s also true that micro influencers are more productive and responsible in comparison to famous social media personalities. Always be sure to be transparent and reliable when cooperating with small creators. 

7- It’s easier to connect with micro influencers

Finding an influencer to work with can be hard. You might not have enough time to research and communicate with everyone you might want to approach. That’s when you can use platforms that connect you with creators. It may cost you a bit more for the services they provide, but it reinforces the transparency of your deals. 

It’s a good option to have the opportunity to collaborate with as many creators as possible. It also widens your pool and allows you to multiply the engagement. You might want to add it to your “must have” list for various platforms. Surely, you can focus on the most popular social media platforms, but it would be beneficial to cooperate with YouTubers, Instagram, and TikTok creators.  

At the same time, many companies provide the opportunity to hire fresh faces for your product reviews and how-to guides. You might want to use a service that cooperates with as many people as possible. There you can find the right person to represent your brand.

8- Get new ideas

Just like you can get new insights from the audience, you can let the influencer decide how to present your product the best. Micro influencers are often the driving force behind content creation. And you might want to listen and learn from them on how to create authentic and unique videos or writing. 

If you don’t have specific experience with some social media apps, you can ask influencers to take it into account. The rest would be history. At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment with the tone and vision of your brand. Focus on the quality of the product and try different approaches. 

9- Brand visibility  

Social media platforms work in mysterious ways. You never know when something will become viral or flop after the tenth attempt. It’s how these platforms work. You should never give up and keep trying. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you still receive much-needed visibility and advocacy for your brand. TikTok has a unique “stitch” feature that allows spreading content like a wildfire. The more engagement the video gets, the more likely it will become the most visible video under the hashtag. Cooperating with micro influencers increases your chances of being discovered by as many people as possible within several clicks.

To sum up

We live in the era of social media relevance. The old advertisement tricks are not as helpful as they were even five years ago. So, you have to learn, adapt, and adjust to these changes. Hiring a micro-influencer to work on your brand campaign can be the most clever thing you can do as a business owner. 

Cyrus Nambakhsh

Cyrus is a serial entrepreneur, product-led-growth expert, a product visionary who launched 7 startups. He has built scalable platforms to help businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact: Cyrus@ainfluencer.com